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The Original Whirly
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I've been here for 18 years. PPRuNe has changed, but I have too, and so has the world. That's what happens. Get used to it.
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Originally Posted by flash8 View Post
Indeed, early 00's the vociferous posters were not shy (Rainboe included of course) and folk were not shy to fight back resulting in huge flame wars (often mediated by Danny and his whip).

No... today's folk don't know what they missed.
Two examples of “get the popcorn, this’ll gona be fun” kind of threads of those days:
Rainboe about the use of speed brakes inflight, and 411A and his unconditional love of Lockheed TriStar right in the middle of a A vs B ferocious battle.

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Jan 2001 somehow ended up in Jet blast as a thorn in the side of brexiteers
The flying side ? got board when the same questions had been around the block around 10 times and realised no one knew what they were talking about including me ))
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Rainboe about the use of speed brakes inflight, and 411A and his unconditional love of Lockheed TriStar right in the middle of a A vs B ferocious battle.
Brings back a tear to the eyes!

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Cunning Artificer
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Ah! What a jolly place it was when Captain Snail Trails was still entertaining us with his yarns.
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"Captain ???? you old fruit loop."

This is the earliest thread I can recall from back in 1997 when I first joined PPRuNe (even though my profile says it I joined in 1998 there was a big PPRuNe crash that lost all user details).

For the life of me I cannot recall the handle of the subject matter in that thread, but I do recall he was patient and keen to educate the masses on a thing or two.

About the same time I also received a private PM telling me to "create a fake account and tell lies!".

To be honest, at the time I was absolutely petrified about posting on PPRuNe, and even heeded the warning that came on Jetblast. I guess I was still very wet behind the ears and took the "profession" a little too seriously. Danny was very kind and helpful until the lucky SOB flogged off the site for a decent buck.

Over time I learnt that Gods from all walks of life have their own achilles heel, and that PPRuNe is really just a bumbling forum that goes from day to day, sometimes exhibiting the most incredible thinking and humour.

Then there is Rumours and News....
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Joined then lost details and rejoined in 2008 again.............

Got warned a couple of time and enjoyed a holiday or two on the beach, modding seems to be ok as some who want to make every subject a personal abuse battle get their wings clipped.

Can never understand the Anglo-Saxon mindset if you have a different position be it on Politics or something to someone then automatically they feel they can abuse you on any other subject. Somehow you are then are their sworn enemy, sadly have come across this in working life as well.

Must admit never found it with other Europeans nations as have had heated discussions in a work framework and when meeting over we headed for a coffee. Most memorable was with 2 Germans who then spent the evening with in a bar, we still had heated meeting month later with different opinions expressed openly but found some of the Brits remarking on the War and Panzers in secret about them........................ we all worked for same company which was even worse as people forgetting their employer.
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