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Old 15th Mar 2016, 22:05   #41 (permalink)
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Does this count?
Survivor Of Boston Marathon Bombing Dies In Car Crash In Dubai : The Two-Way : NPR

Get half killed by some mussie back home and then goes to a full on mussie country where they get fully killed......

In brief:
4 people in a rented Ferrari in Dubai: 2 men and 2 women (how do you do get 4 in?)
Said car was not exactly doing 30 mph(being the speed limit) - no surprise there
Alcohol was involved - no surprise there either
Anyway according to that great source of info being the WWW....
Apparently they loose control at whatever vast speed they were doing and hit an immoveable piece of street furniture.
Car splits into two pieces and catches fire
One of the women (not stated who) gets projected out and finds an equally immoveable utility pole in her direction of airborne travel - which neatly slices her in two.

We had the near obligatory quote from the authorities of it being "one of the worst they have ever attended".
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Old 15th Mar 2016, 23:48   #42 (permalink)
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However in this case it may have been a professional hit. So I withdraw my applicant.
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Old 19th Mar 2016, 00:37   #43 (permalink)
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Well, she didn't quite make it but this idiot deserves credit for trying:
Woman on moped narrowly dodges TTC bus | CP24.com
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Old 19th Mar 2016, 03:30   #44 (permalink)
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The bus driver doesn't have side mirrors? She was well ahead of the back of the bus.
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Old 20th Mar 2016, 00:09   #45 (permalink)
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Go to 0:35. The bus driver signals and begins moving into the right lane well ahead of the moped driver who accelerates to move between the bus and the side of the road. An idiot? I think so.
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Old 25th Mar 2016, 11:12   #46 (permalink)
Gnome de PPRuNe
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A mention in dispatches for this chap!

man loses leg shooting lawnmower full of explosives
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Old 30th Mar 2016, 09:52   #47 (permalink)
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You can watch it here without the adverts.
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Old 30th Mar 2016, 17:57   #48 (permalink)
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Not a winner, but she still has time to complete her CV....

A woman who climbed Ben Nevis in a pair of shorts while carrying a selfie stick has apologised to the rescuers who saved her in a blizzard.

Sara Albone admitted she "could have died" when she decided to scale Britain's highest peak while wearing trainers, without an ice axe or walking stick and not telling anyone where she was going.

The 28-year-old managed to climb to the summit, but was caught up in freezing conditions and showed signs of hypothermia including difficulty moving. A mountain rescue team leader described her actions as "ridiculous" and "irresponsible".
Her survival rations? A Lindt chocolate bunny!

Woman rescued from Ben Nevis in pair of shorts and carrying selfie stick - Telegraph
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Old 30th Mar 2016, 17:59   #49 (permalink)
Paid...Persona Grata
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She has an appropriate name - Allbone
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Old 9th Apr 2016, 04:31   #50 (permalink)
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'nother one:
One dead in Brampton train-car collision | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 16:03   #51 (permalink)
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Another selfie award

Tourists capture the moment a woman is swept under a train while taking a selfie | Daily Mail Online
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 22:16   #52 (permalink)

A Runyonesque Character
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Meanwhile, if you are performing onstage with venomous snakes, be careful not to step on them.

Indonesian pop star bitten by cobra during performance, dies shortly after | Consequence of Sound
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Old 12th Apr 2016, 05:45   #53 (permalink)
Thought police antagonist
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A rather unusual entry in that the contender (s) survived, albeit possibly and hopefully, not unscathed.

Birmingham New Street station rail chaos: Vandals cause third day of cancellations and delays Express & Star

Their potential however, should not be understated given that reports on last nights news stated the cables carry.....650 volts.

Which is, I think we would all agree, more than adequate for the ultimate award.
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Old 12th Apr 2016, 12:40   #54 (permalink)
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Close, but no cigar.........

Three people were injured in a courtroom in Pakistan this week after a police officer pulled the pin out of a hand grenade in order to demonstrate how it worked.
The officer, from the Sindh Police Department's Kalakot station, was giving evidence at a high-profile terrorism-related case in Karachi.
The grenade was part of a cache of weapons thought to have been recovered from the defendant in the trial.
According to local reports, the officer pulled the pin on the grenade after the judge had asked him how the device could be detonated.
The officer believed the grenade had been deactivated.
Three injured as policeman accidentally sets off hand grenade in court
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Old 13th Apr 2016, 01:28   #55 (permalink)
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Closest of calls

Would have been the worlds first decapitation caught on 360 degree camera.


"Photographer" would have got a far better shot with a wide lens anyway.
The wheel hit his hand.


Last edited by mickjoebill; 13th Apr 2016 at 10:19.
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Old 13th Apr 2016, 11:33   #56 (permalink)
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You're never too old for a Darwin award.

Pensioner takes wrong turn at level crossing and drive 50 yards along TRAIN TRACK | Daily Mail Online
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Old 18th Apr 2016, 08:46   #57 (permalink)
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I think some people must be vaccinated against Darwin Awards.
Watch this with sound off.
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Old 20th Apr 2016, 14:22   #58 (permalink)
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This one is even aviation related:

Three-thousand without power in North Vancouver after paraglider gets stuck in hydro lines | National Post
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Old 20th Apr 2016, 16:15   #59 (permalink)
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This one is even aviation related:

Three-thousand without power in North Vancouver after paraglider gets stuck in hydro lines | National Post
The folks on the ground should have thrown him a line to shimmy down
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Old 20th Apr 2016, 16:38   #60 (permalink)
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Honourable mentions, but surely just a matter of time?

Burglar knocks over tin of paint and leaves police with clear line of inquiry - printed footprints to his Easington home (From The Northern Echo)

Banned driver led police on ten mile chase - to his own house - Manchester Evening News
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