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Unfunny jokes

Jet Blast Topics that don't fit the other forums. Rules of Engagement apply.

Unfunny jokes

Old 18th Nov 2002, 14:53
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: North Carolina, USA, Planet Earth
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What's red and green and goes round and round?

A frog in a blender

Why doesn't Natalie Wood take a bath aboard ship?
She prefers to wash up on shore
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Old 19th Nov 2002, 10:00
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Mess Your Passage
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Temporarily Unaware......
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A festive one..........

Two Snowmen in a field

One says to the other.............

" Can you smell Carrot......? "
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Old 22nd Nov 2002, 17:47
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Just another number

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Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: EMA
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A man walks into the doctors and says "You've got to help me. Every time I fart, it sounds like, "Honda."

The doctor says, "You say, 'Honda?'"

"No," the guy says. "My farts do."

So, the doctor says, "OK, open your mouth," and looks inside.

After about two minutes, the doctor says, "I'm sorry, I can't help you, you need to go see a dentist."

The man says, "Why a dentist?"

The doctor says, "Because you have an abscessed tooth.'

The man says, "What the hell does that have to do with it?"

The doctor says, "Well, didn't you know? Abscess makes the farts go Honda."
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Old 22nd Nov 2002, 18:42
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Join Date: May 1999
Location: Can't remember
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Guy walks into a pet shop and asks the shop keeper

I'd like a pet wasp please

But we dont sell wasps

well you've got one in the window
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Old 23rd Nov 2002, 00:33
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Join Date: Feb 2000
Location: CYZV
Age: 72
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You can now buy a do-it-yourself surgical kit at Wal-Mart. It's called Suture Self.
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Old 23rd Nov 2002, 12:35
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: formerly Sarf Lunden, now in Minne*snow*ta
Age: 47
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I heard this one the other day...

I'm writing the screenplay for a movie about Chubby Checker...
I can't tell you what happens, but there's a bit twist at the end
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Old 23rd Nov 2002, 14:00
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Just an other digit
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: a million miles away
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Bloke walks into Halford's and says,
"Can I have a pair of windscreen wipers for my Skoda?"
Chap behind the counter looks at him, ponders a minute and says, "OK".
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Old 23rd Nov 2002, 15:04
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French Air Traffic Controller NOT going on strike next summer !!!!

All Blacks losing against the Welsh @half time then 42-17
Old 24th Nov 2002, 04:37
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Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: the Alamo battleground
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What's the difference between a pilot and a turbine?

At the end of each flight the turbine(s) stop(s) whining

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Old 24th Nov 2002, 07:10
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I am a figment of my own imagination
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Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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When airplanes or women go quiet its time to watch out.
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Old 24th Nov 2002, 08:09
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Belgium
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Brussels Airlines -

What is green hangs on a line and flies 400 MPH….?
A Brussels sprout!

What does a chicken say when it walks against a lamppost…?

It is yellow and has one foot…?
Glass of advocate.

It is yellow and has two feet…?
A baby chicken.

What does a duck says when it falls out of the gutter…?
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