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Does this man need help?

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Does this man need help?

Old 2nd Aug 2003, 15:17
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Does this man need help?

I was perusing the (yesterday's) Daily Star today, as one does on a night flight, and my attention was drawn to a photo strip on the problem page. It may have been epsode seven of a series, and I have misssed the rest.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, the moral dilemma being highlighted was that the gentleman concerned had a girlfriend. She wanted some girl on girl action in the presence of said gentleman with the opportunity for him to join in.

Both ladies were shown in the photostrip, scantily clad and looking extrrrrremely fit!

His reaction was something along the lines of "But I love you Tracy (or whoever) and don't want another woman in our bed"!!!

Now, I'm sorry, but either this guy is one of the biggest perverts I have ever heard of and needs either psychiatric help, or councilling, or possibly locked up by the police and tried in a court of law.

Alternatively, the whole strip is made up by a controversial mastermind specialising in science fiction.

Anyone care to offer a balanced and informed opinion on this type of behaviour, and is the press justified in promulgating such deviancy when it could concievably be read by young and/or impressionable people who may think it is normal?
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Old 2nd Aug 2003, 15:57
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I've heard of those situations where the girlfriend/wife has eventually shacked up with the other girly and hubby gets the boot.

This fella can obviously see it coming (no pun intended).
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Old 3rd Aug 2003, 07:08
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I started a thread about chick on chick action once, but I didn't get any answers that would match this problem
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Old 3rd Aug 2003, 12:59
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Lock me up and throw away the key if you like, but this sort of scenario is actually quite refreshing

I don't think there's anything wrong with him not wanting to have a three-some or however it's speelledt (dunno ) . And it could've been made up by a science fiction mastermind or whatever.

Well, I mean if I was in a relationship I wouldn't go anywhere near having a three-some (there's that ?word? again ) or more participants with my partner and myself. (and no, if you're wondering, not out of nervousness before the competition)

Some people just consider sex to be really private, some don't. And some inbetween. Me? I'm private...hahaha as in private parts

I'd always look at the situation before I gave my consent/refusal and what could eventuate from having a 3/4/5/6/7/or whatever-way.

Who was the girl invited to join in the act? Someone known to one of the partners? Well, either way it could be a stranger or someone known to the individual/couple. And either way it means the girl would consider having a stranger or acquaintence in bed with herself and the b/f.

If the girlfriend had the nerve to ask someone into bed for a 3-way, I'm pretty sure the girlfriend would have the nerve to brag about it to other people. What would people think of the g/f or b/f then?

I'd feel extremely exposed to have one of my sexual experiences being chatted about.
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Old 4th Aug 2003, 03:10
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Bring on the girls, i say

Old 4th Aug 2003, 06:01
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Thumbs up An interesting observation

Occasionally, when really bored, Iíve watched the Jerry Springer show, paying particular attention to the episodes where the girlfriend (usually a lap dancer) brings her hubby / boyfriend (usually a meathead) onto the show, sits him down and proceeds to explain how she really loves him, but that she also likes to bat for the other side every now and then. As a party piece, she then brings out her girlfriend, who will also be a lap dancer Ė and a rather attractive one at that. It is not unknown for the girlfriend to feel the need to bond with the audience, by removing her top and planting a lingering kiss on her companionís lips.

Why is it then that the idiot hubby / boyfriend always reacts to the good news by swooning in horror, bursting into tears, throwing chairs around and trying to hit Steve?

If that was me, Iíd have one of them on each arm, head straight for the exit and catch a taxi for three to the nearest cheap motel.

But then again, Iím from Essex.
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Old 4th Aug 2003, 14:54
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I have personal knowledge (no - it is not me, but a client) who proposed to his wife that one of their mutual female friends join them one night, as he found the friend to be quite attractive and he couldn't think of any way to justify having sex wit her (in his wife's mind). His wife was really reluctant - he had to talk her into it. She complied because it would make him happy, being the very loyal wife that she was.

Everyone had a great time - especially, it seems, his wife and the friend. Not much later his wife left him for the friend, leaving him a very unhappy and lonely. His wife, as far as he knew, had no prior interest in women - which was supported by his wife's reluctance to have anything to do with the proposed menage.

To think he was the catalyst...
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Old 4th Aug 2003, 23:53
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I knew you were from Essex when you mentioned a cheap motel. A decent 5 - star would be better, but then I was, at one time, from Surrey.
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