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We've come to a bass level. I suspect that many of the bloaters poaching on this thread are walleyed...
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.... load of pollockx
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Pprune needs Facetime or Skype.

You can tell a lot about what is going through a persons mind by the way they hold their mouth. If someone has a confident grin, then they are probably in control of their actions. If they looked shocked, then they have probably done something for the first time, or they just realised that they’ve done something that they probably shouldn’t. However the most important thing about how you how you hold your mouth is how big it needs to be if someone asks you to swallow a piece of….Humble Pie.

There are many ingredients in Humble Pie, the most flavoursome being pride. You will definitely taste the pride as you swallow your first piece. The remaining ingredients are like the eleven secret herbs and spices, mysterious though a recognisable flavour. As life goes on, you’ll grow accustomed to the taste and might learn to savour the flavour. If you live to be older and bolder, normally it becomes your job to pass on the recipe to the younger generation. When someone tells you that they’ve eaten it before, believe them, it is true. Everybody eats humble pie, sooner or later.

If you don’t like Humble Pie and aren’t prepared to eat it, then the next time you are in a situation which warrants eating another piece, you might be wishing that you had a tasting, just for good karma. A frosty cold beverage aids digestion. Obey your thirst…SIMPLE.
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Amen to that!
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