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Music to wet the eye.

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Music to wet the eye.

Old 2nd Jun 2015, 22:12
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'O Mio Babbino Caro'
RGB-Kiri te Kanewa does a lovely version. One of my faves also
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Old 2nd Jun 2015, 22:25
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Being a Scot, The Dark Isle certainly presses the right buttons for me.

Being married to a Welsh woman has taught me to weep also at the sound of a good Welsh male-voice choir rendering any of the following:

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau
Calon Lan
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Old 2nd Jun 2015, 22:29
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Originally Posted by TheiC View Post
why does so much church music touch the emotions so strongly?
Church music is generally performed in churches, where the acoustics resonate.

I was raised a 'choirboy' in a Christian family (my sister married the curate), however, I married into a 'humanist' family and neither of my children are religious.

I am struggling whether to have religious music for my funeral.

By choice it would be:-

for its nostalgia rather than the lyrics.

Short and uncomplicated.
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Old 2nd Jun 2015, 22:34
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This is the version of Sanctus that I always r ember.

Not really a tear jerker.
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Old 2nd Jun 2015, 22:48
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I had that at my wedding, G-CPTN, and I hope it'll be sung at my funeral.
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Old 2nd Jun 2015, 22:54
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Purcell's 'music for the funeral of Queen Mary' when played with 4 sackbuts and a drum. Modern interpretations using trombones just cannot create the magic.
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Old 2nd Jun 2015, 23:12
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Bagpipes........ Highland Cathedral
Ultimate tear jerker.... Abide with Me
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 00:24
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The most poignant chorale, on one of the world's premier instruments.
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 00:26
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"Softly as I Leave You" always brings tears to my eyes, especially in the Elvis Presley version, because that tells you the story of the song.

Mind you, Matt Munro's interpretation is pretty good, too.
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 00:29
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Rosevidney1 you've hit on a goody. Not just for Droogs.

You only get one Sackbut here, but it's a good try:

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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 00:50
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Whenever we have one of these threads about music which disturbs the dust , RVW's Tallis Themes is always in the list; and in my list too. I may have to add Purcell after this.

I have no idea what it is about certain pieces, perhaps some musicologist will be along to explain how the tempo, key etc. work on the listener. Some pieces of music are clearly written to wet the eye but do nothing for me yet others grab you when you least expect it.
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 01:25
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Psychophysiological entity
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A strange thing: When scientists who study such things did a fMRI of a subject listening to music that they found moving, instead of one area or another, or even several hot-spots showing, they found the whole brain lit up. To me, that says a lot about our soul. However, ask me to define that statement and I would not be able to.

But, this is how I want to slip away from this world. A good wine, and clear sound. So strange. I never dreamed I'd like this kind of music.


You may think Cecilia is displaying more than a little affectation during this performance but I've heard her describe how difficult is is to contain her emotions while performing this particular piece. At the end I imagine leaving the stage for a moment was a necessity.

Bear in mind this is a woman who can pick up Vivaldi's music* and sight read to world class standards.

During the 'Making Of' the Vivaldi album, she talks to Hue Canning about the difficulties, but later she displays the delightful childlike enthusiasm that makes her so appealing. A truly beautiful production which sadly the final CD fails to reproduce.

*To my surprise it seems there are not many original copies of music in this era.
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 01:42
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What no Tosca/Puccini fans ?
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 02:37
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Not being au fait with current methods, is there a way of isolating a given piece of music and recording it onto a CD or some such media (USB memory stick?) for replaying in a crematorium chapel?

I don't want to risk presenting a whole commercial CD as the staff would probably play the wrong track.

Is is possible to download from the internet and then 'burn' to a CD?

I've tried using 'Sound Recorder' in Windows 8 whilst 'playing' the God be in my head YouTube clip - but the quality was appalling - tinny, weak and distorted.
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 03:24
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Audacity is a program which will do all you wish G, though I believe you can do it in the latest iterations of Windows Media Player.
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 03:28
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Rivets, I'm afraid I would much rather listen to Ms Bartoli than watch her. That said, that was a pretty nice sounding clip.
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 06:30
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Last Night at the Proms does it for me especially this rendition of 'God Save The Queen'

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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 07:25
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Elgar's Nimrod Variation for me too, especially when it's played on Remembrance Sunday - buggah, that's set me off even thinking about it!

Vaughan Williams' Tallis theme is another I seem to share with fellow PPRuNers. Wonder what it is about those 2 pieces of music above all others?

And despite having no religious beliefs, JS Bach's "O sacred head sore wounded" from the St Matthew Passion gets me going too.

...what a daft old sod!
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 08:02
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For sheer magnificence and contrasts
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Old 3rd Jun 2015, 08:39
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Anybody who spent time there cannot help but be moved by this:-

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