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haughtney1 17th Nov 2007 00:34

My current wristware :ok:

Out Of Trim 17th Nov 2007 01:31

I like the look of that Pulsar, OOT.

Any idea what model no. is?

Frostbite - The back of the Pulsar has the Number 670125 stamped on it.

See Here

cheers OOT.

subrosa 17th Nov 2007 03:40

Free watch from aero-shell.

Fareastdriver 17th Nov 2007 03:55

Years ago a crew did a pretty impressive rig evacuation. The company presented the captain with a gold Rolex during the annual company party in appreciation. He then gave a short speech thanking the company during which he turned to his crew and said.
"I'm accepting this watch on behalf of all of you. So if any of you want to know the time, Ask me."

Rather be Gardening 17th Nov 2007 09:06

Tag Professional for everyday stuff - keeps perfect time and puts up with sailing, diving, canoeing and combat gardening. The dark navy face is sometimes a bit hard to read - I'll get a lighter one next time.

Baume & Mercier Riviera for dressy occasions (fairly rare these days :rolleyes:).

Cornish Jack 17th Nov 2007 13:15

29 various at the last count ranging from Omega Seamaster bought in Aden in '56 (still works well) via Sekonda, Casio Wave Ceptor, Bulova, Gucci several Citizens Eco-Drive et al, similar Seikos, Avia, Longines and, and, drone, drone. Most often used? ... Seiko Kinetic 17.00 secondhand on EBay, utterly reliable and super timekeeper. Why so many?? Ummm ... give in, ask me another on sport;)
Oh, yes - I help out part-time in a watch and clock shop.:ok:

sled dog 17th Nov 2007 13:54

Omega Speedmaster chronograph ( the famous "Moon watch " ) bought in 1969 BEFORE the moon landing, and a Rolex Submariner bought in 1981. Both still going strong, Rolex serviced every three years or so, Omega had a new mainspring 25 odd years ago. When asked about a service the local Omega dealer said " if it is still working, leave it ". So i have. Both good watches. Being a BOF i prefer mechanical watches to battery powered junk. :cool: :ok:

chuks 17th Nov 2007 17:43

That reminds me....
I was reading (well, skimming really) a wonderful, in its way, book about how "they" faked the moon landings.

A big part of it was devoted to the moon watch and the sinister machinations of the Omega watch factory in this great fraud committed upon an unsuspecting public. Most of it, of course, was about the shadows in the photos, the waving flag in the video shots and that sort of thing but the watch definitely came into it, I disremember how.

We once had this wonderful, in his way, flight instructor who did not believe in paying good money just to have his Omega Speedmaster overhauled. He told us about whipping the back off and giving it a few good squirts of WD-40, after which it resumed ticking like, well, a Swiss watch.

For how long, he didn't say. Of course he also claimed not to need Jepps, that he "memorised all the approaches," when we just thought, "Well, of course, but what about the revisions? How do you do the revisions then?"

frostbite 17th Nov 2007 18:02

Thanks for the link, OOT.

I damn near ordered one but the thing that stopped me was the fiver that they want to deliver it. (being a tight-fisted old git)

JackHowe 17th Nov 2007 18:25

My first acquaintence with 'Rocket' WD40 was in the mid 1960s when my then employer adopted it as a 'cure-all' on their final assembly line (and packaged it for sale to customers through the Service Spares Sales Department).
At the time there was nothing else like it - it was 'magic'.
Of course over time it does dry out and leave a sticky deposit (often accompanied by detritus that as been attracted to the oily-liquid) so use in a fine piece of mechanism might be, as you suggest, a short-term solution.
However I've never been without a can over the last forty years. My wife even keeps a can in her desk at work and uses it to 'fix' things that need easing or to stop squeaking.

BTW - it can also be used as a substitute for napalm:- http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/darwin-at-work
(or more controllably using a lighter to ignite the spray)

Sir George Cayley 17th Nov 2007 19:04

During the week:

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Something for the weekend:

Breitling Navtimer

Both gifts so no idea of cost.

Sir George Cayley

Keef 17th Nov 2007 19:52

For many years, I wanted a Breitling - I thought it would make me a real pilot ;)

Finally, I blew my annual bonus on a Breitling Jupiter Pilot. It came with a leather strap, which my acidic perspiration reduced to jelly in a few months. The replacement metal bracelet cost more than I'd ever paid for a whole watch prior to that. The bracelet had a design fault that meant it would fall apart every so often. That was fixed several times under warranty, and eventually they got it right.

It kept (and still keeps) incredibly accurate time - like, within about a second a week. The problem has always been that the stopwatch bit doesn't work. It went back to Breitling umpteen times, each time for a month longer than the previous, but the stopwatch packed up again within a month of it returning. In the end, I gave up on the stopwatch.

I've been told the movement was actually bought in from Seiko, but that may just be hearsay.

It's now about 20 years old, has a new battery every two to three years, and still keeps incredibly accurate time.

Meanwhile, in my bedside drawer I have a complete "watch wearer's history" going back 50 years or so. Most of them still work, but few have been worn lately.

I'm particularly fond of my KGB-Issue watch - mechanical, built like a tank - but I rarely wear it.

Bravo73 17th Nov 2007 21:00

Originally Posted by frostbite (Post 3710245)
I damn near ordered one but the thing that stopped me was the fiver that they want to deliver it. (being a tight-fisted old git)

If the delivery charge is putting you off, frostbite, you can either a) get one from an Argos store or b) buy lots of other stuff at the same time. The 5 delivery charge remains, no matter how many items you buy.


PS Just to keep on topic, the only watch that I wear is an Omega Seamaster Pro Chronometer. I love it to bits but it keeps pretty rubbish time (compared to a quartz.) I still wouldn't change it though.

SXB 17th Nov 2007 22:20

A Longines Clous de Paris. Not really into watches but it seems to tell the time fairly accurately.

Roger That 17th Nov 2007 23:56

Rolex Explorer 2 for weekdays (not the best timekeeper but hey-ho), Rolex Daytona for weekends and tucked away needing a service is my 20-year old TAG F1 which is a much better timekeeper ...... Mrs T has a Yachmaster for everyday and a diamond datejust for other occasions.

[OT] We like our watches but our insurance company isn't quite as keen ... how [who] do you insure yours with ?

brain fade 18th Nov 2007 01:07

I have a Rolex Datejust.

Stainless steel with the white metal bezel and a plain white face.

A beautiful watch and not at all fancy.

Every time I look at it, it reminds me that my wife bought it for me for my 33 birthday- and put herself in interest free hock for a year to pay for it.

It has never left my wrist in 14 years, apart from one service.

Bastard thing is always a bit fast tho, 'bout a minute a week.

Superlative chronometer, Swiss certified my arse!

Loose rivets 18th Nov 2007 01:39

I went into a shop in Colchester a couple of years ago. The boss came over and asked if he could help.

"Just looking." says I. "You sold me this ( Saiko piloty thing) in 1985, and it's still going strong. He didn't say anything, let alone anything nice. Silly tart.

Still, he had sold me a watch that is waaaaaaaay past the chronometer standard, and has only had two battery replacements for its '4 synchronous motors.' But...I have to set the date and time manually, that is to say once a year...Sorry, That was Peter Sellers butting in...:}

chuks 18th Nov 2007 08:15

I checked with our local insurance agent about getting my money back if some Nigerian "area boy" decided he wanted my watch more than I did.

The woman at the desk said, "Oh, all you have to do is bring us the police report. But we only pay for armed robbery."

"Uuuuh, thanks. That really makes my day, knowing that."

"Yes, just remember, 'armed robbery.' Have a nice daaaay."


After that I got one of those velcro easy-to-remove bands for my relatively cheap Seiko and figured to just whip it off and hand it over. (A friend almost lost his arm to a Nigerian thug with a machete who wanted his Rolex, when he fumbled a bit getting it off. I guess the guy was just going to chop his arm off and get the watch off his wrist later. He managed to get the watch off but it sounded like a close-run thing.) Of course the very next armed robbers I came across, the silly boys just came out shooting, so no chance to hand over my watch.

It is only now, out in the relatively safe wastes of the Sahara, that I can finally indulge my liking for outdated and over-expensive timepieces.

frostbite 18th Nov 2007 13:19

I lead such a sedentary life these days I could probably get away with a sundial on my wrist.

chuks 18th Nov 2007 14:38

Ladies and Gentlemen....
We have a winner!

I was watching some stupid MTV thing with my sixteen year-old son, when what was on offer was "lurve" from some retarded "rap artist" named "Flavor Flav." My son tells me that he was with a group named "Public Enemy" that I guess I never heard of. Not exactly the Amadeus Quartet then.

Anyway, this fellow wears a wall clock on a chain around his neck!

I hereby admit total defeat in the "my watch is bigger than your watch" competition and declare him the winner.

The episode I watched had him deciding between two slappers, (properly called either "hos" or "bitches," I believe, but I may have got this wrong) who had been rather actively "dissing" each other. My goodness, they were at it like a pair of professional aviators! The decision fell to the younger one, surprise, surprise, as his life companion for as close to forever as matters, probably about six months.

So you can all stop now with the watch stuff and go back to arguing about world politics and the state of the UK, okay?

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