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Horrible automobile collision with moose in central Saskatchewan

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Horrible automobile collision with moose in central Saskatchewan

Old 4th Dec 2015, 09:52
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Here's a Polish joke, seen on a car in Glorious Devon....first person to get it wins the prize.

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Old 4th Dec 2015, 11:55
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at a guess ;) without the crossed out initial letter on the second word it says "Drive carefully", but with the letter included it says "eat moose"
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 14:30
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We do not have Moose in Scotland but we have Red Deer and sheep in unfenced areas of the Highlands. I ride fast motorcycles in this area and have been fortunate enough to miss them all so far. Some of my friends have not been so lucky - one has at least one deer and a sheep to his credit - he has not been hurt but his bikes were severely damaged. The animals were very dead - the deer cut in half. We have some of the best motorcycling roads in Europe in the Scottish highlands and West coast,all you have to watch out for are deer and sheep.
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 14:56
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Julian....OK, you get the cigar, you're halfway there; without the Ł (pronounced 'w') JEDŹ OSTROŻNIE does mean drive carefully; the joke is that a moose is a ŁOŚ ('wosh'), so that by putting the Ł in front it sounds like..........oh, OK, it's not that funny. And round Devon and Poland for sure, and probably elsewhere in Europe, a moose isn't a moose, it's an elk.

It would be funnier if it did mean "eat moose/elk" with the Ł added.

The collision problem is similar to the straying camel problem in the Gulf States; hitting a fully-grown camel at night at 160 KPH can damage your windscreen quite badly. Indeed, it can wipe off or crush anything above bonnet/hood height, including the occupants' heads, quite neatly.

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Old 4th Dec 2015, 16:16
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At night, I pull over and wait for another vehicle to pass, then follow that

Yep - forgot to mention that I now do that too on the Trans Canada Hwy.

Best ones to follow are amphetamine-enhanced heavy truck drivers cruising along single-lane sections at a steady 125 km/h. You can sit back and follow about 200m behind and 'drive in their lights' too.

Much safer. For me at least!
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 18:07
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1965 Pontiac Catalina vs. moose.

PY Online Forums - View Single Post - What a Pontiac looks like after hitting a moose
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 19:40
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You can sit back and follow about 200m behind
I was a couple car lengths behind in an urban 30 mph zone when a deer crossed my bow

However the semi will generally clear obstacles

The byword in any area with deer:

If the idiot ahead is slowing down for no damned apparent reason, it's probably for one or several deer
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Old 4th Dec 2015, 22:04
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They just ran this video on my local news feed as I was eating my supper.

Oh 'deer'! Insane dashcam video shows cop crash into buck | Latest News Videos | Fox News

I nearly choked on my food when one of the reporters talking at the time commented that they are still looking for the deer and if anybody sees a deer walking around with a neck brace to report it
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