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Kenney vs Trudeau Hamster Wheel

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Kenney vs Trudeau Hamster Wheel

Old 26th Apr 2019, 04:11
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Kenney vs Trudeau Hamster Wheel

Kenney defeated Alberta Premier Notley by calling her part of the "Trudeau Notley Alliance" and promising he will deliver "Jobs, Economy and Pipelines".

There are rumblings that Kenney and Scheer will be working together to defeat Trudeau (an Alberta expletive of some three decades' standing) and make Scheer Prime Minister in the federal election in the fall.

The deal between Trudeau and Notley for the Trans Mountain pipeline was predicated on Alberta limiting carbon emissions from the oil sands, but Kenney seems to be walking away from that along with the carbon tax which both Kenney and Scheer are campaigning to overturn.

Today federal Natural Resources minister Sohi floated the trial ballon that federal approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline may be delayed until after the fall election while indigenous consultations are thoroughly performed. In plainer language, Kenney's chain is being jerked.

Given that Trudeau will likely not win a single seat in Alberta, why should he cram a pipeline down BC's throat at the cost of BC seats he may otherwise win?

He's better off doing an extremely thorough and drawn out indigenous consultation while Kenney froths at the mouth and persuades BC and Quebec voters that Trudeau takes climate change seriously
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Old 27th Apr 2019, 03:03
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Trudeau Sr, did not just happen upon the disdain he suffers from over half of the country, he earned it. His legacy (which is the worst thing that can happen in any democracy... narrowing the electable field of people to a limited number of elite and chosen families... not really a democracy any longer at that point ) is using his father's play book or dividing rather than uniting the country. He robs 8 provinces to feed the greed and entitlement of the remaining 2 provinces, one of which you live in and shows strongly in the tone of your post.

Trudeau Jr is a racist, entitled elitist who is no where near as smart or talented a politician as his father. In 4 years he has broken almost every ethics rule while firing anyone who doesn't follow orders all while promising an open and transparent government. In short, a liar and a thief.

Trudeau NEVER intended to build a pipeline and and spent 4.5 billion of your tax dollars to ensure that under no circumstances would the pipeline ever be built. The chain that was being jerked was the one being worn by Notley. Promises about doing what she was told to do and she might get something to help her stay in government all to be denied to the bitter end of her government.

Given that Trudeau will likely not win a single seat in Alberta, why should he cram a pipeline down BC's throat at the cost of BC seats he may otherwise win?
Really? I thought he was supposed to be the Prime Minster of the whole country and not just the parts he likes. Do you want to live in a nation or a collection of 10 individual countries? Given your lack of understanding of how nations work let me expand how this could play out for you and the rest of Canada. Say Alberta decided no lumber, coal or agricultural products from BC could cross Alberta's territory. How do you think that would effect the economy of BC and everywhere else in the country... and of course, no Ontario built manufactured products can cross Alberta to the ports of BC for export? How would that effect your economy in Ontario and the rest of the county? Once the trade barriers begin, where will they stop? As far as the pipelines go, there is no difference between a BC tree going to build an Ontario house, or an Ontario car trying to be sold in Vancouver.

Already, the denial of these pipelines has hung a giant Closed for Business sign on Canada. You can't get anything built in this country anymore. Not pipelines, roads, rail lines, power lines, or (as BC is now finding out) ports. The laws applied to pipelines apply to all infrastructure. So, sit in your smug little world, and enjoy the destruction your choice as Prime Minister has and continues to bestow upon the entire nation. And when the other 8 provinces run out of money to support Ontario and Quebec, you will have a very difficult reckoning coming your way. But hey, you got pot legalized... so if you can afford to support a person who's publicly stated agenda is to make all Canadians financially equal (except for himself), and by equal he means equally poor... perhaps you can afford enough pot to be too stoned to notice that Trudeau will eventually reduce you to a subsistence living standard.
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Old 27th Apr 2019, 23:44
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Old 28th Apr 2019, 13:00
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I'm afraid that you must accept what others across the globe accept, i.e. that what politicians never produce what they offer.
If they are sincere than the 'system' (civil service etc.) blocks them, otherwise the positions they seek are seen as ways of achieving personal wealth.
I voted for Tony Blair because I believed his manifesto so I speak with experience!
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