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When did the British public become so disgusting?

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When did the British public become so disgusting?

Old 27th Jun 2020, 14:08
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People save up their bottles and cans and get 10 quid back!
Memories from my childhood ... groups of us searching for 'pop' bottles that had been discarded and getting the money back for them as a way of supplementing pocket money!

More litter bins would be a good start .... I've been noticing a lot more rubbish on my daily walks, particularly discarded one-time-use face masks.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 14:09
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Kids learn about behaviour from their parents. Looking at those thick Liverpool supporters carrying their children on their shoulders there isn’t much hope for the future.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 14:10
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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post

Perhaps one solution to try and teach some basic good manners to all those who just leave filth and litter in public spaces is to just not bother to pick it up. May be if the next time they go to a park to socialise they were to find the ground covered with the crap left from their last outing, with nowhere clean for them to sit down, they might start to realise that they have a responsibility to keep places tidy. Volunteers going around tidying up after people like this is just reinforcing the message they've had from their parents, that cleaning up is someone else's job, not theirs.
40 tonnes of rubbish left at Bournemouth beach in one day. Certainly leaving it on the beach will ensure that they won’t get another crisis because people won’t go. The traders will then complain that they have no customers, so you just can’t win.

However, we have had numerous campaigns over the last few years or so to highlight that things are not socially acceptable and they have changed attitudes. Perhaps we need a new one for litter.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 14:20
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Keep Britain Tidy campaign back in the 1970s...

Cadburys did a thing when I was 10 or so where in exchange for x number of Cadbury product wrappers they sent you a nice set of airline badges and, for a quid or two, an attractive album to stick them in. As mum was concerned about the impact on my teeth of all that chocolate - and her purse - I scoured the verges for miles around...

A lot of the crap in the parks is labelled KFC, McDonalds, etc - I get the impression the little sods are ordering the stuff on Just Eat and having it delivered to their present location...

Thanks CG, hope you are proved right about the present primary school generation - perhaps they can teach their parents by good example!
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 14:38
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Too many people in close quarters coupled with free choice to live their lives.

solutions to consider

Keep them off the streets by making the neighborhood toxic if you even go out to shop
move everybody to the mountains or dales where there is no work and they have to live off the land
Move culprits to concentration camps with guards using batons or whips if you cross a line
Join a major war where you all have to do your part or lose your livelihood

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Old 27th Jun 2020, 14:55
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I must be remembering a different period.
We has plenty of littering in the 70's (I can certainly remember the difference between late 60's Germany where I spent 4 years as a kid and early 70's Derby). Doggy poop bags were but a figment of the imagination judging by how much dogsh1t was on the pavements.

If it is more now, than then, it is probably only because we have more 'throwaway' packaging but I suspect it would have been just as unpleasantly scruffy then if we had the plethora of take-aways that we have now.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 14:55
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I once spent a month as a cleaner at a motor sports venue after being made redundant. Both the competitor and public toilets required cleaning several times each day and they were usually &%$~#* disgusting. Some of it was intentional, like used toilet paper on the floor and snot on the walls. The female toilets were generally left in good shape. Litter was always a problem, despite the amount of bins within easy distance of spectators.
My partner's been a hotel maid and office cleaner and she could keep anyone entertained for an hour about the things she's seen! She actually left one contract job at a freight haulage company because it was consistently too foul for her to face in the mornings. I've seen the photographs she sent to her agency and they were quite unpleasant.
I was a flying spanner once and always helped the cabin staff clear up after landing. I was emptying the seat-back pockets of the usual rubbish and put my hand into a couple of mouthfuls of vomit. The flight had been perfectly smooth and there were two airsickness bags per seat. The passengers had been Spanish MPs, not drunken stag weekend louts...
As for beach and rave scenes, I reckon it's clear what age group the non-environmentally-friendly creatures are. Anyone brave enough to tackle them would no doubt be told to f*** off or get some physical abuse. Yep, no proper parental discipline behind their behaviour. Or, quite likely, their parents had the same mentality.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 15:29
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Originally Posted by Uplinker View Post
I wonder where these people learned their behavior?

When I am out jogging, I see filled pet poo-bags hanging from bushes or put on walls. Who do the owners think are going to pick them up? Music festivals are left with abandoned tents etc that people cannot be bothered to take home, or even put in a bin. Why do these people think this is acceptable, and who taught them this behavior?

Why do these people want to make the place look like a sh*t hole? Why have they got no pride?

Where was all this behavior learned from?
We aren't all the same.
Some of us not only have pride in our environment but are actively trying to do something about it.
The campsite on the Sunday afternoon after a three day heavy metal festival in Lincolnshire. About a thousand revellers. It was left cleaner than when we arrived. So clean in fact that one wag reckoned he found a Marathon wrapper while doing the litter pick. 😁
(For some reason I can't post a photo)
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 15:30
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Controversial, moi?
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It can change. When Rudy Giuliani became mayor of NY, to quote from Wikipedia: '......when Giuliani took office as Mayor of New York City, he appointed a new police commissioner, William Bratton, who applied the broken windows theory of urban decay, which holds that minor disorders and violations create a permissive atmosphere which leads to further and more serious crimes which can threaten the safety of a city; to prevent major crime, the theory holds, the police should enforce seemingly minor "quality-of-life" laws such as those outlawing public drinking, littering, and jay-walking. Within several years, Giuliani was widely credited for making major improvements in the city's quality of life and lowering the rate of violent crimes.'

Certainly he cleaned up the streets of NY.

It is interesting having visited cities in India and Africa, to name just two countries, they are generally shitholes. Rubbish everywhere and nobody giving a second thought to living with it. I remember reading an article many years ago written by a chap living in India on business. He rented a flat. he asked his cleaner to sweep the communal area outside his front door. She looked incredulous and asked why stating that it didn't belong to him!

The point I am making is that it is a cultural thing and in the UK we also seem to have an issue with leaving rubbish for others to clear up. I regularly use an exit of the M23 which has traffic lights at the top of the slip road. There is always a plethora of cups, food containers and bottles chucked from car windows while stationary at the lights.

In my view until people are caught and fined, and know they are likely to be caught and fined, it will continue.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 15:47
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In my town there are 4 McDonalds, 3 with drive through and during lockdown it was lovely to see no McD wrappers thrown from cars. As soon as they reopened , guess what. ....
ditto with Fish and Chip wrappers so not just McD bashing
So if we stopped take aways the wrapper problem goes away. Eat in the restaurant only
there sorted for you...simples..
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 16:04
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I've been around for more than 60 years, and the British have been a pretty mucky lot for most that time (well at least the portion of that time I can remember). The "keep Britain tidy" campaign from the late 1960s didn't come about because the streets and countryside were free of little. And if I recall correctly yobs (perporting to be football fans) have been trashing trains since the 1960s, until they all became so well off they could drive their own cars, from which point onwards, rather than retain the smoking refuse and drinks cans in the car they'd chuck them out of the windows.

Beaches have been left littered with picnic detritis for decades; good thing today is that councils actually go out and groom the beaches and pick up the litter before the new crop of oiks turn up the next day to drop a load more.

I don't know why it has to be like this, it isn't in most northern European countries. Perhaps penalties are greater, perhaps there is proper enforcement - or perhaps people just have more pride in the locality, and in the rural and coastal places they enjoy. What I do know is that walking in the hills of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia the amount of discarded litter is minimal, and far less than in the UK.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 17:23
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Originally Posted by Kiltrash View Post
In my town there are 4 McDonalds, 3 with drive through and during lockdown it was lovely to see no McD wrappers thrown from cars. As soon as they reopened , guess what. ....
ditto with Fish and Chip wrappers so not just McD bashing
So if we stopped take aways the wrapper problem goes away. Eat in the restaurant only
there sorted for you...simples..
Not so easy for the chippie, but modern tills are computers really, so why not 'grafitti' every Maccie bag with the buyer's car reg no? Like a watermark, reproduced so many times it's just not worth anonymising it prior to chucking. Labels- no good for that reason. Then hammer the culprits- use the car park companies!

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Old 27th Jun 2020, 17:38
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I rather like York’s attempt to get people to think a bit

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Old 27th Jun 2020, 19:59
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In China if you wanted something recycled you just threw it out of the window.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 20:29
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But...but for a bit of balance: I would suggest the scenes at Bournemouth, Cardiff etc are a small minority...the majority of the public don't drop litter and leave venues clean. It's a shame we ALL don't however.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 20:41
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Work in Uzbekistan, so spotless it is unbelievable, the country must have a massive flying hoover patrolling the streets when I'm asleep.

The UK has never been great, I recall the "Keep Britain tidy" (??) slogan/campaign in the 80's growing up, that they had to ram it down everyone's throat spoke volumes about the public.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 20:48
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I spent time from 1987 to 1990 working for the Refuse section of a local council, driving tipper trucks, bin wagons and sometimes doing the clear up work in areas which weren't covered by our regular street cleaners. I was clearing loads of litter from a dual carriageway embankment one morning, when some bloke stopped his car next to me - in a live 70mph traffic lane - and shouted at me because " the council haven't been clearing this mess up quickly enough". I shouted back that it wasn't the council who.put the rubbish there in the first place.
Littering isn't a recent problem, and is absolutely learned by example from parents.
And it's definitely not confined to the young, but the selfish and pig-ignorant of all ages
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 21:37
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I once spent some time in a shop in Yugoslavia in the Tito era. I noted that the workers simply threw their orange peels and cigarettes wrappers on the shop floor. I asked why one day and was told it was to ensure that the cleaning lady who came around several times,a day had a paying job.

I was more than impressed one day when I was invited to her closet where she kept her pails and broom and was treated to some tea and biscuits and a great deal of small talk that I couldn't understand .. a fond memory of people
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 21:49
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I always linger on the Hogarth, but I can't understand what the bloke in the doorway is doing with the saw. Any ideas?
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 22:06
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Some years ago we were in Cairo during one of the longer street cleaners strike, strike. It looked like once the bins were full, they simply chucked everything into the streams and canals where they lived. The mess was appalling. In one place, as we traveled out to Memphis, we noticed they had even dropped the dead donkey into the river. I kid you not.
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