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Chemtrails again... heehee

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Chemtrails again... heehee

Old 19th Oct 2002, 13:51
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Talking Chemtrails again... heehee

Those chemtrail muppets are at it again - they now have the following 'petition' on the front page of their website...

George W. Bush, President of The United States
Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense of The United States
John Ashcroft, Attorney General of The United States
Christine Todd Whitman, Administrator of The United States
Environmental Protection Agency
Jane Garvey, Administrator of The United States
Federal Aviation Agency

A Letter Requesting Action from the above listed Federal
Agencies & Public Servants:

I, as a concerned citizen of The United States, demand
immediate action from you and your agency as follows:

1. Full public disclosure explaining the truth behind the
ongoing chemical, biological or other toxic aerial sprayings
occurring over the United States and other countries.
2. Cessation of aerial spraying upon U.S. citizens.
3. Enforcement of existing Federal law which prohibits
experimentation upon U.S. citizens without informed
consent and permission.

I attest to one or more of the following: I have directly
witnessed these sprayings. I have experienced adverse
health effects from these sprayings. I have reviewed the
latest material from responsible and knowledgeable
researchers, journalists and Internet sources on the
subject. Furthermore, any so-called "official" responses
to date, claiming that these aerial sprayings are
"normal" contrails, are not satisfactory.

The following websites are essential for your review:

I conclude that this aerial spraying is real and a
violation of human and constitutional rights. It must
be stopped.


Tee Hee

If you are really bored, it's worth having a gander at their website as well. The forum has some cracking postings - I especially enjoyed reading the one in the 'chemtrails' forum entitled 'The Harrassement continues'. Some freak is convinced that random drivers are 'spraying' him and his family, and has listed a whole load of car registration numbers that he thinks are responsible He goes on to talk, in some detail, about his Jesus related bowel cleansing program. V funny.

I thought only male cats 'sprayed' at random?

Oh - and his car is being targeted as well...

"I have, in the last six months, had a engine blow, a drive shaft fall out, and recently a ball joint fall apart.
I've been driving for 20 years. Nothing like this has happened to me before, I've asked many people the last few days, if they have ever had axiles fall out or ball joint come apart. Everyone I've asked has said no. Most people I've asked have been driving for atleast 30 years.
Needless to say, it could be a coincidence, but I doubt it. Since I have been fighting these "people", many strange things have occured to me. So be it. I raise my right hand to God the father, And sunny Jesus, that the people that spray me will be photgraphed or video taped. And the info will be sent out."

Some scary muthas out there eh?!

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Old 19th Oct 2002, 16:30
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Everything is under control.
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I have been amused by the ChemTrailers also, but increasingly take note that the standard government response to ChemTrailers claims is to say that chemtrails are a hoax, and are instead contrails. However, they do not respond to the actual claims of foreign material such as aluminum powder, barium oxide, and pseudonomas fluoroscens bacteria being found in the wake of chemtrails. Why don't governments deal with the specific allegations?
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 01:54
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How about the one talking the other day complaining about the f16's chemtrails at the military airshow?

"A perfect way to spray thousands." Also part of "the UN population reduction scheme."

Then there was the one about spraying to cause earthquakes, etc etc.

Sometimes I am embarrassed to be the same species as these clowns.
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 02:38
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i'll tell ya one thing when the black helicopters start spraying your yards youll wish youd have paid heed just wait until your drive shafts fall out or your tires go flat don't say I didn't warn yez so there!
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 10:30
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How many ways are there of saying don't be so ******* stupid?
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 11:49
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Eight Gun Fighter
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I received this email...

You will be assimilated.

Rgds, The Borg.
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 16:01
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Bwaaaaaahahahahaha............what a bunch of loonies.
I will have to start watching my maintanance program on my car so I know when I have pisse d the govment off.
how did they ever get so many paranoids to gather at one place?
the mind bongles dont it?
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 21:13
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Seems to me this bunch of airheads has been sprayed with something!
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 21:25
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What's really scary is these geniuses are allowed to vote. And breed Wonder if they keep their tinfoil hats on for that ?
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 22:55
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Buggah, yer mean these tinfoil hats don't work?
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Old 20th Oct 2002, 23:58
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Red face Highlights....

From the message board (2nd from top).

"My County Prosecutor RETIRED EARLY upon getting
letter after letter from me telling him all about

"FYI, I've tried my darnest to get all the
Boeings (757s & 767s)." (as they have the ability to be remote controlled and cause 9-11's)

"There may be a few mistakes, but for the most part I recorded the tag #'s [number/licence plates] after being sprayed with the "exhaust" from the cars bearing the tags. A lady (guest) named Karen ( I have last name) at hippocrates health clinic in West Palm Beach (2/2001) sprayed me with a hand held device, two wittnesses were present, (yes they smelled it Karen). I pray this helps some how, maybe some warrior out there can check these out for us. Good Luck everyone

(THis guy lists hundreds of regos of cars which "sprayed him" with exhaust gas.)And he goes on...

"Colonics will help remove toxins from your body and help build you immune system. Coffee enemas really seem to help also."

"As I have mentioned in the past that my family was being hit with E.M.F.'s and I developed cancer as well as my wife...A few months ago, my father ( that resides within 100 feet of us) was diagnost with it as well...White vans, cars and unmarked single engine aircraft have been shooting beams at us for almost 3 years now..."

"The following cars, bearing the recorded tag numbers, emitted a foul smelling exhaust that seemed to cause harm to me and members of my family. The initial symtoms are stomach aches, dizziness, confusion, frustration and weakness. Could this a be a quintessence? Not likely! This is my testimony, I would testify in a court of law to the following statement :I'll be driving down the road feeling pretty good, singing praise songs unto God, get sprayed, then I feel like I'm dying. It's happened too many times to be normal car exhaust, or allergies. I obviously always have a mask with me now, so when it happens I'm usually prepared."

And that is just off two threads!!!!!!!


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Old 21st Oct 2002, 00:13
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singing praise songs unto God, get sprayed
Appropriate response in my book
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Old 21st Oct 2002, 06:29
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A word of caution; last time ppruners got involved in a spot of chemtrailer-baiting, it turned out the chemtrailers took this rather more seriously than expected.
They had a collective sense of humour failure.
E-mail barrages of various ppruners and quite a bit of other hassle ensued..................

They might seem a bunch of loonies to most of us in the aviation world, but they do know how to use their computers.
For what it's worth, you have been warned.


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Old 21st Oct 2002, 08:09
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Now I'm worried! I thought the the reason that the ball joint I had to change on my old ashtray was the several gazillion miles that I'd done on rough roads. Now I see the reason that I had to spend the morning rolling round the garage floor instead of going flying was all part of a government plot
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Old 21st Oct 2002, 09:52
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Talking Deja-vu

Ahh that good old chemtrail debate. Was about 2 years ago or so if I am not wrong.

Some brave ppruners took to them to enlighten that group and got blocked in the end.

F/O Junior did a wonderful montage of an overhead panel that almost imploded the chem forum with excitement till they found it was a montage. (btw where are ya F/O?)

If I am correct and memory serves me good, Capt. him self went there to have a laugh and put some excitement in those people lives.

Ahhh...good old times.

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Old 21st Oct 2002, 09:55
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Buggah, yer mean these tinfoil hats don't work?
They do, if worn on the right place.
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