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The Worst Things About Growing Old

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The Worst Things About Growing Old

Old 26th Mar 2016, 22:42
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The Worst Things About Growing Old

Aches and pains and illness are inflictions that require higher maintenance, however I find the worst things are having family members and friends fall away, one by one.

Those lucky enough to have large families have the young one's there and coming up, but I find I don't make new friends quite as easily as in younger days and each loss is irreplaceable and profound.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 00:50
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Come here post some rubbish, someone will insult you (or someone will perceive an insult), you insult them back, maybe do some research on superb insults, copy and paste impressive insult and wait for a reaction.

You can do this for hours, days weeks on end. Before you know it your (real life) friends will wonder what has happened to you and come looking for you. Your online posse will wonder where you are after 3-4 hours of not returning insults. Before you know it you will be eloquent in international insults and friends and family have come looking for you.

There you go job done.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 01:03
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61 isn't old!
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 01:34
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Psychophysiological entity
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Standing by the fridge for two minutes before realising the thing I want is in the cupboard next to the fridge.

The NOTES in big black writing: Wash Paused. Heat Water. Key in front door.(I hate these soddin' locks that need a key) Thaw meat. Put trousers on.

Well, I made the last one up, but I walked into the local Co-op (off a pedestrian area) and was some 20 feet inside the shop before I realised I'd got my bike with me.

Two things about that: I use the trolley as a walker, so it felt natural. I've forgotten what the other thing was.

I suppose the worst thing is people mistaking the Rivetess for my daughter. Only 6 years between us, but there we are, decay. One big mobile mass of degeneration waddling about in baggy trousers. I hate it, though I probably shouldn't.

Following back surgery and eye surgery, my eyes are more supple and my back is registering 20-20. So much better than many of my contemporaries - who contain a mass of mechanical parts, or are no longer with us.

Apart from uric acid, my blood results come back as better than my GP's - so he says - and he's half my age. I suppose this proves uric acid is good for you, though try telling that to (the spirit of) prince Phillip of Spain the Xth, who was carried out into the countryside to allow the gout to take him.

I was offered a diet, or Allopurinol. I laughed at my GP in a cackling, hysterical kind of way. "No wine? No shrimp? No pate? Are you quite mad?" The Script was telly-commuted to the chemists before I'd mopped the salivation.

The trouble with riding my bike and charging around in trainers is that I'm not at all sure why I'm doing it. I used to have dreams, but not anymore. I've bought a new phone that does more than the last one - which, last September, did more than the one before that - but I'm not sure why I need to know which way north is at a 300% increase in the price. But I do want to know, and I want the star charts to work (which they won't without a magnetometer) so the upgrade became the most vital thing in my life.

Now, doesn't that say something?

Oh, the other thing: I was thinking about spacetime physics when I realised I my bike wasn't a shopping trolley. I was, honest. It's perhaps an indicator that all is not lost. Also the classy panache I showed when swinging the bike through 180 degrees had the style of a younger man. It's a shame my flourish caused me to knock over a display, but I managed to lift the bike and tread daintily over the spilled cakes without squishing a single one. Now, that's savoir faire.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 01:52
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When going to a football match, getting off the train and diving into the adjacent shopping centre for a pee, hoping this will allow you to walk to the stadium and get there before you need to pee again.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 02:19
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Realizing when arriving at our crew house last night after time off and a day spent living the dream on the airlines, economy class (f&$king bean counters). Young pilots, hey Old Man we off for beer with engineers you coming. Me, err nope off to bed tired ya know. It's only 2000hrs.....DOH!!!!!
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 02:25
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The blackouts!!!

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Old 27th Mar 2016, 03:03
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The worst part is being treated like an imbecile, when you miss part of a conversation, due to hearing loss.
Then - seeing a news article about "an elderly man" - and finding out the gent was only 52!!

I seem to recall my parents making the same comment about losing all their friends to the grim reaper, when they were in their mid-70's.
My father got to 81 and was very healthy - but cancer got him - however, my mother lived to 90, and got remarried to a younger man when she was 82! She outlived him, too!
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 03:34
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My granny told me never to get old, and the sight of her struggling with the stairs convinced me she was right.

Becoming cantankerous and difficult to live with while you lose your marbles wouldn't be pleasant either.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 03:36
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I like to think I'm not that old however:

When you walk into the middle of a conversation between three colleagues about "trends" they remember, one says he was born the week before the Falklands war started and the other two ask "What was the Falklands war?". You then chip in with the fact that you were in uniform at the time...

When you go for a checkup at the doctors and they tell you you have the lung function of a 35 year old, and the first thing you do is try to remember what you were doing when you were 35....

You trip in the office and before you know it several colleagues are looking with concerned expressions and asking if you are OK rather than taking the mickey.....

You go see the same doctor for a recurring injury and when he asks when it all started you work out it was before he was born......

All these and more make me realise how far through life's journey I have actually come. And then I look back on my fathers life and realise that he lived longer with less of the benefits I've had, so without accidents I have a bit further to travel.

Every day I beat my personal best for the number of consecutive days alive!
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 04:39
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Remember all those things your grandfather did which caused much amusement to you and your cousins? Look at you own actions now!!

Big one for me was putting a note on the back of the front door of the apartment:
phone cooker
key in mail box?
(I travel a lot)

Guess it will only get worse. At least when I was actively separating aircraft there were flight progress strips to act as note paper in the breast pocket.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 04:55
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....... the other two ask "What was the Falklands war?
1) or someone says "what's a sextant" when relating "war" stories in the Aero Club.

2) Reaching down - sometimes unsuccessfully - to put ones' socks on, and that's after losing 10kg following hospitalisation 6 months ago.

3) Living in the hereafter, e.g. going out to the garage / shed and thinking - now what am I here after ?

4) Most irritating - being asked for age-related I.D. when buying alcohol - are they joking ?

As I was once told - Old Age is not for the faint-hearted.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 05:07
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The worst part of growing old is........wait, sorry, what were we talking about?.........
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 05:59
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Its quite normal to meet people who have never used a record player, now the younger generation haven't even used a CD player.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 06:07
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I can vote in favour of many of the points raised above (I forget what they all were).

Probably the most frustrating aspect for me in arriving at the age I have, is the loss of understanding of what people are saying. I can hear the sounds; it's just that many people mumble. Hearing aids? Most people who have spent the outrageous amounts asked for these miniature pieces of electronic black magic seem doomed to be permanently fiddling with them in order to achieve something approaching the claimed benefits. "They don't work like they are supposed to ..." is usually the common song of praise.

More recently I've been told that I shouldn't climbing ladders at 'my age'! Well, OK, I don't take the chain saw with me any more - I don't need to, so what's the issue here?

There's also those condescending looks beamed my way when I say that I'm going for a ride on the motor bike....

The list could go on, but for the moment I've forgotten what else could be usefully shared ...
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 06:14
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There's also those condescending looks beamed my way when I say that I'm going for a ride on the motor bike...

Yes, I get that, then I tell them I'm just on my way to the airport to fly a microlight !
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 06:22
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There is, however, one really cool thing about getting old
It beats the sh&t out of the alternative

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Old 27th Mar 2016, 06:38
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I hope I'm not tempting fate, but approaching my three score & ten, I'm fortunate not to have any major ailments. However, recently, while walking the dog, from sheer joie de vivre I felt like running. My knees wouldn't let me.

One thing that makes me notice my age is when one of my former trainees retires.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 07:39
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Noticing now that people have stopped telling me how good I look for my age.

Also, still so many things to do and experience, my head tells me just do them, my body shouts are you crazy?? Sadly, not enough friends or family left to share with.

I'm still working and need to work to keep roof over my head, amusingly my colleagues can't call me old, I'm referred to as 'experinced'.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 08:07
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The Zimmer frame and cattle prod
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