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Giving money to beggars.

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Giving money to beggars.

Old 7th May 2019, 15:03
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I don't give money, but if any kids are around, I'll offer a candy bar or etc. I t gives the kid a few minutes of pleasure- happiness.
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Old 7th May 2019, 16:30
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I don't give money, but if any kids are around, I'll offer a candy bar or etc. I t gives the kid a few minutes of pleasure- happiness.
I understand where you are coming from, but if a person is so poor ... they won't have money to pay the dentist. Not sure that this is a good idea.
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Old 7th May 2019, 16:39
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There is one guy in our town centre who I believe is genuine. Heís in his mid fifties. I never give him money but soup and a couple of Greggs pasties. The. Look of shear delight on his face is worth more than the few quid it costs. The youngsters who canít be bothered to put down their mobile phones get nowt. Where do they charge them if they are actually homeless ??
Be lucky
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Old 7th May 2019, 16:51
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Never give money to beggars in India, even the pathetic blind or deformed ones. If you do you will be swarmed by an army of street kids shoving their hands at you shouting "Baksheesh Baba!" I speak from experience.
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Old 7th May 2019, 20:46
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Originally Posted by Planemike View Post
Really?? To be honest I am not sure I believe you...
The late Queen Mary was notorious for admiring furniture and other nice things in houses she visited and the owners were expected to give them to her. That's according to my grandmother who had worked as a servant in such places.

What she told my mother about goings-on below, and above, stairs is not fit for a family forum such as this. Watch the movie Gosford Park.

Oh, beggars, yes. I give a bit more than the cover price to Big Issue sellers, nothing to those who are not making an effort.

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Old 7th May 2019, 21:42
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Originally Posted by aerobelly View Post
Oh, beggars, yes. I give a bit more than the cover price to Big Issue sellers
And some of them accept it, but others hand back the change very firmly with the clear message that "I'm selling magazines, I'm not begging".
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Old 8th May 2019, 10:01
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Due to a severe "Roma infestation" every summer, the city council of Copenhagen banned begging.

It wasn't so much the begging that was an issue, more the fact they were making camps in city parks, defecating in the brushes and leaving a huge amount of rubbish behind, creating a health hazard both to themselves and other users of the parks.

Thus, the first time you're caught begging you'll be issued a fine (cash, on the spot) by the plod. The fine cannot be exchanged into time in prison; either pay or be evicted from the country. Second time you'll be evicted immediately and put on a plane back to whence you hail from. And, yes, that does include EU citizens, as there's a rule such a person can be evicted if he or she is unable to provide a living for themselves. I always buy a newspaper from them (cost the equivalent of UKP 2), but must admit I've never actually read it.

I don't give money to beggars. We do have a couple of hundred homeless people, usually caused by substance abuse. But if they clean themselves up a bit and register with a charity, they'll be given the opportunity of selling a newspaper made by homeless people. They are usually extremely polite, and soon become regulars where they set up shop. If it's outside a supermarket, they'll help the elderly and women loading their shopping into cars, or hold the door open for you as you approach the shop. They always greet you with a "good morning" or "good evening", depending on the time of day. The shop owners like having them around, as they act as an extra set of eyes and ears for them, ensuring nobody will steal from whatever is placed outside the shop, and will often make sure they have water and a sandwich for lunch.
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Old 8th May 2019, 12:13
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When we have been visiting Spain, there seems to be a plethora of ‘commercial’ beggars there too. We experienced gypsy women thrusting flowers into you hands and then demanding payment. The worst were when we were eating or drinking outside cafes. The beggars would either subject you to a musical rendition - instrumental or vocal and whether you wanted it or not - then the hand would forcefully be thrust under your nose. Some of them just cut out the charade, walked up to where we were sitting and requested money. I was surprised that the restaurant waiters completely ignored them. I would have thought that because they were hassling customers, more effort might have been made to chase them away. We ended up requesting inside tables in the end in an attempt to be left alone.
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Old 8th May 2019, 18:48
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Originally Posted by BehindBlueEyes View Post
I was surprised that the restaurant waiters completely ignored them. I would have thought that because they were hassling customers, more effort might have been made to chase them away.
Well, they would have chased away any that weren't giving them a cut; that, one assumes, is the deal
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Old 8th May 2019, 19:11
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I always wonder why, if heather is so lucky, are people having to flog it on the streets to make money.
On a serious note, many beggars are controlled, often through threats or violence by a 'gang master' who will take most if not all of their earnings.
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Old 8th May 2019, 23:37
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Slight thread drift. When my Dad paid for us all to visit HMS Victory, the knowledgable matelot who showed us around, paused at the bottom of the companionway that led up to the main deck, wished us goodbye and then stood there expectantly. Most of the Dads in our group took the hint and gave him appropriate silver coins.

When we arrived on the main deck, there was a painted sign, announcing that the crew were not allowed to accept tips!
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Old 9th May 2019, 10:42
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I often come across beggars.
being a misanthrope the look and vibe i give when I can sense when they are in the immediate vicinity acts as a good deterrent.
any 20 something female that is a notch above begging that tries to sell me something I don't want or need I ask if they are selling anything else.
when they realise I'm a different low life they leave me alone.
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Old 9th May 2019, 18:09
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Beggars in Moscow, but most of them genuinely are destitute. I've seen ex-serviceman walk along the underground/metro carriages asking for change, and a surprising number of people do give it (think 50% I've seen), the Russians for all their reservedness genuinely have a heart underneath that is a soft touch for such things, their deep compassion shows itself in surprising ways.
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Old 9th May 2019, 18:14
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Every evening on the main street of my little city after the shops close a group of mostly women of a certain ethnic origin settle into shop doorways with duvets and a sign proclaiming themselves 'homeless'. By the time the pubs close they're gone: home. Sometimes it's a pity they don't keep going all the way home where they came from.
I never give money to beggars or 'homeless' people.

There is no excuse for begging in any western country with an established social welfare system. Give them nothing.
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Old 9th May 2019, 20:37
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When I made the decade-long horrible mistake of living in Washington, D.C., I took advantage of the METRO, an excellent and highly-efficient subway system built and subsidized by untold millions of Federal tax dollars. I lived for a time in the Hoban House, the eponymous structure designed and inhabited by a certain Irishman who was the architect of the White House after the 1812 "unpleasantness". My subway stop was Eastern Market from whence I had a short walk home. Our neighborhood was three blocks from the Capitol.

The up escalator was a panhandler's dream, for it disgorged a plentiful supply of sun-blinded tourons (tourist + moron = touron) and fairly well-to-do residents on a predictable and scheduled basis. At the top of the escalator, perhaps five feet past the area where one dismounts and completes one's prayer of supplication for not having one's feet (or worse) mangled in horrible ways unimagined by the hoi polloi, dwelled a woman. She was a fixture there. Perhaps even an adornment. She was neither beautiful nor ugly, neither perfumed nor malodorous, neither genius nor cretin. She was, however, a one-headed version of Cerberus and she stood fast and strong and unchallenged as the guardian of the Eastern Market up escalator!

In her Siren-like voice, she would ask/demand five dollars. She outshone Augustus Caesar in her imperative and imperious tone! Her right hand outstretched, her left hand fumbled in her dress for something. A gun? One Monday, after having given My Lady of the Metro the downcast eyes/sprint avoidance technique with embarrassing frequency (I was rather accomplished at it!), I let my guard down and stopped. I was transfixed by her green-eyed gaze - glinting emeralds set in complex tracery of ruptured and swollen scleral blood vessels. Though she slurred her words delicately, I was certain I was in the presence of an above-average I.Q. individual. I could tell she had been pretty once, and not too long ago. "What would you do with the five bucks?", I asked. "Buy a bottle of cheap vodka!", she responded. I gave her the money. I thanked her for telling me the truth.

She and I became passing friends, for every Monday I would ascend to the sunlight in the Nation's Capital with a five-dollar bill in hand. I would hand it to her. She would give me a very earnest pat on the shoulder as she said, with, I think, great candor: "Thank you Sir!" Once I had the temerity to ask what her take had been that day. She looked me straight in the eye, bared her perfect white teeth, and said: "Better than 300 dollars! With you, I can get my pint of Relska!" We never even knew the other's name.

And to think I was working for a living....

- Ed (a/k/a Mr. Sucker)
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Old 11th May 2019, 08:26
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Walking through a famous European city yesterday and sitting on the street a guy was sitting in the typical outfit. Very old dirty/worn clothes, he would appear not to have had bathed in some weeks, the piece of cardboard with a written begging message and a plastic cup.
Then his phones rings and he removes a Samsung S10 smartphone and has an argument with the caller.
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Old 12th May 2019, 01:12
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I was out with some mates years ago, one of which was a policeman. I gave a beggar some money and seeing me do this, my mate called me a prat, pulled out his warrant card and said something along the lines of “don’t worry fella, just wondering how it’s going tonight”. The demeanour change and the ensuing conversation about how he’d had a good night, so he was going to knock off early and go home stunned me. I very nearly asked for my money back, if I wasn’t so shocked, I think I would have. The conversation involved numbers and it was more than I earned in a day.

It was the change in demeanour that shocked me the most.It was a friendly conversation about how business was going.

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Old 12th May 2019, 07:43
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Give them a pre-paid card to a food or clothing establishment, which is only redeemable for food or clothes. If they approach you for money at or near a fast food outlet, ask them what they would like to eat, and then buy them some food. Don't give cash. Period. Perhaps your lawn needs to be mowed. Ask them if they are capable of doing it, if so, offer them a job for a pre-paid amount on a card redeemable at a restaurant, grocery store or whatever is appropriate to their needs. Not booze of course.

Last edited by evansb; 12th May 2019 at 07:57.
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Old 16th May 2019, 14:10
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Gnome de PPRuNe
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And then there's this type of begging...

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Old 16th May 2019, 15:07
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I saw a 'beggar' setting up his pitch yesterday. He laid his coat on the floor, forgetting that the furry lining was pristine white.

Not a chance he was homeless.
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