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PPRuNE back in the day.

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PPRuNE back in the day.

Old 20th Oct 2019, 23:01
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PPRuNE in the old days

I was an early adopter of PPRuNe. The early 2000s. A pilots website and I had something to say, or so I thought. My earliest contribution as Steepclimb, you know a reference to the difficulty of becoming a pilot. 'It's a Steepclimb' was in 2001. But I had other identities which I deleted, one of which was fifthcolumn. I was pleased with that reference I must say. At this remote I've no idea why.

I even met another Ppruner, to discover she is mad as a box of Frogs. I've no idea where she ended up but I sincerely hope she isn't flying innocent passengers.

But others I've been in contact with are great. I even met one of the stalwarts, Con pilot. Sadly no longer with us.

You guys and girls in the old guard. You know who you are. Tell us some stories.

PPRuNe, even though online is a part of my life. I came to it as a wanabee pilot and left it detesting flying. Not PPRuNe's fault.

It's changed it must be said. Russian bots, ignore this thread. As if.
I keep thinking of the time we invaded a chemtrail website debunking their silliness. They kept banning us but because their security was rubbish we just kept signing up again. Remember that?

Last edited by Steepclimb; 26th Oct 2019 at 13:20. Reason: Apparently it's a silly non aphorism.
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Old 20th Oct 2019, 23:37
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Taking down that scum of the earth. Forgotten his name. That was a good day for this website. In the same breath an acquaintance of Danny tried to scam me out of some hard earned money for a type rating. I wonít mention his nom de plume to protect the innocent. Save I believe he is no longer welcome in the U.K. for tax reasons. Though I have seen him scurry out of the bar in the manor royal purple palace a few times. I first met this site in 1998 when it was a BB.

PS steep, hope youíre enjoying that bottle of red in front of the telly, because thatís the only reason someone would post as whistfully as that.

edit. Just to be clear. It is not Danny that I am insinuating that HMRC want assistance in their enquiries with. Itís someone else that I met through a PPRuNe event in the mid 2000ís.

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Old 21st Oct 2019, 00:08
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Back in the day we didn't say "back in the day" we said "in the old days". I still think back in the day sounds odd. What day?

Some great PPRuNers have shuffled off since I joined. I liked Keef, PPRuNe padre as I think he styled himself. His well considered posts were a good antidote to some of the ravings we see on here. RIP
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 00:12
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Come back Slasher, all is forgiven....
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 00:20
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Tabs please !
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There was a spoof PProoone website where I created a parallel of a well known PPRuNe character. It was bloody funny.

The lady in question on the plane to Spain wasn't the host of the Agony Aunt column by any chance ? I bumped into a different Pprunette a few weeks ago from "Noo Zealund". A rather colourful character to say the least. It's a very small world.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 00:27
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When I first came to PPRuNe back in 1997 there was just Rumours and News and Jet Blast. Then came the addictive PPRuNe Chat and people's ICQ contact in their profile...very early social media! Those were the days of Captain IF Snailtrails....

The Wizard of Aus was a great friend sadly missed. I knew him in "real life" before he joined.

. I didn't realise Keef was no longer with us, that's sad
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 02:03
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Tricky Woo was another character, and Tony Draper brought a smile to many faces.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 02:47
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Drain Bamaged
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What happen to Tony Draper?
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 04:52
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Avoid imitations
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Herr Draper passed away, not too long back. I have no idea why I called him that.

i was here in mid 1995, shortly after I found the Internet. I think I was member #72. Back then we didnít have fixed usernames and we could sign off with anything. I teased one misogynistic poster for a while using the nom de plume ďNorma SnockersĒ.

Later we had to choose a username. I was SARBOY because that was what I did back then. Frightening where those 24 years have gone.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 06:46
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Taking down that scum of the earth.
Neil Robertson - I do hope he is still "away"...............
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 06:51
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Taking down that scum of the earth. Forgotten his name.
Neil Duncan Robertson, AKA "The Guvnor", I think you are referring to.

Back in those days I was a "lurker", just reading for interest and amusement. Then one day I found I couldn't read it anymore without signing up for a moniker. Odd names I remember from then:- (not sure of the spelling) are ykikkamoocow, Unwell Raptor, Flying Lawyer and Hugh Jarse, as well as the aforementioned TD and Snailtrails.

ETOPS - beat me to it while I was typing.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 08:49
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Still miss Agony Aunt......
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 09:31
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Certainly this place has evolved a lot during the 17 years I've been here. I hate to say it, but things did seem to be less restrained and a bit more fun when Danny was still running the place. The loss of some of our more exuberant member (like Slasher) have, perhaps, contributed to that, but I suppose the biggest change is that many of us are now a lot older than we were near the start, and have a slightly different outlook than we did then.

On the positive side, there is still a lot of very helpful advice given here, and some members seem only to willing to help others. I also suspect that this place offers a very useful source of social contact for some members who may be less able to get out and about than they were, something that's probably a valuable benefit. One or two of my neighbours and a bit elderly, and live alone, and I know how much they enjoy having a chat. Maybe being active here is almost as beneficial as getting out and about to chat to like-minded people.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 09:37
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I joined PPRuNe during the heyday of The Guvnor and that was a real eyeopener for me but the hilarious and creative ramblings of Tony Draper and Tricky Woo made up for it.

On the lighter side, many of us were sat on the edge of our seats following the Pinkster through the final stages of her PPL at Inverness.

On the more serious side, the 13 year thread that did so much to help clear the names of Richard Cook and Jonathon Tapper following the M o K Chinook accident.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 12:20
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I've been a PPruNer for quite a few years now and generally frequent the "Rotorheads" forum. We used to have a character there who went by the name of "Shell Management", apparently he was neither "Shell" nor "Management" but this never stopped him telling the rotary world what they were all doing wrong. He used to take some terrible abuse from others for this but he seemed to thrive on it! Then there was a very amiable contributor called "Savoia" who was clearly very knowledgeable regarding the rotary business - until he upset the powers-to-be and was never heard from again.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 12:38
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I've been here for over twenty years - all under the one username - and I marrried a PPRuNer, so it's been a huge part of my life.
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 13:11
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Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion
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Anyone hear of Chuks lately ?
Crossed swords with him many a time. Stubborn old dude with hardened views, but a maestro of the keyboard.
He could structure a post !!
Ripped me to bits on many occasions , but If ripping to bits was required, he would always be my No1 choice 🤣

El Grifo
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 13:12
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Originally Posted by Saint Jack View Post
Then there was a very amiable contributor called "Savoia" who was clearly very knowledgeable regarding the rotary business - until he upset the powers-to-be and was never heard from again.
I think he either knowingly or unknowingly 'outed' a few contributors by revealing their true identity alongside photos ....

Then there was the wind-up merchant AIDU who frequented the Military forum ....
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 13:46
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My moniker came from the Cub I had when I started frequenting these hallowed boards. An A-65 powered Cub, yup, low and slow was the order of the day!
Met a few Ppruners at fly-ins in Duxford, North Weald and Welshpool where Whirlybird gave me a whizz around in her R-22 in exchange for a bimble in the Cub. Great days!
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 14:37
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There are other sites that have a more relaxed attitude to posts, PPRuNe stopped most of that sort of thing and actively booted out folks who weren't crew many years ago.
Many are now on FB.
Work forbids me posting about it.

I married Checkboard.
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