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bnt 18th Nov 2007 16:22

Anyway, this fellow wears a wall clock on a chain around his neck!
Where have you been all these years? He wears that so "he always knows what time it is". :E

Bravo73 18th Nov 2007 18:47

Anyway, this fellow wears a wall clock on a chain around his neck!
Just for you, chuks:


Although, like others, he does seem to have a clock for every occasion. Here's his sporting attire:


frostbite 3rd Dec 2007 13:42

Just an update for OOT.

I found the Pulsar in an eBay auction - ex display but otherwise brand new.

Got it for half the Argos price (within a few pence)! Quite chuffed.

vectis lady 4th Dec 2007 10:55

always wanted a breitling. so had a mad fit 3 weeks ago and spent xmas bonus on a navitimer, :):):), i love it to bits and its now perminantly on my arm, before i got it i never wore a watch cus they annoyed me,

cant get the stopwatch to work properly yet thou & it seems to loose time, but i dont care cus it looks fab

Wod 4th Dec 2007 12:41

I'm with tin used to have a girard perregaux but it buggered up about 1980.

Haven't used a watch since. Amazing how rarely you need to know the precise time, and can't find it. For most purpose approximate time will do the trick.

And yes I know that mobile phones are now ubiquitous, but I'm more dinosaur than that.

Dushan 4th Dec 2007 18:48

For the last 12 years, two tone Rolex Submariner. Never take it off. Anniversary present from my wife. Doesn't keep great time, but that is not the point. To me it is a piece of jewellery.

Before that, for 15 years, stainless Submariner. Wanted one since I was 13 and the first opportunity (money wise) I had, got it. My son now wears it, so it has been in service 27 years. Had one major overhaul about 10 years ago.

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