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The really boring and totally pointless snippets thread XXVI

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The really boring and totally pointless snippets thread XXVI

Old 31st Jul 2015, 22:18
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Originally Posted by Wodrick View Post
Mission accomplished, now three pairs for 30 € should keep her quiet for three years or so.........
You are to be commended, sir, in choosing a partner of temperate and unselfish nature.
(Unless your tongue was in cheek, that is.)
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Old 31st Jul 2015, 22:37
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After this morning's discussion on Stan Laurel I looked up a few films, they were part of my childhood as the Beeb would broadcast them on a Saturday Morning. I used to tape record them with my Dad's reel-to-reel recorder.

Then I stumbled on this quite poignant cine film taken in 1956. Stan has just had a stroke, you can see his left side has been badly effected. Ollie has lost a huge amount of weight, whether it was down to illness I'm noit soo sure, but he died shortly afterwards. It's interesting to see everyone chain smoking.

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Old 1st Aug 2015, 01:27
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Better call in the boat fixer, pumps were off again.....

Its Saturday, sun is almost shining.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 05:40
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Pilot of the Airwaves
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The pumps didn't run for long Avi.

I've just given the "ON" button a big clout with my lump hammer. Should do the trick!

Time for an early walk in town with Molly and obtain mi lottery tickets for the week.

Good morning.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 05:56
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You'll be wasting your money IBie, I bought the winning ticket a good two hours ago.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 06:37
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Morning peeps, bloody nora! bright sunshine here,not shure I can cope,wide awake 4am,watched the news for a hour and fell asleep again,next door and me dog is back, one can cease living out me freezer.

Yer Stan and Ollie were part of my generations sproghood,Laurel and Hardy, Lash Larue, Nyoka the Jungle Girl, Superman at the Saturdy Matinee.
We didn't think a lot of Bud Abbot and Lou Costello,they were known as fatty and skinny and a poor immitation of Stan and Ollie.
PS.a lot of their filums are available to watch on youtube,youtube should pay me the amount of advertizing I give em.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 07:06
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Interesting photos of when Computers were tall and skirts were short.
34 weird vintage photos of women in tiny miniskirts at huge old computers - Boing Boing
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 07:28
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Morning all, slightly overcast.

We think the puffins have departed and so the close up cam has been relocated to the dry stone wall where the storm petrels nest, you might be lucky to see one after dark.

Our ship has had to call in twice this week to feed all the grockles. Shelves have been stripped, good job I had the sense to forecast this and made plans accordingly.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 07:33
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Mr Rabbit might get his burrow back now.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 07:44
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Morning all.
Back to fully overcast after yesterday's sunshine.

On the waters again today. Just a short trip down the Trent to it's confluence
with the Soar for lunch. It will be rather restrained and coothe for there will
be ladies present.

One is feeling slightly rebellious today. I had tomato ketchup on my bacon
sarnie today in place of the usual brown sauce.
Life on the fast side of the curve
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 08:06
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Blue, 25 for a guess of 32, so cooler.

Just taken a last minute on the apartment, she is from Madrid so a local really. Changes the complexion of next week, which was going to be quiet, a bit.

Lasted until 0650 without a coughing fit, which is quite good.

Nothing much else at the moment.

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Old 1st Aug 2015, 08:51
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Tsamaya sentle
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Hehe, some of those puter piccies reminded one of one's early 1980s student internships in the IT department of one of those huge international pharmaceutical companies. Lots of the latest technologies, lots of beautiful women.
One also remembers inadvertently erasing the operating system of one of the machines. Took them a few days to fix it.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 09:00
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When i was at sea in the late fifties i shared a cabin with a lad from Cornwall, He absolutely hated visitors to Cornwall and used to tell me,as kids, how they tried to mess them about and spoil their holidays. The strange thing was that his family earned their living from the holiday industry.
After six months of listening to him he achieved his objective with me,at least,cos I've never been..
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 09:34
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Things you see when you don't have a camera handy.

Went out to check the pool earlier and I noticed that the floating thermometer, which is normally tethered to the alarm with a bit of nylon string, was floating around freely. Perched on its rim was a wet and bedraggled looking vole. I went to get my camera but by the time I got back the thermometer was now up against one of the skimmers and Mr Vole had disappeared. I lifted the skimmer cover and there he was, sitting on the flap. After rescuing him I checked the other skimmers and found the string, which he had chewed through. He must have jumped down onto the thermometer to gnaw on the string before unintentionally setting himself off on his short cruise.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 10:05
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Oh deary, deary me, I can't stop laughing. James Martin, rabid Yorkshireman celebrity chef, has just announced on Yorkshire Day (today) that the recent Champion Cheese at the world's largest international cheese festival was a Crumbly Lancashire made by Greenfields of Preston. Brilliant!

I suppose I ought to wish my poor Yorkshire born friends a Happy Yorkshire Day.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 10:22
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Morning folks from a sunny Botswana. On Wednesday 8 man hours were spent raking up leaves. This morning you couldn't tell. Another 8 hours spent collecting leaves this morning. One supervised.

Ever since we got back the pool has been leaking despite repair work by our house sitter. It suddenly occured to me that it was only leaking when the pump was on. I dug up a previous repair on the out-pipe which was fine. I was just about to dig up the whole length of it when I noticed water outside the fence. A seal has gone in the selector valve. Thank goodness for that. A 5 min fix. They should have one in stock in town.

Freshly baked bread sarnie for lunch. Big decision as to what to put in it.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 10:33
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Location: The Burrow, N53:48:02 W1:48:57, The Tin Tent - EGBS, EGBO
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I must get myself one of these:
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 11:36
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'Allo, all. WX splendid (if fresh), almost packed for hols tomorrow (Sri Lanka), privet and lawn cut, and MrsP off to see dottir1. Summat's bound to go wrong.

For those interested in old piccies, there's a collection on the book of faces put up by Spirit of Leithers. Nostalgic for me, as I was brought (dragged?) up in Leith in the 50s and 60s.
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 12:37
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I suppose I ought to wish my poor Yorkshire born friends a Happy Yorkshire Day.
Thank you.

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Old 1st Aug 2015, 13:27
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Nice day here! Temps around 26 and a beautiful blue sky. Of course the weather guessers were calling for thundershowers!
This makes three days in a row that we were supposed to get wet. Somebody forgot to pay the water bill!
I guess I'll have to spread a bit of wetness around myself.
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