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Typical USA BMW driver

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Typical USA BMW driver

Old 28th Aug 2015, 21:39
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Typical USA BMW driver

Typical of BMW drivers in the USA, this BMW driver assumed he had the right to take two parking spots to prevent lesser drivers from damaging his ride. When a truck parked close next to his car in protest and forced him to enter his BMW from the passenger side, he took revenge by taking a baseball bat and sending the truck's mirror into the next county. When the police showed up at his door, he actually thought his vandalism was both morally and legally justified.

Are BMW drivers in the UK a$$hats like the ones in the USA?

Hey guys, looking for a little legal advice today. I’m located in Canada so keep that in mind if the laws regarding this are different here. So here begins the story. I got my car fully restored last summer and now park my car in two spots(width wise) in public parking lots where possible to prevent all the dings that had accumulated on the car before from people recklessly opening their doors and bashing them into mine. Since I began doing this I kind of assumed there would be someone who would feel the need to tell me what a asshole I am.

Up until yesterday I never had a issue, not even a disgruntled look. But yesterday I came out of the gym in the evening to an empty parking lot, the same as how it looked when I parked, except my car was eclipsed by a piece of crap truck parked inches from my car. I was pretty unimpressed to say the least, it was obvious this was done on purpose.

Fortunately there was a phone number on the truck for some business purpose so I called it and asked if this was their truck. They said it was and that his brother was driving it so I requested he call him and tell him to come move it and to smarten up with a few extra choice words in between. He said he would call him right away. I waited 5-10 minutes and nobody came. So I climbed in the passenger side and pulled out very carefully. Then I popped the trunk, grabbed my baseball bat and proceeded to send this guys passenger side mirror to the moon. Then I got in my car and left. Although I regretted not doing more at the time I felt this was fair.

A few hours later the police come calling. Apparently the guy had taken down my licence plate when he parked because he likely assumed I would do something. The cops wanted to talk to me about what happened and I told them exactly what occurred and that I would meet with them in a few days to show them the picture. I couldn’t really get a read on what the cop was thinking regarding this matter but I can say he sounded very interested when I told him I had a photo of how the guy parked and said that he “really needed to see it”. What I’m curious about is what sort of legal ramifications am I looking at. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
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Old 28th Aug 2015, 21:50
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Are BMW drivers in the UK a$$hats like the ones in the USA?
AUDI seems to be the carriage of choice for the tossers here, especially older model A3s. I have christened them, "Audiots".
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Old 28th Aug 2015, 22:18
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What I’m curious about is what sort of legal ramifications am I looking at.
Mischief under $5000 under the Criminal Code:
430. (1) Every one commits mischief who wilfully
(a) destroys or damages property:

Criminal Code

Depending on the jurisdiction, if you have no criminal record the crown may give you a break if you are willing to pay for the damage and not proceed with a prosecution. Good luck.
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Old 28th Aug 2015, 23:11
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The BMW driver, being a BMW driver, would naturally assume mirrors, like indicators, are superfluous, so probably thought he was doing the truck driver a favour by ridding him of such unnecessary encumbrances.
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Old 28th Aug 2015, 23:25
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It very much depends on the BMW in question in my experience. 7 series tend to be driven by senior executives/older retired types so usually sensible. 5 series variable, 3 series tossers. The so called 4x4s are the worst. I know your X5 has a 3 liter engine, but it weighs 2 tonnes and is a diesel pal, you're not going anywhere fast
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 00:10
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Seems to be a worldwide phenomenon.

The cheaper the BMW,the greater likelihood of it being driven by a self-centred,arrogant ***** who really does think that they own the road and that extra parking space everywhere they go.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 00:43
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The Beemer driver obviously needed one of those rear (or side) window decals that says - "Don't park too close to me, I'm not that kind of car!!"

I don't know what kind of parallel universe this Beemer driver lives in, if he thinks he's morally justified in damaging another persons vehicle, just because the other driver was as arrogant and intimidatory as he is.

Seems like they made a good pair. A Beemer driver who assumes he can park as he likes, ignoring the designated line marking - and a urban assault vehicle driver who regularly identifies other drivers who "need to be taught a lesson".
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 00:57
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Now a bit puzzles me on this..................

If you park your car a good distance away from any building then chances of tosser in pick up spotting is negligible so no issues.

Secondly if you wish to have a double space then take 1st (last) space close to kerb and doing it means pickup would need to be half on grass to make a protest.

Pickup driver just being a tosser as annoyed about how someone parked and then did exact same thing.

Personally if a cop would charge both with public order offences and make them both pay a big fine.

Reality is that if both arrived at same time and Beemer driver said why he was doing it the chances are the pickup driver would have nodded head and said make sense and they walked in together but both decided to be pricks so fine them both.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 02:27
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I parked my unmarked E500 Sport some hundred yards from the nearest conglomeration of hoi palloi. Parked it near an Aston, I did, no doubt another owner with a sense of self preservation. Shortly after, I noticed the 5, of my E500 emblem was missing. Screwdrivered off - heaving against glue who's molecules were never meant to be rearranged past the diameter of a quark.

Bum, I say.

I can't get a Blue badge and I can't get my BMW COUPE door open with average parking. Sad, because I have to have it out the way to sit sideways and swivel in.. Not even the stitches over my spine would soften their hearts. Bum! My little BMW 3 series has doors eight foot long - or so it seems, so parking with space is nice if one is the only parker in millions of square miles of carpark. Then comes a Red Neck, who's parent clearly mated with a cabbage, and tries to teach me a lesson.

Remids me of the Tube of the Grand Canyon where a spec of dust is seen in the distance. Half an hour later the driver of the duststorm parks next to the only other person in the national park.

Probably said something like, 'Turned out nice again, en't it?'
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 02:37
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Psychophysiological entity
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What a pretty girl. Wish she came with the car.

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Old 29th Aug 2015, 03:44
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Are these cars so important people have to write threads about them?!!!
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 03:55
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Originally Posted by oldpax View Post
Are these cars so important people have to write threads about them?!!!

Some people think so, not for me personally, but to each their own.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 06:27
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Brother of mine had a dent on the boot (trunk) of his 530d, so took it to the paint shop for repair. Said car was returned, but now as a 530p.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 06:42
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Few years ago I was reattaching the trim/emblems to a car we had just resprayed and was about to insert the letters for the name when I noticed an interested customer observing. I got the letters arranged and as I was putting them on I asked the customer. How do you spell Ford?
He spelled it out for me and then walked away shaking his head!!!!!!!
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 06:43
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An old one...
The difference between porcupines and BMWs ?
BMWs have the pr1cks on the inside.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 07:02
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What kind of person carries a baseball bat in the boot of his car?..... to go to the gym with.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 07:14
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Originally Posted by Tolsti View Post
What kind of person carries a baseball bat in the boot of his car?..... to go to the gym with.
I was once told by a sports shop owner that he sold about 100 baseball bats for every ball sold.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 07:53
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Originally Posted by KenV View Post

Are BMW drivers in the UK a$$hats like the ones in the USA?
AND totally oblivious to the purple shed plonked at the front of the parking spot where the truck driver has probably just missed by as much space as he did from the BMW.
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 07:54
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Ahhhhhh, I think you meant typical "moron redneck self righteous pickup truck driver"

What was sooooooo important to this mental Pygmy that he (assumption) felt the need to assert HIS beliefs and mores on the ignorant Beemer driver.

So Fukcing What if they choose to be a git? escalating the situation is the choice of a small minded individual in a very large, very pointless vehicle.

I believe neither is honourable, courteous or appropriate, but the truck driver had the option to just move on and not up the ante.

Oh I forgot (no I didn't) this is the USA and this privilege is enshrined in some numerical amendment of the constitution.

There are so many wonderful, nice, understanding, hospitable Americans. Millions of them. Laud them not this Neanderthal. He deserves nothing but scorn for this ridiculous and pointless act of retaliation. I see no humour here only sadness that the usual crew celebrate such lowbrow behaviour.

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Old 29th Aug 2015, 08:09
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That photograph would make a classic "Him and Her" really....a perfectly matched couple it would seem.

The UK version......sadly....

Minesh Parbat gets seven years for Crawley 'sex act' death crash - BBC News
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