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British 'justice' and wrongful convictions

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British 'justice' and wrongful convictions

Old 14th Feb 2022, 11:25
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British 'justice' and wrongful convictions

Just scanned through the three pages of 'active' threads, looking for some mention of this topic, particularly in respect of the hundreds of Post Office employees wrongfully convicted. Result ? Zilch. Not even a passing mention ! Have we become so inured to the appalling standards of this area of society that we can just shrug our shoulders and accept it, without comment ? Such an attitude would explain much of what is accepted as 'normal' in social conventions and, particularly, politics. The victims are still waiting for full compensation and some have died before their innocence was confirmed. Disgraceful, doesn't begin to describe the nature of this mass injustice, nor the lazy, uncaring, hidebound, dilatory inaction of both the Post Office and the oversight politicians.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 11:51
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Originally Posted by Cornish Jack View Post
nor the lazy, uncaring, hidebound, dilatory inaction of both the Post Office and the oversight politicians.
It was more than just inaction. There was a massive cover-up by both the Post Office and Fujitsu once the problems with Horizon had been found. It's those responsible for ruining hundreds of people's lives who should have gone to jail. But of course they won't.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 13:18
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There were many more victimss than those who were prosecuted. Virtually every sub-postmaster in the land would have been affected. A family friend retired from Brunei and set up back home with a small shop/sub-post office in Romsey, near Southampton. He kept finding shortfalls in his takings and made up the shortages from the takings of the shop. Within a very short time he was bust and forced to sell - bear in mind his home was the flat over the shop. With what little was left of his life's savings he bought a small terraced house way up in the North East, went on benefits, supplemented by cash from playing the piano in the local British Legion and died an early death in poverty.

If not for the rubbish software, cover up and appalling post office actions in forcing payment under threat of prosecution, he'd quite likely still be alive and still running his little shop. He was only ten years older than me.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 13:40
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Long read on the whole sorry saga put together by Private Eye, who kept reporting it after (I think) Computer Weekly broke the story, and long before the mainstream media took much notice. As Dave says, how no one involved in the cover up has had their day in court is beyond me.

Private Eye - Justice Lost In The Post

There’s other interesting reports linked from that page - ‘Lootin with Putin’ being particularly relevant at the moment.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 13:58
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At the very least Paula Vennells should have her CBE stripped from her (that's the one she 'earned' for service to the Post Office whilst CEO of the same). She resigned from the Church of England before she was defrocked.


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Old 14th Feb 2022, 14:24
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It is naive to believe in British justice.
My father reported what turned out to be a long fraud to the met fraud squad in the early 60s, it had been set up by the Krays. I took the phone call from a detective who asked for a grand to not prosecute my father- then an innocent party - he refused and got a year inside. The fraud squad and vice squads were retired and Southend police force were taken over with the chief constable getting two years as did one of the met units but everyone else got off.
My wife was run of the road by the son of a Newbury police Sargent and we were victims of a detective illegally using his powers to access our bank accounts. Complaints did nothing although another police officer was our witness.
Fast forward 30 years, I’ve been trying to deal with probate which involves fraud on a relatives account, two false declarations on death certificates and abuse of lasting power of attorneys. I’ve made complaints especially after BarÁlays stated that there has been fraudulent activity on the deceased accounts but after several weeks of getting an officer appointed her superior is not willing to investigate further.
The whole system especially offshore companies and money laundering needs an overhaul but it won’t happen. Too many people are skimming the cream off the top.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 14:42
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It is an absolute scandal which will be further compounded if those responsible are not called fully to account. I have been following the 12 BBC podcasts which has shone a light into this sad saga. BBC Sounds - The Great Post Office Trial - Available Episodes
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 15:45
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Can you have criminal charges after a public enquiry? (Such as the one currently underway).

I thought things like inquests and public enquiries only took place after criminal cases (if there were going to be any) since they are considered to undermine or prejudice criminal trials.

So does this public inquiry effectively mean that criminal prosecutions are now unlikey?

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Old 14th Feb 2022, 16:17
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Originally Posted by OvertHawk View Post
So does this public inquiry effectively mean that criminal prosecutions are now unlikey?
Even if it did, the reputations of those concerned would be damaged far more than any time spent inside. They will not be able to 'serve their time' and come out with a clean sheet; it will mean living behind closed curtains for the rest of their lives unless they dig into their personal pockets and make restitution to all those concerned.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 16:29
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There was actually a thread about this travesty some time ago on here, but no matter because as you correctly say, it's now become established as (yet another) miscarriage of justice.

When you read about these miscarriages, it makes you thankful we no longer have the death penalty...well apart from the charmless Ms Patel who came to grief in a spectacular manner in a discussion, loose term, with Ian Hislop when he pointed out it really wasn't ok to execute innocent people...which she seemed to think it was if they'd been "proved" to be guilty.
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 00:59
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The old thread.

Heads should roll at The Post Office
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 08:16
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Not only should all the Post Office managers who denied the problems lose their jobs and pensions to compensate the victims, but Fujitsu should be made to pay at least the compensation - as well as being fined and banned from any public contracts in the UK. Plus those at Fujitsu who denied the faults in court should be prosecuted for perjury. And Vennels should be in jail....
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 08:30
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As I wrote before, the whole thing is a national disgrace. It’s incredible that many hundreds of hard working, innocent people can be sent to jail for the same false allegation, which was for stealing money that never actually existed!
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 09:14
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The extraordinary thing is that even after the scandal has been revealed nobody seems to be able to sort things out. To my mind, most of those involved, from the Prime minister downwards, should simply be fired as having demonstrated that they are not up to their jobs in a computerised world.
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 09:41
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If you knowingly withhold information which could prevent a grave miscarriage of justice, you are scum. If you participate in a process which ensures a miscarriage of justice, you really ought to be in jail.

What happened was an injustice of catastrophic proportions, facilitated by people who could, individually, collectively and corporately have prevented it.
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 16:07
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Why would anyone believe that hundreds of model citizens suddenly turn to crime. How was this allowed to proceed. Post Office and the Government spent well over £1 million of your money on legal fees!
Vennels must give her ridiculous CBE back and see how she likes a few years in prison. "Proceeds of Crime" should bankrupt her and leave her on benefits. Vicious bitch.
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 16:41
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I would want to see all of the folk in the chain of command get some time in prison.

I just do not believe that no-one knew about this awful cock-up.
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Old 15th Feb 2022, 17:15
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Originally Posted by Ancient Observer View Post
I would want to see all of the folk in the chain of command get some time in prison.

I just do not believe that no-one knew about this awful cock-up.
Nor do I:

Post Office staff instructed to shred documents that undermined its claims Horizon was robust

Post Office dishonesty in Horizon scandal is reason enough for statutory public inquiry

Police interview former Fujitsu staff for second time in potential perjury investigation

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Old 15th Feb 2022, 18:54
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The scale of misjustice in this case is breathtaking. Vennells should be stripped of all assets and imprisoned for life. The fact that this evil excuse for a human actually masqueraded as an Anglican priest during this atrocity is beyond comprehension. Under her watch people lost livelihoods, were made bankrupt, went to prison and committed suicide. This "priest" actually ruined peoples' lives. I sincerely hope justice is served here.
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Old 16th Feb 2022, 08:17
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Vennels was by no means the only culprit, and there are obviously a load of senior people in the Post Office who deserve dismissing and sending to prison.
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