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Old 20th Dec 2017, 00:10
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Man electrocuted while cutting power to noisy caravan at Northland campground - NZ Herald
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Old 20th Dec 2017, 00:14
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Smith, a lighting technician, was later found lying face down...
Should have hired a sound technician.
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Old 20th Dec 2017, 00:56
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Not a bright spark !
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 02:10
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This might have been posted at the time
.50 cal probably would have gone through the house and the cars outside as well...
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 03:20
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it's a .50 AE, not .50 BMG. Though indeed it packs a decent punch for a handgun caliber.
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 04:48
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"Perez had discussed the book stunt before the shooting, family members told KVRR. Along with Perez and friends, they had tried to talk [Ruiz] out of it." What a pity that nobody thought of going out to the dump to test whether that book could stop a .50-caliber round fired at close range from this over-sized handgun. It seems that each family member is just as stupid as Perez and Ruiz, so that it's a wonder that one of them did not tell her to get Ruiz to try Russian roulette instead for their next video.

There's no Darwin Award for Ruiz, since he already was half of a "young couple who happen to be teen parents," according to the pregnant girlfriend, a "stay at home mom," who shot him dead.

Well, hang in there, sweetie. I am sure that there will be new beaus waiting for you when you get out of the hoosegow, wanting their own 15 minutes of fame same as Ruiz got. You might not be allowed to play with guns, but whoever is next to form another young couple with you will be able to, while you just play with the camera. Fame beckons.

Last edited by chuks; 21st Dec 2017 at 04:58.
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 05:32
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Mmm...Russian Roulette with a desert eagle.
Anyways imagine trying to explain that stupidity to your kid when they get older.
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 10:27
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That has happened, as a matter of fact ....

Some chav/gangsta was trying to show off on YouTube with a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, putting it to his head and pulling the trigger after he carefully had removed the magazine. Trouble is, he forgot that there already was one up the spout!

I'm not sure if that fellow had a "baby mama" or not. If not, then I suppose he got a Darwin Award.

We really should be thinking about the "Half-Darwin Award," for people who remove themselves from the gene pool even after having spawned, thus preventing further pollution.

Here Mr. Ruiz certainly deserves a Half-Darwin, since he probably would not have stopped at just two brats. I assume that his equally stupid mate would then want to gift us with pictures of her giving birth at home, or something else of that nature. That would be on her own website documenting the life and times of "La Monalisa," duck lips and all.

Would it be possible to have some sort of "shoot on sight" policy for young men wearing hoodies with the hood up, and young women making "duck lips"? If Jeremy Bentham were still with us then I think he might speak in favor of these things, as a good utilitarian should. It's certainly worth thinking about.

To be done more in sorrow than in anger, though; we would not want to see someone doing this and deriving some sort of perverted pleasure from the act of vermin control. Not like Dirty Harry, no ....
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 10:34
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Would a half-Darwin be a "Dar", then - it certainly wouldn't be a "win", at least not for the awardee, even if it was for humanity as a whole.
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 11:23
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That's a very good idea.

So, Pedro Ruiz, please step forward to accept your Dar Award. No? Okay, Ms. Monalisa Perez will be accepting it on Pedro's behalf. A round of applause, please!
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 14:01
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Originally Posted by chuks View Post
... her giving birth at home...
That rang a bell because I saw something about that this morning. Apparently, there is a small subset of women who think they're doing something "brave" or "empowering" by giving birth at home with no-one professional at hand. I even see one site calling it free birth, which is awful. Yes, this was how it was done in the past, before the invention of the modern hospital ... but a lot of women died in childbirth in the past. The Midwife became a thing for a reason ...

(For a while, going to a hospital actually increased your chances of dying in childbirth, but that was mostly solved by having the doctors wash their hands between patients!)
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 15:09
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YouTuber who insulted Mexican drug lord found dead with 15 gunshot wounds | Metro News
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 16:40
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Drain Bamaged
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Yes, I had a chuckle reading that
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 18:32
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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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Suicide? Must'nt jump to conclusions.
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Old 22nd Dec 2017, 14:56
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Suicide of this sort is not completely unknown. I understand that a certain South American president emptied a submachine gun magazine into his own back.

After an excellent landing etc...
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Old 23rd Dec 2017, 01:25
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I heard there was a drug war down there, and one gangsta was found shot, stabbed, and strung up by the neck.

The police investigator reckoned it was the worst case of suicide he had ever seen.
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Old 30th Dec 2017, 00:04
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Here is a rare Darwin two-fer. Copper thieves electrocuted in Detroit mishap | The Sacramento Bee

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Old 30th Dec 2017, 00:56
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The year 2017 draws to close and is there a clear winner?

Here we have been doing our bit,
Around three fentanyl od deaths a day (many, many more prevented by Naloxone) and targeted inter-gang shooting deaths are running a good 3 per week.
But nothing stands out.

..there was the Russian who noticed how well a fire extinguisher fitted down a howitzer's barrel and tried it out, but that was over there.
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Old 30th Dec 2017, 01:11
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Maybe we should have a vote as 2017 is almost over.

I'll vote for the guy on this very page who publicly 'dissed' a Mexican drug lord.

Reminds me of Bruce Willis wearing the sandwich board in Harlem ( Die Hard with a Vengeance) with the disrespectful message on it.
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Old 30th Dec 2017, 02:12
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Originally Posted by HEMS driver View Post
As T Edison ( who was pushing DC vs AC ) would have said - they were westinghoused !

On top of oldsparky - . . .
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