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(UK only!) What is the significance of my driving licence being endorsed?

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(UK only!) What is the significance of my driving licence being endorsed?

Old 6th Jun 2019, 18:49
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Controversial, moi?
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Poor choice of words on my part, it is probably the case that the speedtrap camera van operators are mainly contractors although I know Cleveland use staff employed directly by the Police.
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Old 6th Jun 2019, 20:33
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Originally Posted by MarcK View Post
Is that the way it is done in the UK? In the US it's the car that is insured, for any licensed driver.
In the UK you can insure whatever you like, at a price of course. Cheapest is named drivers for a specified vehicle.

We used to insure our cars for any driver, but the number of occasions on which it was useful for us to lend a car to someone was vanishingly tiny so we stopped doing that.
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Old 6th Jun 2019, 23:26
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When I lived in Botswana, third party insurance was automatically included in the fuel price. Paid comprehensive cover was available for those who drove something roadworthy...
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Old 6th Jun 2019, 23:57
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It seems to me that 35 in 30 zone is the kind of pedantic jobsworth BS that the average Brit blames on the EU but in reality is a Brit thing that won't go away after Boris Johnson becomes Dictator.

The reality is that over zealous enforcement of rules is very British. Most of Europe save perhaps the Jerries, who are as anal as the Brits simply can't be arsed to follow up on trivial law breaking.

Good luck with Brexit.
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Old 7th Jun 2019, 01:24
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You cannot get a print out of your UK licence without a National Insurance number however most licence holders would have one. I have a number of licences, all legally obtained, due to having lived in multiple countries. When hiring a car I always use a licence from a different country to the one I’m in. No eyebrows are raised as Avis/Budget/Hertz are quite used to this and the list of acceptable countries is long.

Any camera offences can can easily be settled without points and a tourist in a hire car is more likely to be given a break than a local in the event of a pull over. However in the event of a fine it may need to be settled on the spot as foreigners are well known for not paying tickets.
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Old 7th Jun 2019, 03:00
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This phase of my life is the first time in decades that I haven't held a US drivers licence. I tried to renew, and I have had a soc sec number about the same length of time, but now comes isolationist, USA. Rule after rule and the need to be there to renew. Address? Don't want my kids to be bothered if there's any documentation issues. One son was responsible for our green card legalities, so had to take care. Eyesight test where you look in a box I difficult from the UK.

Renting a car in the US with a local licence is a breeze, especially if you're insured already. Most policies cover rentals as so many people have to travel out of state etc., so a small fee for instant damage is all you need. Check and photograph your car before driving and then circle any marks they've missed on the agreement.

It's just possible I'll never set foot in the US again. Strange feeling. While there, my car here was being used by family, still with the wonderful old Norwich Union. They were such a fantastic company. Anyway, I'd get out of my Caddie and daughter would pick us up at LHR and take us home to North London. Middle of the night, I'd get into the Honda Accord* and drive on curly, wet, narrow roads with no nav gear and on the left . . . with stick shift.

The other day I was in Colchester. It was raining and getting near rush hour. Somehow, I was bullied over a bit and found myself on a yellow box. Aaaaaaaaagh, I'd just been talking to the IAM bod about taking the course. I was out of the box in 20 seconds or so by moving lanes and lights on my right hadn't changed, but I was worried. This is a really depressing country to live in now, with such overcrowding and cameras everywhere. Depressed, cos of the age, points, insurance thing, strangely I read that boxes are not an RTA thing. Can this be? One can not appeal in a magistrates court etc., just run by the town.

I invested a chunk of the next afternoon phoning folk who monitor cameras. Nice young man said, I'm looking at the junction now. There's a car stuck with no chance of moving until the lights change. It happens all the time." However, I did call the (distant) company that issues fines. I wasn't on his list. Phew.

Funny thing, I recalled walking on the path at that place when I was coming home from school alone - during the war. There were soldiers everywhere, but no cars. What a different scene.

Wife got a ticket in Texas. She went to the Comedy Defencive Driving evening and had a hoot. She'd have paid that much for an evening out.

I got really worried about driving my 635 twin turbo thing. Just too much temptation to speed. I used to towse it on country roads with farmland either side, but the rest of the time I'd be locked to speed with adaptive braking. I sold the car. The thing is, there are two black unmarked cars in the area. I've seen them giving chase with blue lights in the rad. Not sure what they are, but they go like hell.

I'd be really upset if I got nicked for 35 in a 30. That is so tedious, and I try not to do it, but there are just a few moments where I slip over the limit.

This is really weird, I've been naughty most of my life. Big bikes into my 50's and seriously hot cars. I think it's driving in Texas that's made me very speed (legal) aware. Signs can change five times in a mile and sheriffs manage to hide huge cars in the most unlikely places. Best not to annoy them.

Heck, what was the thread about?

*Dealer told me no more Accords, cos they didn't go wrong and folk didn't want to part with them. I believe him.
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Old 7th Jun 2019, 08:19
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As UK serviceman based in Germany, we HAD to hold a UK driving licence but were obliged to take the "BFG" written theory test.

Loose Rivets, I got nicked by the Polizei for driving at 51 kph in a 50 kph zone! I had to pay an on the spot fine. My wife thought it very amusing because I had to ask her for the cash out of her NAAFI shopping money - we were on our way there.

When visiting UK for Christmas I also got ticketed for not displaying a tax disc. Stupid traffic warden refused to believe me when I told her the car wasn't actually registered in UK, despite it not having UK plates! I immediately went to the local police station to sort that out; they told me that traffic warden was known for being a numpty and offered me the use of their waste paper basket, which I accepted.
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Old 8th Jun 2019, 04:03
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QUOTE]Wife got a ticket in Texas.[/QUOTE]

USA driving. After a convivial evening with the station staff, was driving home in the hired car having persuaded the skipper - who was more then well oiled, that it was My Sector, and he could curl up in the back with Mary, to which he was agreeable ! - although the headlights worked there were no instrument lights. Once on the Freeway I got my female front seat companion to flick her cig. lighter on a couple of times and established the 70 mph limit, which was OK until Red/Blue/Red lights illuminated the mirror. The skipper immediately accused me of speeding, but I stopped, got out, and met two Highway Patrol officers midway between the two cars and insisted that I hadn't been speeding. No, but you have no tail lights, indicating the absence of red lights. I expressed surprise and decided not to mention the lack of instrument lights, presumably on the same fuse ? The skipper than attempted to get out of the rear door to assist me, and rolled into the adjacent ditch, whereupon both hofficers drew their guns and shouted at him to get back into the car, and we mean NOW, Buddy. Fortunately he obeyed, and it was explained to me that no one is allowed out of their car under these circumstances, them having lost too many colleagues in the subsequent gunfight, but I beat them to it. Having looked at the Hire documents and my "Limey" licence they told me to apologise to my colleague, and give Avis a kick in the Ass in the morning, and bade me goodnight. My colleagues later reprimanded my for not allowing the skipper to get shot, thereby improving our seniority position !

"Given" a new car to deliver from an agency in Detroit to California, where I presume the 3,500 miles would be wound off the clock and it sold as new, two 21 year old Air Force Flight Cadets were delighted to see that one of the Mid-West States (Arizona ? ) officially posted their open road speed limit as Reasonable and Proper. This meant pedal to metal to see just how fast this thing will go. I'm sure the first owners never knew !

Driving the crew into Hollywood one night, we very carefully chose where to park, free, on the nearby streets, and were disappointed to still receive a ticket. Next morning I decided to go to the nearest cop shop and protest that the Jobsworth had got it wrong. Maybe, was the reply, you can argue your position in Court, and we can give you a booking in 3 weeks time. I pointed out that I was leaving for London that night, and was told that they were unlilely to prosecute in London, England, so tear it up. I decided that this might give me problems on future entries to the USA, and it was a but unfair on Hertz, as well, so paid the $10, and the crew agreed that it we shouldn't have been ticketed, so coughed up their share - so that cost me a whole $2.50.
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Old 8th Jun 2019, 11:37
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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
Moreover, the current course is really good! Does a deal more than kick your @rse and tell you not to do it again, it is actually informative, and I would actually say that all drivers, whether or not they've been naughty boys or girls, should attend.
Agreed. I agree so much that I have done two!

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