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eastern wiseguy 15th Nov 2007 18:03

Omega Seamaster Professional Automatic........loses time to the tune of five minutes a week.....absolute garbage!.

And a new clip on the band cost 140 .


Standard Noise 15th Nov 2007 19:21

Tag 'Aquaracer' with navy face and silver bracelet for every day, got it in the States last year for 300 sovs less than UK list.
Ellesse with gold bracelet that she who makes my ears bleed got me a few years ago, for dressing up. (Doesn't get much use cos I don't do the dressy up bit much).

eastern - more money than sense, ye dope!:p

Capt.KAOS 15th Nov 2007 21:23

On beautiful Sundays a beautiful watch: Bulova Accutron, like this one:


for weekdays: Zeppelin Chronograph

eastern wiseguy 15th Nov 2007 21:31

eastern - more money than sense, ye dope!
25 year service award from NATS.....spose I should have known:rolleyes::rolleyes:

con-pilot 15th Nov 2007 21:36


Foss 15th Nov 2007 22:25

Mine glows in the dark.
If you ping it under a lamp, or the sun, it glows like a beacon for hours. It's for sailing and climbing and that kinda nonsense. And it's idestructo watch. Gone through four straps (velcro sporty ones, in 10 years).
I give you.. Lorus Sports Resistant 100m. Animal strap.
Fos water resistant 1m

mini 15th Nov 2007 22:33

TAG something or other. Gold & stainless steel with three small dials in the face. Was war booty 10 yrs ago, 20% of retail cost. Natty feature is that you can adjust the hour hand on its own when traveling across time zones.

Casio analogue for diving. Swatch bought in Heathrow duty free, en route somewhere the TAG would have attracted unwanted attention, liked the Swatch as it has day as well as date - sometimes you forget...

Oh, and an original G-Shock from 20yrs ago, found it in a drawer recently and its still working.

Lamenting Navigator 15th Nov 2007 22:50

A titanium Citizen Eco-Drive. The smaller, girly edition. Bought it in Gibraltar on 2002. It's been underwater, dropped and had some nasty treatment in general but not a jot of a problem.

snowy_owl 15th Nov 2007 23:19

Sekonda Chronograph watch!

60 from argos and keeps time pretty well! looks good aswell really!


con-pilot 16th Nov 2007 02:15

I am not kidding about my Mickey Mouse watch. It is the most accurate watch I have ever owned. If it loses more than a couple of seconds a year I would be shocked. Week after week, month after month when I check the watch time with the HF radio time stations I would never have to change the time. The guys with the high priced Rolex watches had to change their watches at least once a week.

empacher48 16th Nov 2007 03:26

Tissot with Chronograph, It lost a bit of time recently when the battery went flat, but only had it for 6 years, and a watch I would never want to part with.

flyingfemme 16th Nov 2007 09:03

Vintage gold Omega (sixties) on solid gold bracelet. Not so small that I can't read it and not so big that it's bling. Keeps good time.

For flying or messy work there's an Omega Seamaster - yoof's size - that I've worn for almost 20 years. I sense a theme here.....it's not Breitlings that are the pilot's fave, it's Omega. :cool:

Out Of Trim 16th Nov 2007 13:50

Pulsar - Argos 50 - replaced a U/S Timex which replaced a U/S Accurist


PilotsPal 16th Nov 2007 14:27

Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster with MOP face and sparkly bits which keeps near as dammit perfect time. The bracelet likes a good scrub with an old tooth brush in the shower now and then, and the battery gives me 24/26 months (always painfully expensive). It looks beautiful, don't often need to take it off and is the best birthday present I ever bought myself.

The other Omega is a pretty 1970s DeVille with black lizard strap that's still a good timekeeper but only if I remember to wind it up...

Wee Jock McPlop 16th Nov 2007 14:40

Continuing The Omega Theme
Yoof size Omega Seamaster, coz I got a small wrist. Didn't get it because of Bond or (God forbid) pilots wearing it. It just looks the dogs wobblies and keeps good time. Wear it every day and it hasn't missed a beat.

However, judging by what everybody else has said before, I'd better start saving for the first service:eek: Need a new strap, as I badly scratched the original when I fell on some rocks when messing around with the kids at the beach.

akindofmagic 16th Nov 2007 14:55

Tag Aquaracer. White face with dark blue dials. 21st birthday present from dad. Nice piece of kit.

chuks 16th Nov 2007 19:59

I seem to have hit a popular theme here, almost as good as "Celebrity Pilots."

I had no idea there were so many people so interested in telling about their watches. One problem that I am having is judging whether mine is bigger than yours. Could you please show something for scale in the photos? Just a section of a ruler would be nice, so that I can be sure that I still have the biggest watch. Thanks! It really means a lot to me, especially since I went from flying a jet to being back in the Twin Otter. No more, "This is your Captain Speaking," no more pushing the little call button every time I want a hot drink, no more baggage handlers... No, it is just me and my big wristwatch, out there in the hard, cold world.

So no one has any first-hand knowledge of this "yohimbine" then? Or at least none they are willing to share. I guess I shall have to try some and then get back to you on that.

frostbite 16th Nov 2007 21:13

I like the look of that Pulsar, OOT.

Any idea what model no. is?

olympus 16th Nov 2007 22:52

Rolex GMT-Master, bought in 1970 from an authorised dealer on Rue Hamra Beirut (cost me a month's salary). Has a service every 5 or 7 years and has had a bezel change and numerous crystal changes over the years so it looks as new and still keeps perfect time. Apart from the services has been my constant companion for 37 years.:ok:

mini 16th Nov 2007 23:34


37 yrs and still going strong? ... that's my idea of a watch :ok:

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