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Bo Nalls 18th May 2005 19:14

Driving At 159mph Is Safe
Driving at 159mph on a public road is safe.... assuming you're a copper and are road testing a car :confused: :confused: :confused:

BBC News

WTF was this judge thinking when he dropped all charges against this prat of a copper. My blood is boiling over this one. If doing nearly 160mph on a public road is not considered dangerous then what is, 200? 240?

There are plenty of private courses where cars and drivers can be tested to their limit - the public highway is not the place, irrespective of time and conditions.

This case needs reviewing.

Parapunter 18th May 2005 19:18

There's a copper or two on here. What's the word? Me? I reckon one rule for us...

colmac747 18th May 2005 19:19

If it were you or me, we'd be looking at a custodial sentence.
Rules for some, rules for others:*

scrubed 18th May 2005 19:22

Driving At 159mph Is Safe...... if you know what you're doing.

Yes I know that.

Dead_Heading 18th May 2005 19:23

159mph is fine if you have the amount of training this guy did. The judge referred to him as the "creme de la creme" of police drivers.

Parapunter 18th May 2005 19:24

Not that I'm biting, but do you really have to give such pratarse replies scrubbed? How about a handy contrib for a change?:rolleyes:

Grainger 18th May 2005 19:25

Find myself almost incapable of rational comment in the face of such blatant hypocrisy.

Here we are being told that "speed kills" - no excuses. It's an absolute offence: driving safely for the conditions, having a greater than normal level of skill / training, high performance vehicle capable of such speeds . . . none of these are allowed in defence.

Unless you happen to be wearing a badge, apparently :mad:

One law . . .

airship 18th May 2005 19:26

159mph is well over twice the legal limit. I wonder if I'm ever brought up before such a magistrate for a drinking offence (not whilst driving, heaven forbid), and plead that I have had many years of training in handling my liquor, your worship...?! :(

scrubed 18th May 2005 19:27

I would say the creme de la creme was what was in his lap after prolonged travel at those speeds.

Parapunter, I thought I had been doing well lately.

Especially since the recent........... er, unpleasantness...... on the Kylie thread.

Flying Lawyer 18th May 2005 19:40

Leaving aside the 'different treatment because he's a policeman' point .....

I don't think driving at 159 mph is necessarily dangerous driving.

Parapunter 18th May 2005 19:47

Ok, maybe I but a bit there scrubed:ouch: Just been reading a thing on a police forum about a copper who parked a marked panda car on double yellows outside the nick & got a ticket.

Opinion amongst the contributor coppers over that was pretty evenly divided & the law has always been capable of showing discretion right? But 159 is taking the piss royally. Nigel Mansell was once fined for speeding & this copper would not have been a better driver...

Allegedly, the copper who nicked Nigel Mansell said who do you think you are? Nigel Mans....

Krystal n chips 18th May 2005 19:52

Query here then------if he was trained / briefed and authorised to do so---fair enough----up to a point and if and / when the conditions permit as a function of his job-------which then begs the question as to why the prosecution was brought in the first place does it not ?.

nosefirsteverytime 18th May 2005 19:54

Having sat beside many an EMT (ambulance man) while he drives well over the limit I fall on the judge's side on this one. Faces of concentration.

joe2812 18th May 2005 19:59

Driving at 159 is safe... it's hitting something that causes problems!

SmilingKnifed 18th May 2005 20:06

Agree with Krystal on this. If it was correctly briefed and authorised then no problem. The forces also do it all the time (usually at night) and I consider it safe when done by a trained driver driving fast as opposed to a bad driver driving at any speed.

topcat450 18th May 2005 20:09

If I've got this wrong then I apologise, but I thought he claimed it was a new squad car & he was testing it and getting a feel for it.

Sorry but surely the public roads are not the place for this? What if it handled like a dog & he wrote it off taking others with it? There are plenty of tracks he could've popped off to if this was legit. The fact that a prosecution was even attempted presumably implies that no previous authority and or briefing to test it was given.

:ok: Para - you made me grin with that one.

The more I re-read that story the more it stinks. I'm going for a lie down.

BigEndBob 18th May 2005 20:27

This is sign of the future.

Onboard black box recording your speed, come MOT time pay your fine for speeding x times and increase your insurance premium.
Suppose he hoped no one would check.

Jerricho 18th May 2005 20:31

I wanna know what sort of car it was!!!

Seriously though, that sort of speed on a public road in "getting a feel" for the car is bloody stupid. He was doing just that, getting used to the car in uncontrolled conditions (animal running out on road to start with), and should have he lost control, he would have been very dead.

Onan the Clumsy 18th May 2005 20:35

Agree with Krystal on this. If it was correctly briefed and authorised then no problem.
Bollocks, but a polite bollocks nonetheless.

Tearing down the road like the clappers is one thing if there's a blag going down at the local sub postoffice, or say the local doughnut factory was being robbed, but without a real reason for it, it's simply not right.

Duckbutt 18th May 2005 20:42

I understand it was a 3 Litre Vectra Jerricho.

I also read that he did 84 mph in a 30 limit as well.

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