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That sh!tty Mercedes-Benz exhaust note

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That sh!tty Mercedes-Benz exhaust note

Old 21st Jan 2019, 14:31
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Mrs 1DC has just got a new Merc but it doesn't have funny exhaust noises, is she missing something?If there is a button to press she will never find it..
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Old 21st Jan 2019, 14:53
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Nothing can beat the sound of my old 5.9L V8 Ford. (Beat being the appropriate word.)

As it turns onto our drive, 0.7 miles away, and accelerates, our husky detects its seismic signature and is up and waiting for it without fail.

Cool sound. Cool hound.
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Old 21st Jan 2019, 15:01
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Was walking the dog yesterday and heard several unnecessarily loud exhaust notes including a Maserati, Ford Mustang and a Mercedes C63 AMG. I used to love it when I was younger but now hanker after the silence of an electric car. That really is showing off.
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Old 22nd Jan 2019, 01:09
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Ah yes - as described by a former work colleague - the sound of a V8 at idle.
Potato Potato Potato Potato.
Say it fast...
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Old 22nd Jan 2019, 02:27
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None of this can be better than the sound of a Huey flying up a valley towards you. Can hear it for around 11 miles. The sound of freedom. None of this nancy-boy stuff like Harleys or transvestite Mercedes.
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Old 22nd Jan 2019, 20:10
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Well, if we're going aeronautical I'd like to make a pitch for a historic bit of V12 divinity as found just behind the spinning bit on countless Spits, Hurries, Lancs, Mossies and many, many others. The Griffon version, particularly, exhumes the most splendid of mechanical symphonies, beating the living daylights out of any one-million-parts-flying-in-tight-formation contraption.

Car wise, I'm split between the incessant howl of an agitated Italian V12, the deep and full throated roar of an American V8 or the intense eager and anger of a racing V6. Try googling 'Alfa 155 DTM' for some of the most gorgeous racing noise ever produced (IMHO, obviously).
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Old 23rd Jan 2019, 01:23
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beating the living daylights out of any one-million-parts-flying-in-tight-formation contraption
There are millions on the earth who will disagree, for the simple fact that the sound represented freedom (as said by AC), life (medical evacuation), resupply (ammo, water, food), extraction from hell. It all depends on ones point of view. For me, as an ex Huey driver, its V12, big radial, blade slap of a Huey or 206 in equal measure.
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Old 23rd Jan 2019, 09:02
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Sometimes get the odd, or even two Chinooks passing low off Hastings seafront. That lovely din rattles the windows, your teeth and the seagulls.
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Old 23rd Jan 2019, 10:21
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Irrelevant to thread, but I thoroughly enjoy the sound of my Ducati Monster, with the racing carbon exhausts (not legal), especially with the dB killers removed... although earplugs are recommended for any ride beyond 10km... Anyways, I only pull them out a few days a year to enjoy the raw sound and power, after which I've had enough of it, along with everyone else.

You don't ride past my house at 6am to go to work most days by any chance?

Last edited by BFM; 23rd Jan 2019 at 12:39.
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Old 23rd Jan 2019, 14:23
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Avoid imitations
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V8 noise is OK, but this is twice as good and it never fails to give me goose bumps:

1500cc, 16 cylinders, pistons not much bigger than egg cups.

I was talking to it's present mechanic at last year's Chateau Impney hillclimb and asked him if my perception of it always missing beat or two in its heyday was correct (it has magneto ignition) but not now. He just smiled and replied that I was correct but modern materials and machining tolerances are far better than they were sixty five years ago.
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Old 23rd Jan 2019, 20:06
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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
I really enjoy the absence of any exhaust noise at all from my BMW. I also thoroughly enjoy beating pretty much anything off the line at the "traffic light grand prix". Childish, I know, but it's great fun driving something that does 0 -30mph in around 2 seconds, if that.
The way most people drive even my 220 diesel beats most off the lights.
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Old 24th Jan 2019, 13:38
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[color=left=#000000]Most Mercedes cars today have Renault engines anyway. [/color]
Please enlighten us.

Mine has a Mercedes V6. I think a V6 sounds better than a V8 anyway.
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Old 25th Jan 2019, 03:22
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Originally Posted by dook View Post
Mine has a Mercedes V6. I think a V6 sounds better than a V8 anyway.
A straight six sounds far better than a V6 - and a V12 sounds even better (basically two straight sixes singing in harmony).

High revving V8s sound pretty darn good, but you need to get north of about 12,000 rpm before they really sing.
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Old 25th Jan 2019, 13:20
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You don't ride past my house at 6am to go to work most days by any chance?
Nope, sorry, that's definitely not me ! If anything I sneak out of my neighborhood in the morning at around 8.
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Old 25th Jan 2019, 16:05
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Gnome de PPRuNe
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Talking to a chap last night who was doing some work on his XK140... now that sounded absolutely superb!
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Old 25th Jan 2019, 16:41
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Whilst in the BMW dealers this morning, on display a new 850 Coupe. 4.4L V8. But 116000. phew thats a lot.
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Old 26th Jan 2019, 02:37
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Don't think anyone has mentioned straight eights as yet. We had one on our glider launch winch with individual pipes about six inches in length, Packard if memory serves. What is the whine on the Merc W25, supercharger, gearbox, and why so prominent, straight cut gears?

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Old 26th Jan 2019, 10:17
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Yes straight sixes are remarkably smooth engines and often made with plenty of low down torque by incorporating a long stroke. And you can even bolt them together to make a V, Y, X, or I2.

So why are these sh!tty eco-Mercedes Benzes trying to sound like 70's muscle cars? Perhaps the answer lies with this bit of marketing tripe:

Although capable, at $247,000 I'd consider buying an 80's Landcruiser/Landrover that looks just as similar and is just as capable where it counts - and at only 100th the price.
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Old 26th Jan 2019, 16:49
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Was following a Merc which had apparently just started off (i.e.exhaust was steaming), BUT steam was issuing from only one of the two prominent/styled/symmetrical rear outlets.
SURELY one outlet was not a dummy?????
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Old 27th Jan 2019, 03:33
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SURELY one outlet was not a dummy
Cylinder deactivation would do it, if so fitted. The Merc AMG V-8 has it.
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