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Buying abroad - recommendations please

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Buying abroad - recommendations please

Old 3rd Jun 2016, 14:33
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Buying abroad - recommendations please

Reading the superb thread on buying in Spain has really been helpful in particular comments by Wodrick - thanks Fella

This is exactly what I have in mind however selfishly, I'm looking to buy or maybe rent with the minimal amount hassle and fuss (That'll be nowhere then).

Does anyone have any suggestions aside from Spain and Greece where I could buy/rent. Really trying to keep my options open and consider anywhere and anything. All I would need is local - ish amenities and hospital for emergencies and would prefer a quiet location.

Not looking for anything grand, small house, 2 bed Apartment would suit as I'm keeping my UK residence. Looking to use it as a bolt hole for me and my family and friends etc. Distance from the UK isn't too much of an issue but was thinking of keeping it to Europe. As least hassle as possible with a stress free environment are prime factors

Any ideas, help and tips most welcome.

Many thanks y'all

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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 15:14
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I picked up a gorgeous little place on the central lakes of FL during the US crash. Got US$1.10 at the time and prices are already 20-25% higher, so in C$ terms, with the C$ crashing recently, it has proved to be the buy of the century.

Holding costs are minimal. Aviation is superb. There's a superb rental market were I so inclined. Neighbors are great, salt-of-the-earth folk. Everything is close-by. Really cannot fault it and best of all, I can get to the place in under an hour from Tampa and Orlando. Forget the coast. Head inland!

The only niggles were getting hurricane insurance and, I guess, US health coverage, if you're not covered by your home country scheme.

Which has just reminded me... I must book my next flights down.
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 17:06
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How about a summer cottage by a lake in Finland?

Myytävät asunnot - Suomen suurin asuntohaku - Etuovi.com is the website for property in Finland.

It has English pages if you don't speak Finnish!!
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 17:21
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I have fancied Bulgaria for a long time.

Indiginous wages are low so prices likewise and you could live well on wages from outside.
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 18:17
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Looking for warmer climates, colder, or does it matter?
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 18:42
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CBI know you are looking abroad but you might consider the Isle of Wight. Now that you have stopped laughing I'll explain. Many people I've spoken to that have had holiday homes/bolt holes abroad have said that it is good for a couple of years then the novelty wears off. The same goes for friends and family visits, they'll come two or three times and that's it. Also, if they have come a long way from home they'll want to stay for a week or more. I find that a long weekend visiting with my best friend is enough for both of us.

So what has the IoW got to offer? Think of the UK 30 years ago and as a microcosm of the UK geography, that's the IoW. The beaches, countryside, towns and villages are delightful and property is comparatively cheap. You would have all the amenities to hand and be in easy reach of family and friends in the UK. They might also be inclined to make more frequent and shorter visits. The climate is benign, it always comes first or second in the annual sunshine records. Walk in the footsteps of eminent Victorians, sample the many varieties of garlic grown there, take up sailing. There's even a Waitrose.* But most important, you'll get a good pint.

* Other flavours available.
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 19:08
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West coast - thinking of warmer climes but I really want to consider things that I may not have thought of/off the radar or totally left field, e.g Bulgaria, IOW and Croatia. Thanks for all the comments thus far, this certainly helps and I hope this thread may help others too. Keep posting folks
Many many thanks
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 20:09
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Lots of empty properties in Romania left vacant when the German (Saxon) population was encouraged to leave by Ceaucsescu. They had only been there for 800 years or so.
Sibiu in Transylvania is only 2.5 hours from Luton.
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 02:51
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If your efforts don't pan out in your desired area, look at Costa Rica. I find myself looking at homes there near the water, fairly reasonable. Same for other areas of Central America.
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 07:12
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Regardless of where you choose, keep in mind access to affordable and high quality health care. i.e. I believe the UK, Australia and NZ have sort of reciprocal arrangement. ExSp33db1rd I believe spends a lot of time in NZ, perhaps he can comment.....
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 07:48
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Looking to use it as a bolt hole for me and my family and friends etc. Distance from the UK isn't too much of an issue but was thinking of keeping it to Europe
If you or yours are planning on frequent trips by air to/from the UK beware of being too far off the beaten track and perhaps being reliant on a single operator continuing to serve your preferred airport pair.

Many a second home owner planned and bought a second home in Europe in the 90's on the basis that Easyair would continue to operate it's (then) newly trumpeted weekly "Much-binding-in-the Marsh" (population 5000) to "la poubelle profonde" ( population 500) forever.....doing so has resulted is increasingly frequent wailing on some expat forums.

In short make sure you have a robust travel plan, and more than one string to your bow.

Good luck.

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Old 4th Jun 2016, 12:44
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Transdnistria is probably a good place, mainly because it gets little mention or even recognition.

The Best of the Rest; Poland, Moldova, Transdnistra, Romania ... - Vimeo
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 21:17
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Two questions before you even begin:
Do you want to be part of a Brit community or are you happy to go it alone?
If (b) how are you with the language?

My two penn'orth: I live about 30km inland from the Tunnel and the Channel ports. The location is fantastic - on the edge of a huge UNESCO biodiversity site, walking distance from a city full of history and culture. The people are tremendously warm and welcoming - and the house prices would make your mouth water.

But - don't expect to get too far with English only, and don't expect to find an expat support network.

Worst of all is that my nearest curry house is probably in Dover.
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 23:10
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Reading the superb thread on buying in Spain has really been helpful in particular comments by Wodrick - thanks Fella
Think nothing of it, I have just re-read and I suppose it is helpful
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Old 5th Jun 2016, 19:20
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Many thanks all and valid point SSK. Wiggy, ever the voice of reason, thank you. Any pruners down Croatia way, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik ?
Really appreciate your help and advice folks. As mentioned, am keeping the residential pile in the UK but have a strong yearning to spend more time abroad not to mention seeking some enlightenment (think clean you lot)

Appreciate your input
Thanks y'all
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Old 5th Jun 2016, 19:47
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central lakes of FL
would that be Lake county?

never heard it referred to as central lakes but geographically it is a collection of many ponds and a few lakes.
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Old 5th Jun 2016, 20:27
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I'd hang on a bit, when Turkey joins the EU there will be tons of cheap properties available as the whole population moves west.
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Old 5th Jun 2016, 21:43
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Northern Cyprus makes for a good bolt hole. No extradition treaty with the UK. Depends how deep you want to burrow.
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Old 5th Jun 2016, 22:26
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Cote D'Azur ???

Often thought of as being out of reach but a good two bedroom in a quiet area, 5 minutes walk to the beach, can be had for around €360K. Very good healthcare, excellent hospitals close by, fantastic restaurants, good food and a very robust legal system for property purchases.

Every kind of social club you can imagine including expats, and an organisation called AVF which you can join to learn French, play petanque, visit interesting places and the theatre and even join groups travelling to Florence and Rome for long weekends. Venice is about 6 hours drive away. Public transport is fantastic, Flights into Nice are not very cheap but the UK is well covered.The list is endless.

Yes, I know it's France, but a lot of English is spoken and the French are among the most friendly people to know if you are prepared to learn a few words and you are not a German or English lager lout.

I can walk to my Doctor, Dentist, Cardio, Test Lab, Physio, in less than 5 minutes. Did I say the wine is superb and very reasonably priced?

Old 5th Jun 2016, 23:41
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Friends moved to Thailand, well away from the touristy hot spots and love it.

Landlord after a year offered to put in a brand new kitchen and upgrade all the plumbing if they agreed to stay for minimum of 5 years. Landlord though he getting a good deal.

They retired from US and have access to US doctors at a medical facility locally including one from their previous home city who charges 10% of what he does in US and he does 3 month stints in Thailand every year.

As someone who has invested in BTL in UK I had endless friends extolling the virtues of buying abroad.................i.e. Bulgaria etc

They wanted a holiday home for them to let out, its an either/or not both................. think they have written off the cost to zero.

If you seek to invest abroad then make sure local laws are up to scratch..................... Spain and no planning permissions is still issue, corruption in Rom / Bulg etc etc

France is a good bet because solid law behind it and local municipalities not as corrupt as elsewhere.
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