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Oz sends Novak Djokovic packing

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Oz sends Novak Djokovic packing

Old 6th Jan 2022, 01:35
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Oz sends Novak Djokovic packing...or maybe not

Here's your hat. What's the hurry?

Reading a lot of conflicting reports on this. Who made the initial decision to allow him to enter? What was going on that the health minister became involved only after he had arrived at the airport?

Granted I do not expect any health minister to be reviewing passenger lists, but how did it get this far?

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Old 6th Jan 2022, 02:32
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Granted I do not expect any health minister to be reviewing passenger lists, but how did it get this far
Those in power are just reacting to the ground swell of indignation that has erupted since Novak was given the OK. Celebs are treated somewhat differently to we muckers, questions have abounded during the covid fraca regarding how rules are applied, you can get approval for international travel if you play tennis or are a TV star etc, but not to visit your father/mother on their death bed.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 03:00
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I look at this and it makes me despair that our western governments would show some strength and resilience on other more important matters than tennis on our behalves (the average law abiding citizen) by sending packing some of the more hardened criminals that are running amok here.

These scum have been given great opportunities to come from terrible places and start afresh and yet this small proprtion of them still want to burn the house down and turn it into the place they left.

A neighbour recently had a knife held to her throat in a home invasion by an east African gang.

Hey Guvmint if you do this for tennis, then harden up on the rest of the asshats going round....
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 03:11
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Originally Posted by Uncle Fred View Post
Here's your hat. What's the hurry?

Reading a lot of conflicting reports on this. Who made the initial decision to allow him to enter? What was going on that the health minister became involved only after he had arrived at the airport?

Granted I do not expect any health minister to be reviewing passenger lists, but how did it get this far?
I understand that he travelled to Australia on the basis that he had a medical exemption from Covid-19 vaccination. He failed to produce evidence of such, or of vaccination, on arrival and so is now awaiting either a successful legal resolution or a flight back to Serbia(?)
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 03:56
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A campaign parrelelling another well known figure was about to start.
Let's go Novak!
Fits the bill quite nicely.

God riddance to rich entitled plonkers who think they can get a different deal than the rest of us plebs.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 04:25
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Novax Novak, way to go !
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 04:51
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Originally Posted by Cat3508 View Post
Novax Novak, way to go !
Novak No vax No vay...
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 05:43
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Somebody needs to post the name of the duty manager at Border Force when Dojokovic tried to slip through.
He wont have to pay for a beer for along time.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 05:43
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Originally Posted by Uncle Fred View Post
Here's your hat. What's the hurry?

Reading a lot of conflicting reports on this. Who made the initial decision to allow him to enter? What was going on that the health minister became involved only after he had arrived at the airport?

Granted I do not expect any health minister to be reviewing passenger lists, but how did it get this far?
Tennis australia and a VIC government looked at his submitted documents from overseas, which they had no ability or legality to check. A group of doctors employed by tennis australia decided to allow him to play in the australian open, they have ZERO authority on the federal borders. VIC government rubber stamped the decision

He arrived at the border and claimed he had a exemption because he had caught covid (twice )in the last 6 months. Tennis australia knew this was not a legit reason for exemption as they had been told so by the federal governement in november of last year

Novak is unable to provide the documents to prove he is legitimately exempt under the 2 reasons he can use. Note having covid in the last 6 months is NOT one of the 2 reasons.

This was setup by Australian Open, he arrived 13 days before the first game, so he cant do quarantine now. They did to force the government to let him in. Jane Hrdlicker, CEO of the australian open was quoted last year as saying "“It will make us sick but won’t put us into hospital. Some people may die, but it will be way smaller than the flu.”

She orchastrated this. Also note at least 2 other top 10 seeded players are currently being investigated to see if their expemptions are legal as well
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 06:19
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 06:37
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I understand that he is a rather vocal anti-vaxxer.

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Old 6th Jan 2022, 06:43
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Originally Posted by rattman View Post
She orchastrated this.
But deservedly overruled by somebody who had the b*lls to enforce the regulations.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 06:44
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Its quite interesting that government lawyer used the term deportation. Deportation is the gift that keeps on giving. Every visa application he applies for now on will have the question "Have you ever been deported from another country" and is going to a spot light
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 07:04
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 07:20
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Thank you Rattman and others. Great memes Pappa Joe and NWT.

Showing up unvaxxed to Oz of all places, knowing full well you are going to cause extra work and discomfiture to the Australian authorities and technicians, just reminds us how selfish some individuals really are.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 07:53
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Yep tennis Australia set this up. With the other two top men out this year he was a rails run to win it which would mean he becomes the highest tournament winner of all time. In Australia, more specifically Melbourne. It would be etched in history. A complete set up. I imagine the Victorians as in Dan or one of his minions was also heavily involved.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 08:13
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There's oodles of narrative in most Oz media which is pointing the finger clearly at the Victorian State Government and Tennis Australia. Implying that Novak would be free to play at the tournament and would be free to enter Victoria without engaging the Feds in the discussion, despite two letters sent to TA last November, is unfortunately typical of the politicisation of the control of Whu Flu and the peasants by the State Governments.

No amount of attempts to reef the blame on the Federal Government by Victoria (started last night with an ill informed Vic Ministerial Tweet) will get by the basic precept that International Entry is a Federal issue, and Tennis Australia were plainly advised by letter that Djokovic's perceived Medical Exemption was not going to be acceptable.

As of 7pm Thursday he is scheduled for a further Court hearing on Monday morning.

From the Herald Sun (subscriber so no hyperlink):

The Novak Djokovic drama has made headlines around the world — here are the answers to the biggest questions.

Why was Djokovic’s visa denied?

The Australian Border Force ruled that Novak Djokovic failed to provide sufficient evidence that he was medically exempt from requirements that travellers be vaccinated to enter the country. It is understood that Djokovic was relying on the fact he had contracted Covid within the past six months but Border Force does not consider this valid grounds for an exemption.

What is the difference between the medical exemption to play in the Australian Open and the exemption to come into the country?

The Victorian government and Tennis Australia announced on Wednesday that Djokovic had been granted an exemption to the state’s vaccine mandate, allowing him to compete for his 21st grand slam title. The exemption was granted via a two-step process; approval from a Tennis Australia panel and then an independent panel of medical experts set up by Victorian health authorities.

Officials said yesterday that 26 people including players and members of their entourage had applied for an exemption under this process but only a “handful” had been approved. They said that most applied on the basis that they had contracted Covid within the previous six months.

However, this process did not satisfy federal border restrictions which demand a medical exemption, and not a previous Covid infection, as grounds for an exemption.

“Tennis Australia, as I understand, said that he could play. That is fine, that is their call but we make the call of the border and that is where it is enforced,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Does he have grounds to appeal?

Djokovic is entitled to challenge the decision in court, but it could carry a days-long legal fight, according to an immigration lawyer. The first step would require his team to seek an urgent injunction in the Federal Circuit Court to prevent him from being deported.

If he was to obtain a “Bridging Visa E”, it is understood that Djokovic would be legally allowed to stay in Australia and be among the community, but he would lose any working rights.

Could he still play in the Australian Open?

Mr Morrison said that Djokovic would be deported “to a country where he is able to return to” when a flight could be arranged. The only hope for Djokovic to defend his Australia Open title is through the appeals process.

Who is to blame for this visa mess?

State and federal authorities have pointed the finger of blame at each other. But in a press conference on Thursday morning, the Prime Minister said it was ultimately Novak Djokovic’s responsibility to ensure he had the correct paperwork. “The rules are made known to all travellers and they get on a plane based on their own view that they will be able to meet those requirements,” Mr Morrison said. “If they cannot, well, they cannot come in. That is just how the rules work.”

What does this mean for international relations and Australia’s reputation abroad?

The border bungle made international headlines and is no doubt expected to affect Australia’s international reputation. Novak’s enraged father, Srdjan, told Serbian media his son was being held in captivity.

“This is a fight for the liberal world, this is not just a fight for Novak, but a fight for the whole world,” he said.

In a blistering social media post, Serbia’s President Aleksander Vucic accused Australian authorities of harassing Djokovic.

“I told our Novak that the whole Serbia is with him, and that our authorities are taking all measures to stop the harassment of the best tennis player in the world … In accordance with all the norms of international public law, Serbia will fight for Novak Djokovic, for justice and truth,” he posted to his official account.

What happened when he landed in Australia?

Djokovic landed in Melbourne just after 11pm on Wednesday night. He was immediately questioned at the airport by border officials in a process that stretched throughout the night. His father said the tennis star was held in isolation while two officers manned the door. Djokovic left the airport about 10am and was transferred to a holding hotel until a flight out of the country can be arranged.

What happened during the five hours Djokovic was locked down?

Officials quizzed Djokovic on his application to enter the country, however his father told Serbian media that he was separated from his team and taken to a room where he was kept under armed guard.

The ABF later confirmed that Djokovic had access to his phone throughout.

Bizarre ‘natural immunity’ claim in Djoker farce

A bizarre claim that Novak Djokovic has “natural immunity” to Covid has been tabled as the criteria for his exemption to enter Australia.

The world No.1, who has had his visa denied and looks set to be deported from Australia after failing to meet visa conditions, is believed to have been relying on the fact he recently contracted the virus as a means to enter unvaccinated.

The world is waiting with bated breath for answers to so many questions relating to the ongoing saga, the main one being the grounds on which he sought an exemption to contest the Australian Open.

In a 2GB segment on Wednesday, 9 News political editor Chris O’Keefe reported that Tennis Australia had pitched Djokovic’s natural immunity status to the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) only to have it rejected.

“I’m told on good authority that Tennis Australia asked ATAGI, the federal taskforce on vaccination, if ‘natural immunity can work in place of two doses of vaccine’,” O’Keefe said.

“This is from ATAGI to Tennis Australia when they asked if someone had caught Covid, if that could be in place of them being fully vaccinated: ‘Natural immunity from the past infection is recognised as fully vaccinated in several European countries, but ATAGI also notes the challenge of confirming past infection and uncertainty with regards to the duration of protection.’

“This is what ATAGI told Tennis Australia: ‘ATAGI recommends that two doses of TGA-approved or TGA-recognised Covid-19 vaccine, according to the recommended schedule, is still required in order to be vaccinated. Past infection is not a contraindication (meaning a valid reason against) vaccination.’

“So in Australia, ATAGI told Tennis Australia that past infection with Covid is not a valid reason against vaccination. They also said that vaccination can commence once recovered from severe illness – which is only 7 or 14 days – and only in exceptional circumstances can an exemption be given if that person caught Covid in the last six months.”

Djokovic announced on his social media channels he had caught the virus back in 2020 after the disastrous Adria Tour but has made no mention of a second contraction.

Australia border officials said the entry visa of the 34-year-old Djokovic was cancelled for failing to meet strict entry requirements.

“Non-citizens who do not hold a valid visa on entry or who have had their visa cancelled will be detained and removed from Australia,” the Australian Border Force said.

“Deportation!” Srdjan Djokovic later posted on Instagram after Australia’s decision.

“Our pride, our Novak is returning … We should all welcome him as deserved!”

The Serb star had landed in Melbourne earlier Wednesday after celebrating on social media that he had a medical exemption to play in the Australian Open without proof he was fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Old 6th Jan 2022, 10:03
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Heard that Serbia has declared war on Australia. Russian peacekeeping forces on standby...

You can't buy free worldwide publicity like this. Tennis Australia must be wetting their pants in excitement.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 10:05
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I vividly recall late last year when the State of Victoria was in lockdown the tables were turned - the Feds were allowing the unvaccinated into the country if they had valid reasons and the State of Victoria was gloating about going to block Novak from coming in, so when did it all change?

It's quite obvious that the Feds (Liberal Party, namely the PM Scott) and the State of Victoria (Labor Party, namely the Premier Dan) have been at each others throats ever since the pandemic started. Perhaps the Novak issue is just your typical Australian political point scoring as these lunkheads go about their business.

Just goes to show these politicians really care little for your health and wellbeing, all they want is to be seen as some can-do hero with a statue erected of themselves after this pandemic is done and dusted.
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Old 6th Jan 2022, 10:45
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The way Omicron is spreading in Australia right now, if he hasn't been vaccinated, he should get away from there as quickly as he can. OK there probably isn't anywhere else he can be safe but, judging by the few people I know who have caught Covid while unvaccinated, if he becomes a victim he may never play competitive tennis again.
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