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How I defeated Social Distancing and Paranoia

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How I defeated Social Distancing and Paranoia

Old 27th Apr 2020, 06:07
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I've found that it's good practice to drink a good local beer at the temperature the locals drink it. I've tasted some nice English beers that would probably be tasteless if served off the ice, and Australian beers, (and here I speak from experience) if drunk at anything approaching room temperature, are vile. A compromise to this rule is Fosters, which tastes vile anywhere, at any temperature.

In North Queensland, it was unusual for drinkers to drink middies (10 oz), as even in the hands of a Queenslander it would be to warm before it was finished, They drank 7 oz. beers. With the advent of aircon in most pubs, this has changed and most people now drink schooners.
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Old 27th Apr 2020, 06:32
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Originally Posted by CoodaShooda View Post
It was once explained to me that beer in the UK can be served at room temperature because room temperature in the UK is

"cold as an iceberg, all gloomy and glum,
cold as the hairs on a polar bear's bum"
Actually, from past experience, the room temperature in some pubs can drop remarkably quickly when you enter.....although it can become quite warm shall we say if a conversation, ahem, develops.

However, I would point out, that, under no circumstances can you consume Boddingtons , the Cream of Manchester in case yourself and other alcoholic beverages philistines of which there are, sadly, many in this world are unaware , at anything other than room temperature. There again, some pub landlords in days gone by were too bloody tight fisted to put the heating on anyway so you had no choice really.

However, if you read the UK Gov'ts advice on social distancing, there is nothing, not even in the small print ! which says anything about distancing from wine, G n T's. single malts and Boddingtons ..all of which are very social ...my conscience is clear therefore !
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Old 27th Apr 2020, 11:19
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Lonewolf - thank you for introducing me to the "Darryl's House" vids - I was going to reply yesterday, but I'm not sure where it went...
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Old 27th Apr 2020, 11:49
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Re; booze advice I am put in mind of Michael Green's excellent book "The Art Of Course Drinking" in which he explains how to test an unknown alcoholic tipple when abroad and unfamiliar with it.

"Put a little in a saucer and put a lighted match to it.
If it;
1) Explodes in your face - DO NOT DRINK IT
2) Burns with a steady blue flame - Drink with caution
3) Goes out. Drink something else.

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Old 27th Apr 2020, 20:51
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Originally Posted by Mr Optimistic View Post
There's a lot of inbetween in America. Got stuck in Orlando once and decided I would use the weekend to have a look around. Armed with the Avis map from the hire car and a deficit of common sense I decided to have a look at the everglades. After 2 hours driving I consulted the map and finally worked out the scale. Well I was young. Still Sarasota made for a good day out. Had it been Texas I would have been driving yet.
Even many Americans who live on the US east coast have no appreciation for the distances involved in the American west - which may explain why they thought the 55 mph speed limit made sense. As one long haul trucker put it, "Driving across Texas at 55 isn't a job, it's a fing career!".
About 20 years ago I drove to Road America, Wisconsin for a race (I'd always wanted to drive Road America). I spent a night in Montana, next day I drove ~12 hours, covering ~600 miles (motorhome pulling a 5,000 lb trailer so I wasn't going real fast) before stopping for the night. I was still in Montana...
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Old 16th May 2020, 03:34
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On wednesday Afternoon, my neighbor about half a mile away set up a block party.

22 beach chairs. Each marked in chalk vis a vis distance from all other chairs. His driveway and lawn and the sidewalk in front of his house. We all showed up with our silly little face masks. His son (college student doing all exams on line) used a fishing net/pole rig to serve us all beers from the coolers. We had to speak up to have a conversation since the "Waylon Jennings Collection" CD was blowing our ears out.
And to close the party,
But as his wife said "It's time for y'all to go."

COVID 19 is freaking lethal. But it makes me appreciate some of my neighbors a lot more.
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