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Spirited driving ........

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Spirited driving ........

Old 14th Sep 2021, 20:16
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Spirited driving ........

recently we have been spending more time than usual on the roads as we travel between our home and a house we are doing up some 250 miles away. We see many types of cars and the way they are driven and we see patterns emerging. Very few Jaguars are being used for anything more than wafting along. Range Rovers, Mercedes 4X4s, BMW X? 4X4s and any other Chelsea tractors are invariably all over the lanes without indicating and then right up the chuff of the back car in a nose to tail stream as if getting closer is going to magically clear the obstruction ahead.

When you see an Imprezza WRX it is either driving at exactly 68mph on the motorway or being driven with enthusiasm, traffic conditions permitting.

And then there are the Teslas. I have yet to see one doing anything other than blending in. For a car with more grunt than most cars on the road why don't they do anything more than pootle along. They never rip away from the lights, never squirt down the slip road onto the motorway and disappear into the distance. Even on the faster open A roads they never get going.

I don't understand. Two of these things. I also have an Imprezza WRX. It is a car that just feels like you should drive it as if you stole it, doing exactly 68mph just doesn't compute. This is a car that holds the lap record for a 4 wheel vehicle around the Isle of Man TT course, it just cries out to be driven with enthusiasm. And the Teslas, even the single motor models offer a lot of acceleration and the dual motor models, most of us can only dream of that much oomph. So why do they only trundle along ........? What am I missing?

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Old 14th Sep 2021, 20:37
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Try driving any electrical vehicle with the smallest amount of enthusiasm and watch the Guess-o-Meter head for Zero at an alarming rate.
The more Hp the quicker.
Did South of Norway to Eindhoven - return a couple of weeks ago in our Skoda Enyack, never again. In order to not have to stop at every charging point along the way, I found the optimal long range speed to be 110 km/h, on the goddamned Autobahn!
Not even in my '66 Hillman Super Minx did I drive that slow, and in later years 200 km/h ++, where permitted, has been the norm.
I've never been so bored in my life. Pottering around here in Norway is OK, what with our maximum speed limit of 110 km/h on our rather few miles of motorway. Down south? Nope!
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 21:01
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I do a lot of driving on winding country roads. It's amazing how many Imprezza WRX's I see on their roof in fields. Are they all being driven 'like they were stolen' ?
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 21:05
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No, they probably were stolen

I own a TTS that has the same performance and I tend to give it some stick when out and about, sticking it in sports mode, but I tend to stick at the national speed limit on motorways or thereabouts, sticking with the flow of the traffic.
I do notice even normal driving and not giving it any beans I seem to move off from lights etc faster than those around me and I mean not giving it any beans, just normal drive and gentle acceleration.
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 21:20
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It might be just me but a number of Nissan Quashqai's seem to be driven by the idiots of the road, up your behind when you are obeying the speed limit, always wanting to get past no matter what, to name just a couple of annoyances. Jeremy Clarkson had a similar view of BMWs.
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 21:24
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I used to drive 50+k per annum and if I wasn't being spirited would spend an awful lot of my life behind the wheel. Now I do 12k ish and I'm in no hurry. My current car is a Merc SLK manual petrol and I have 45.5 mpg on the averageometer. Most done in 12mile journeys. Sounds good but my old Xsara Picasso diesel that I use on rainy days shows 70.6!
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 21:42
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TTS tends to give me about 30 ish MPG but a tank full will last me a month, I tend to average about 4-5k a year.
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 22:48
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The best place for spirited driving is the track. Then you can push to the limits. The same thing on modern roads in UK is foolhardy at best unless you like driving in the wee small hours. I find people who make spirited moves on the roads in my part of the world just end up one car length ahead behind the next tractor.
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 22:49
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Offered as part reasoning.

Once I was in a position to buy something that could lick most of the opposition, the desire to buzz and overtake everyone faded away. It was enough to trundle along, knowing that I could if ness.

Why do African lions look lazy?

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Old 14th Sep 2021, 23:30
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Agreed hence why most driving is pottering along.
You do get peeps that cane it away from you in their fiesta 1.1 and you think do be serious, a set of wide wheels, noisy exhaust and go faster stripes maketh it faster..maybe not.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 08:59
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When young I would thrash my Fiesta 1.1. Now I have something decent I don't need to prove anything.
Besides, studying the general standard of other drivers on the UK roads makes one extremely hesitant to go at anything other than the flow, with more than sufficient spacing.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 09:30
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Originally Posted by Imagegear View Post
I only ever pottered in my Mercury 7.25 liter soft top.

When stopped at lights, the bozo's would rev up their VW Jetta's and race away bravely.

I would then potter away gently, thinking if I really floored it, the body would rotate around the engine.

There was nothing left to prove.

When at a red light on my motorbike, the car next to me sometimes wants to race. Often BMWs. Dunno what people are thinking, might have something to do with the length of the appendage . Most often I don't compete, but occasionally, I match the acceleration for 50 m or so, and then sprint away just to prove that I can, and then return to the speed limit. The pesky electrics, even small ones are quite fast !
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 10:06
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I've always enjoyed the challenge of manoeuvring larger vehicles over driving fast. I don't know why - generally speaking I love the adrenaline-junkie hobbies.

I'm not a psychologist, so hopefully that doesn't say dubious things about me...
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 11:14
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After 22 years I am still impressed by how many cars the TVR can overtake in a oner.
Skoda VRS is quite good at it too.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 11:33
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I bought a Qashqai last month...now I know how I should be driving it!
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 11:48
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I rented a Qashqai last week - cautiously, particularly when reversing!
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 11:49
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Given HMG's antipathy to PHEVs, I try to prove them wrong by dispirited driving, i.e. using as little petroleum spirit as possible, Best was 1300 miles at 230 mpg.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 12:33
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I would suggest the term "spirited driving " is a euphemism for those who feel they have an exemption from the RTA and a disregard for the varied range and abilities of other road users in order to appease their own selfish indulgences and massage their ego's with their self appointed "driving expertise".

Currently now driving a non JB approved car. 62 plate, albeit with only 28.5 on the clock as it was ex fleet, bog standard, F.Fiest 1.4.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 13:18
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The only spirited driving I do now is on my return trip from the bottle shop.

My 21 year old car is just not up to it anymore, but I do remember a bunch of yoofs in a WRX STi couldn't keep up with me going up a twisty mountain road when the thing was new.

Today I got the prime spot outside a trendy sandwich shop and was chuffed when I spotted a few of the yoof admiring my car, I'm sure they weren't trying to steal it. Anyways, it's appeal is now best when it's stationary.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 13:44
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Over 13 years of driving a variety of cars for over 50K miles a year I found that my driving style often varied with the car I was driving. One of those cars was an Imprezza WRX and I must confess that I did go a bit mad. This was partly because some people always seemed to want to show me that they could go fater than me. After I needed a new set of tyres adter 4000 miles I calmed down a bit and then decided that I didn't really like it. The headlights were very poor for such a fast car, the brakes were poor and the clutch suddenly became very heavy whenever I slowed in traffic after a fast run. As most of my motoring was on motorways and dual carraigeways, I replaced it with a Leon Cupra and the sixth gear encouraged me to cruise more steadily.

I do very few miles now but yesterday, I drove for 5 hours on my own (no back seat help from Mrs p) in my current car, an Audi A3 tdi and found myself tempted to a bit of sprited driving. Fortunately, the weather and my age kept me under control
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