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Onan the Clumsy 5th Apr 2005 19:26

Things in life that seem to last an instant
In New York City, the time between the light turning green and the first horn sounding.

Whirlygig 5th Apr 2005 19:30

Things in life that seem to last an instant
....hhhmmmm. now let me think....:E



Jerricho 5th Apr 2005 19:32

Originality ;) :p

The Invisible Cat 5th Apr 2005 19:33

Jerricho's posts

Jerricho 5th Apr 2005 19:34

*Kicks the cat again*

cosworth211 5th Apr 2005 19:34

A new girlfriend being nice to you.

SyllogismCheck 5th Apr 2005 19:35

'Good ideas' after a few (too many) beers. :ouch:

Jerricho's Sheep 5th Apr 2005 19:40

The time I get to spend with my darling Jerricho looking at the beauty of the moonlight on the edge of a cliff.

Jerricho's Wife 5th Apr 2005 19:47

Jerricho Darling. What's going on?

Who is this person? ....er, this ovine?


cosworth211 5th Apr 2005 19:47

'Good Ideas' after a few (too many) beers.
Don't knock them! Most of mine end up happening:uhoh:

SyllogismCheck 5th Apr 2005 19:49

Those will be good ideas, not 'good ideas'. :ok:

Believe me, there is a big difference. :ouch: :{ :ooh: :uhoh: :O

Jerricho's boss 5th Apr 2005 19:50

Mr Jerricho

Did I not tell you at least three or four times that unauthorized persons (or animals) are not allowed in the workplace.

Next time you're fired.

Jerricho 5th Apr 2005 19:51

The time from you f**king up to when the boss is standing next to you.

ShyTorque 5th Apr 2005 20:03

My bank balance being in the black..... :(

Whirlygig, Naughty, naughty! But, then....aah, what a shame.... ;)

MMEMatty 5th Apr 2005 20:07

The time between a terrible ghastly noise and you evaporating into a puff of Hydrogen and a whiff of carbon....


High Wing Drifter 5th Apr 2005 21:03

The eating of my Tesco's Currey.

McAero 5th Apr 2005 21:18

A night out on the razzle that you've been waiting 3 weeks for.

cyclicmicky 5th Apr 2005 21:59

How about a little less pi55 take on Jerricho..grow up a bit you P Are Aye Tee Tee...now back to the thread..................what about the time it take's for your kids to become adults. ..That is an instant!!!
They grow so fast and you don't see it coming.
One day a smallish child/youth........next day " Dad I will have a beer please, or ...... Daughters latest love... total ar5eh0e .. stood in your bailiwick..........We want to get married.
An instant may take years for the younger generation ............but in my case it goes very fast!!
Me just being miffed at being older perhaps.......or just recognising the elementals of what the elders of my family have told me ,.....as all family elders do... and I never really listened hard enough!!
Why do you wish you had their experience when it's too late!!!

Enough of serious,
Life is good,
Live it to the full.

:ok: :ok:

aged 5th Apr 2005 22:07

"....hhhmmmm. now let me think....



Probably enough thinking by now Whirly

Probably true though

Onan the Clumsy 5th Apr 2005 22:11

Ahhhhh Jerricho look what Cyclicmicky said.

That's so cute :}

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