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US Politics Hamsterwheel v2.0

Old 25th Oct 2017, 02:27
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Originally Posted by fltlt View Post
Thank for your observation of my attention span.
My intent in posting that link was that it lays out, in laymenís terms, for those that believe this is all new, how it isnít
Fair enough. I perhaps read a barb in there that wasn't intended.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 02:31
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@Mac Let the system work. If the man adapts, he may get a few things done. If he keeps fighting the system, even his own party will have to teach him how the balance of powers thing works between branches. Your impatience is not admirable. Let the system work. I have more at stake than you, by a few orders of magnitude, and I have learned over the years that this deliberately inefficient system design was made this way for a reason. To prevent concentration of too much political power into too few hands.

Messy? Yeah. That's a good thing. My current concern is how much is being covered by the smoke screens of media noise. What was most interesting in the last few days was the withdrawal of aid to Burma, and official utterances in Foggy Bottom about pursuing the 'ethnic cleansing' line vis a vis the military power brokers there. (And we do have a thread on that darling of the western elites, the current head of government, and her discomfort with the issue to hand in their western border with Bangladesh).
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 03:38
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Flake’s speech was genuinely heroic and on point; but his departure is telling in that moral, honest people are not welcome in Washington. And haven’t been in some time—Trump is only the latest and most virulent of the kind dominating DC. The city is filled with narcissistic, preening louts who’d sell their mothers for an appearance on the news. Why on Earth we give these corrupt cowards power amazes me.

Lonewolf50:. True, BUT Congress has become, as an institution so bankrupt, so inept, so cowardly that the power vacuum has made the Executive Branch too powerful. Congress writes mysterious laws that only the courts and the administrative state can apply. “We have to pass the law to see what’s in it”, says Pelosi and that’s only one in a million examples. Congress passes an emotional AUMF resolution, rather than a declaration of war specifying what is the war, the reasons and outcome desired, that’s still used 16 years later as power to enter countries never contemplated.


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Old 25th Oct 2017, 03:50
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Flake is as self-serving as the rest of the senators. The reason he is leaving is simply that he is losing. Well behind his own party’s challenger, with a personal approval rating in the dumpster.

Now if we could just find a way to axe the rest of the long timers there.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 05:34
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WaPo and Seattle Times reporting the Clinton Campaign and the DNC paid for the Russian Dossier on Trump along with the FBI....and started picking up the tab for the research after a Republican ended funding for that after the Primary Election.

This was the Christopher Steele concoction that contained sordid allegations against Trump but was debunked during the FBI Investigation.

The FBI dropped their involvement with Steele upon his identity being made public.

Gee....how unusual....Democrats in the gutter of sleazy politics and the FBI caught with their pants down again.

Now to find out who the Republican was...last name Jeb Bush maybe?

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Old 25th Oct 2017, 06:00
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Plastic PPRuNer
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"If we were to start getting rid of boorish narcissistic louts from the political arena, certainly one party would suffer much worse than another."

Perhaps, but only one of them is President. And your not untypical reply indicates such a total cynicism about your political system that I, for one, find very distressing. Is this what America has come to?

"WADR, Flake is 'leaving' before the door hits him in the gluteus"

Yes, I know. Kelli Ward (backed by Bannon) is nipping at his heels. But he didn't HAVE to make such a speech. Cynicism again when the patriotic words of an honest man are interpreted as somehow self-serving.

And Lonewolf, yes perhaps (and many folks have said this), but how much rope can America afford to give him before the damage becomes well nigh irreparable? And when all the principled people have left the Republican Party in disgust who will bell the cat? Furthermore, Trump has show an remarkable inability to adapt or change or learn.


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Old 25th Oct 2017, 06:15
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Unforced error.

This is really a poor look for the United States.

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) - Leaders of more than a dozen countries will meet for a major summit in the Philippines in mid-November, but President Donald Trump won't be there. He is planning to skip it and leave the Philippines the day before.
It's a bad signal to send to the region, and it could undermine the overall goal of his Asia tour by calling American regional leadership into question.
At the White House on Monday, Trump said he would "probably" be visiting the Philippines as part of his 12-day trip to Asia early next month.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 08:23
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There's a political reality, that one must adapt to whoever is in power in order to get things done. The thing with Trump, though, is that he's just too far off-center for it to be safe to do that; it would require ignoring gross violations of the norm and even of some of those pesky laws we have.

Trump himself has repeatedly pointed out that he's President, as if that should make whatever he gets up to, has got up to, okay, simply because he won the election. I find it encouraging that some important Republicans are now rejecting this notion; it's not just Democrats who are doing that.

This notion that Trump's somehow become less of a risk because of those "adults in the room," meant to keep him from going too far ... that one died with the way that John Kelly first tolerated Trump's use of the death of his son and then went on the attack against Representative Wilson, presumably at Trump's behest.

It was no surprise, and no real loss to the rest of us, to see this snarky, pie-faced bitch, Sarah Huckabee Sanders out there lying to the press, since she's merely the successor to that other liar, Sean Spicer. It's quite clear that Huckabee Sanders will say just about anything to try and get the Trump message across, and never mind the facts, but this straight arrow, former four-star General of the USMC? There's one of the "adults" acting like the "child," Trump!

The only one of the three former military men with much of his image still intact is James Mattis. He's got a Cabinet post, though, as Secretary of Defense. That keeps him at a much safer remove from Trump's toxic inner circle. It will be interesting to see if the rot spreads to him or not, as it has obviously spread to John Kelly.

It would be interesting to know why Kelly decided to ignore Trump's use of his own loss of his son in such a shabby way, and then to come out in defense of Trump with a speech loaded with lies about Representative Wilson. To tell us that he had suffered such personal upset at hearing Wilson say those things ... that she never actually said? No apology called for, John Kelly?

We expect this sort of misbehavior from Donald "Bone Spurs" Trump, but from a proud veteran of years of military service such as John Kelly? This is what taking a relatively low-paid position as Trump's Chief of Staff can lead an honorable man to do? That is ... interesting.

It's obvious that many Trump-wonderers do worse and for free, but they just number among we little people, nobodies who like to post stuff. Give any one of us such a high-level job and then stand by for a level of mendacity not seen since the passing of Dr. Goebbels; that goes without saying because we are cheap to buy. Now it turns out that the price of John Kelly's honor is not a hell of a lot higher than that. Semper fi my arse!
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 11:25
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Seems to recall a guy named Obama used/abused his Presidential powers of the Pen....and issued many Executive Orders to be reversed by the Federal Courts.

Not once....but several times.

FDR used his power, as did Harry Truman, as did Eisenhower, as did Kennedy, as did Johnson, as did Nixon, as did Ford.....see a trend there?

That is what President's do.

Also...that is what Congress does...and the Federal Judiciary.

Even the People get a say in matters no matter how indirectly.

We made it through many questionable Presidents yet the Republic survives.

That is the reality of our system of government.

Trump is not the Devil Incarnate....I even said that about Obama....although I suggested he might have a forked Tail to go along his forked Tongue.

There is plenty to dislike about our system of government and the scoundrels that figure in it....but they are merely Men (and Women....would not like to leave out the Ladies) and in time they pass on....but the Republic lives on....altered, bent fenders, and all but it goes on.

Some of you folks have to settle back in your Lounge Chairs and accept that Trump is the Man for a four year term....and if he wins a second term....another four years.

But....he is just one Man and the system is HUGE and unyielding to the individual even if he happens to be the President.

As bad as Obama was....we survived for now.

His policies and rhetoric did cause us real problems but so did Carter, Clinton, Bush Junior. and perhaps in Years to come we can make a rational critique of Trump.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 13:57
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Trump was not put in office by the people to 'adapt' to the cesspool and idiocracy of DC. We sent him there to drain the swamp, and as for my 2 cents, so far it's a mixed bag. I'm disgusted that he hasn't just completely shut down the Iran nuke deal, however I understand his methods for sending it back to congress to either ratify it as a treaty, or reject it, but stop playing the disingenuous out-of-process games with foreign treaty workings under the constitution. The prev guy played fast and lose with the way treaties are done in the US, and at least Trump is putting a stop to it.

As for the handling of ACA(obamacare), it should have been repealed in total on Jan 23rd, and then if they want to muck with some kind of health care program, start with a clean slate, and make it work. Frankly, I have no interest in having the feds in the health care biz, but I realize that I'm a minority in that respect. The current system is billions in arrears, has no hope of being solvent, is not providing the care at the cost it was promised, and no - if you like your plan you cannot keep your plan. Dozens of programs have been shuttered due to claims exceeding revenue. It happens every month.

Flake, like the senator from OH, like the gov from NM could have helped out the Republican party. They could have lined up behind Trump, and decided that we would win as one, but no - they have to stick the knife in. What kind of party is that? Bitch and moan in private. In public, stand together, or surely they will fall again. It's the naysayers in the party who are doing far more damage than Trump.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 14:28
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In principle, I agree with you, BUT, Trump hasnít been consistent in any wayóagenda, philosophy or who he will support. Once it becomes a free for all, every man for himself, as Trump has made it, all bets are off.

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Old 25th Oct 2017, 14:28
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From where I sit in lalaland the election of Trump has finally brought out the utter contempt all sides have for the folks in flyover country.

Both major parties cannot tolerate being called out for what they all are, bought and paid for by the highest bidders.
You donít get elected on principals.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 16:20
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Having lived many years in and around lalaland, and knowing what I know about the ahem - 'culture',, I would say that contempt from those left coasters is a true badge of honor. Just as being a 'deplorable' from those in the east coast establishment is my new fave moniker.

Doesn't bother me at all. When someone puts on airs using the 'not un' double negative, in a vain effort to sound cultured. When the best and brightest representatives of the group are caught paying for lies and smear innuendo to damage a political rival, when everyone starts taking the fifth, and running like roaches when the lights go on, I get a deep satisfaction knowing that now adults are mostly in charge.

The most worry I have now is that Trump is not following through on his most vocal pre-election promises. I suspect he's getting bitten by the beltway bug, just as all pols have been for 100 years. He is adopting(slowly) the miasma of political posture with out the actual results that many of us want. Frex - where's my wall? Fewer pencils please, and more concrete and steel.

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Old 25th Oct 2017, 16:39
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The Republican involved in the "dossier"? I'm hearing Manafort, not Bush....
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 17:30
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Hillary adding an Appendix to "What Happened"?

Maybe she could get a Second Edition printed with the rather vital omission of how she funded that superb dossier of "Intel" and maybe even include the entire unedited report?

She just became completely radioactive!

What happened? Well, what DID happen?
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 17:37
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Now that would be rich....Manafort the campaign manager for a few months behind a bogus Dossier developed to scuttle his own Candidate!

Mind you the DNC surely helped scuttle Hillary by their antics in supporting her over Bernie.....and by they ineptitude...getting caught redhanded!

That was pretty much an own goal of sorts!
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 17:40
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I don't care for people who link an article, and prefer to write my own source material, but it's important to note the sources here.

Obama Administration Granted Visa To Russian Nuclear Official In Bribery Scheme Linked to Clinton's State Department

Newsweek(or, as we say - Newsweak) hates Trump with a passion. They also are a Clinton darling media org.

Pretty sure this Clinton Uranium deal is going to leave a mark. The kind of 'cannot be buffed out' kind of mark. Even the liberal media isn't going to sit on this like they do everything else. If the media ever gets their claws into Hillary - she is well and truly done.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 21:10
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360+ million people and the best two they could find to fight for the Oval Office were Hillary and Donald.

Truth be know the US totally deserve what has happened and Hillary bithcin about not being able to beat Donald really does sum it all up.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 21:32
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Originally Posted by Seldomfitforpurpose View Post
360+ million people and the best two they could find to fight for the Oval Office were Hillary and Donald.
I know - it has got to be the most bizarre election of all time. An election between 2 of the absolutely worst candidates you could possibly imagine - pity I didnt bet on it.
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 21:39
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Originally Posted by Seldomfitforpurpose View Post
360+ million people and the best two they could find to fight for the Oval Office were Hillary and Donald.

Truth be know the US totally deserve what has happened and Hillary bithcin about not being able to beat Donald really does sum it all up.
64 million people and look what we have, think about that one.
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