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Old 31st Jan 2017, 03:09
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It's not like anyone should have been surprised. He has been broadcasting what he would do with regard to border security right from the get go.
Human Rights lawyers should have had their cases prepared long ago.

It was badly implemented as far as instructions to the front line went, but there you go. Deal with it.

As far as affronted affected nations and reciprocity:
No one I know is planning to go and study at UBAG
No one I know plans to move over there with their family and set up a small business or establish a retirement home.
People from the US are going there to assist in fighting Isis or Al-queda or support the forces doing that or help re-build.
If Iraq, for example, wants to restrict visas for Americans now, perhaps the US should withdraw $1M in aid for each refused visa. Iraq is welcome to do the same.
Same for the rest of the countries on the list.
I wonder how Iran will now handle the Boeing deal. Or the US.
Trump is doing what he said he would do, impose a buffer time period to re-evaluate and tighten up the vetting process. Then get back to some kind of modified normalization.
No one has an automatic right to move to another country just because it suits them.

Refugee flow is on a one-way street and seems to be turning into a never ending event and in many cases just a backdoor immigration method.
In the past it would be a case of moving away from the fighting not moving half a world away or staying and fighting for what you believe in. Now it's more a case of running away. It does nothing to fix the core problems in their countries and there are limits on how much the west can sop up and how much they actually want to sop up.

And I haven't mentioned Muslim once. Just happens that that religion is ensconced in some of the most inept, unstable countries in the world and given their history - there is no bright light at the end of the tunnel the way they insist on going. If it such a good system (yes- a religious system) why are so many followers running away from the nation states it professes to rule in numbers never seen before?

It's a new world. Less singing around the campfire in the US. Want to live there or move in and out and are not a citizen? Jump through the hoops to earn the right to.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 03:15
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How is Trump going to defeat ISIS if folks with US Passports (the Army) can't go to Iraq?
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 03:25
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The Executive Order may be amended at any time. The Language, as much as you wish it to be, does not target Muslims per se. What it does is specify "Religious persecution" as one means of granting priority. Read the wording....it does not specify what Religion beyond it saying a "minority" being persecuted by a majority based upon Religion.

You wish to twist its meaning to suit your purposes....that is your mistake.

As to the cock up on the Green Cards.....as a fact I do think it should have been better thought out and better implemented. I have said that before here.

I have been an employee of the Federal Government, was a Contractor to the Federal Government, and was in the US Military.....I fully understand how it got cocked up and if there is one that shall always happen in the Federal Government....is exactly what we saw on Parade this past weekend.

Yet Today....by Monday Noon....the system had its kinks ironed out and no one was in the Clink. Granted the latest Acting Attorney General heard those infamous Trump Phrases...."You are Fired!".

Currently, as you well know it is Radical Islamic Terrorism that is the problem. Perhaps one day it might those pesky Buddists or Hairy Chestnuts that are the problem makers....and this same EO will be applied to them as long as it remains in effect.

You seem to be looking way too deep but not deep enough.

One must very carefully read the Text and stick to what it actually has to say....not what you wish to make it say.

As to ISIS....they seem to enjoy killing everyone who doesn't follow their current teachings and those vary by who is in charge of the Knife and AK-47 at the time when others only have their good looks and charm to defend themselves.

Correct me if I am wrong on this....have not the Shia and Sunni's had a bit of Feud going for a few hundred Decades? Noting of course they each claim to have the pure version of Islam if you listen to them.

MarcK......Please....you cannot have it both ways.

For many Years here at this illustrious Forum....the American Military has been accused of going many places it was unwelcome and causing all sorts of horrible things to happen as a result (sans Passports mind you.) and now you are suggesting all of a sudden that has been brought to an end.....did Trump issue another Executive Order that I missed?
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 03:41
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Ok, I give up, who is Sach Kind TV? I'm not impressed with someone throwing up a conspiracy theory.

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Old 31st Jan 2017, 03:50
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I don't think the American Military will just walk in to Iraq to defeat ISIS, without the OK of the Iraqui government (I know, we did it before so we can do it again). There may be less enthusiasm for that with the ban in place. Then there is the problem of a very long logistics chain vis-a-vis the Russian and Syrian forces. But I digress. I think Trump cannot hold two thoughts in his mind simultaneously, so each thing he does interferes with what he wants to do next.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 04:01
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The youtube video about the petrodollar has been reposted and reposted and reposted and the name of the 18th reposter has no relevance.

Its a very accurate presentation about how gold, the USD and oil are all intertwined in a global market full of massive amounts of manipulation and why oil pricing is so vitally important to the western banking system.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 04:07
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Thought police antagonist
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I am sure it will be dismissed as faux news.....saves matters getting too complicated for the regressed rednecks amongst us.....but, one minor detail does appear to be emerging amongst all the euphoria being extolled on here as to the "virtues" of the current tenant in Penn. Ave....there would appear to be what is known as a groundswell of public, and political, opinion....for reasons that, well, aren't exactly conducive regarding those whose yearning for all things autocratic is currently ascending rapidly.....


Helps to get rid of any opposition at an early stage of course...as a vacancy now exists for a new Attorney General.....legislation and legislators being somewhat key in a democracy, then there's no point in having those who have the resolve to defy any dictatorial wishes...now is there .

Also, here's a nice clip containing the sentiments of one Mr Dennis Skinner ( Labour ) ......any valid arguments against would be difficult to imagine. Plus, another clip from a very promising lady, one whose political career should be closely followed for the future.....offering, yet again, sentiments that resonate with innumerable millions across the globe....and in the USA.



" This is just the usual, hypocritical USA bashing from people desperate to show how left wing they are. There will be something else to be outraged against soon and they will move on.

What can I say....another thoughtful analysis that is truly in class of its own. Unfortunately, in case you missed it, there is no hypocrisy involved and the outrage, is universal. True, people will move on......but not for another four years.

It does make you wonder why so many people that seem to hate the USA are so concerned about its immigration policy

Such wonderment here. If this helps at all, it's not actually the USA ( as it currently is ) that is the problem, it's the USA of the future and one American in particular, although he's got a few associates with similar traits, that is the problem.

Can we assume you will be joining the masses thronging the streets, if he visits, Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes firmly grasped in your right, obviously, hand in a display of unity...and thus leaving the left available for more stimulating activity.

Last edited by Krystal n chips; 31st Jan 2017 at 04:42.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 04:37
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Well, Trump's certainly demonstrating that he won't be messed with. Acting Attorney General (pending Senate approval of his man) issues statement that she won't enforce his directive.

Immediately fired. And replaced.

I'm liking this guy more and more.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 05:15
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Also the Immigration and Customs Director got the can tied to his Tail as well.

This keeps up and it will look like a Bowling Alley with all those "Heads" rolling about the place.

Trump appointed John Homan, who had been in charge of the Illegal Alien Deportation Operation for ICE to be the new Director.

Yes....I am beginning to think One can run the government like a business....."Perform or Be Gone!"....is the new Motto in Government it seems.

Quite unlike the days of Obama where if One got caught committing Felonies....the Retirement Check would follow a couple of Years of Administrative Leave....until One qualified for full Retirement.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 06:50
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Originally Posted by p.j.m View Post
Remember that Judge's name, lets see how long before he is "promoted" out of the courts, transfer's to Alaska, or he retires.

It's almost betting material
and it begins...

Acting US Attorney-General Sally Yates fired by Donald Trump over immigration order

US President Donald Trump fired the federal government's top lawyer Sally Yates on Monday after she took the extraordinarily rare step of defying the White House and saying the Justice Department would not defend his new travel restrictions targeting seven Muslim-majority nations.

Last edited by p.j.m; 31st Jan 2017 at 07:15.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 06:59
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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
I'm liking this guy more and more.
as do the majority of American voters

and it won't be long before the media is onboard praising him, instead of bagging him too!
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 07:01
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Actually not true PJM. I'm hoping you are being ironic. In fact, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and his public approval rating upon taking office is the lowest on record.

Trump Muslim ban EO: The specific language of the order is irrelevant as far as motive goes, when we have words that came out of candidate Trump's mealy mouth pledging to ban Muslims all throughout his campaign. Then we have Guiliani's statement on Trump's wishes regarding the legality of this ban. Finally, there is the allowance of "religious minorities" in the ban. Anyone care to take a crack at what religion this phrase is referring to?
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 07:06
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Originally Posted by vapilot2004 View Post
Actually not true PJM.
yes I know the Clinton supporters keep banging on about raw numbers, which are irrelevant, the "soft, leftist" states are in the minority, what counts is the seats, and Trump won, end of story.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 07:14
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200 million people were eligible to vote in the election.
119 million did.
Those 81 million people still have an opinion on the president. The 3M difference in popular vote is meaningless.
And a public approval rating from some poll is close to useless.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 07:24
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A little more on Trump

A view expressed before the election.

Yes, Trump Is a Fascist — Here’s the Checklist
The Donald is a unique threat to American democracy

Originally published this story on Oct. 11, 2016.
Words have meaning. When I called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a fascist in a recent article for War Is Boring, I meant it. I did not mean “dictatorial,” though he is. I did not mean “authoritarian,” though he is. I meant fascist — a practitioner of virulent and horrifying ideology that poisons everything it touches.
In the 12 hours since 2016’s second presidential debate on Oct. 9, 2016, Trump supporters have employed the common language of fascists and called me a cockroach and a parasite, accused me of harboring an unfair bias against Trump and told me I don’t know what “fascism” even means.
They’re right about my bias. I am against Trump. He’s a unique threat to American democracy — a fascist, wannabe dictator who, even with his plummet in the polls, is entirely too close to the becoming the most powerful person on the planet.
I’m well aware of the full meaning of “fascism.” The label fits Trump perfectly. It’s easy to prove.

When Italian author Umberto Eco wrote “Ur-Fascism” for The New York Review of Books in 1995, he sought to give the world a guide to recognize the ideology when it reared its ugly head again.
As a child, Eco had a front row seat for Benito Mussolini’s Italy and everything that came after. This was a man who understood fascism’s consequences and vicissitudes. He knew it could return — and he knew people should stand against it.
For Eco, fascism wasn’t a concrete political system, but a collection of behaviors that, taken together, forged something vile. “Fascism was a fuzzy totalitarianism,” he wrote. “A collage of different philosophical and political ideas, a beehive of contradictions.”
Fascism adapts and changes, but some things remain constant.
“Fascism became an all-purpose term because one can eliminate from a fascist regime one or more features, and it will still be recognizable as fascist.”
Late in the essay, Eco made a prescient prediction. “There is in our future a T.V. or internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People.”
He was right — and that’s where we are now. Trump’s fascism is new. It’s a reality-T.V. kind of fascism. Uniquely American, born to entertain and fed by the internet. Trump is its prophet.

Feature one — cult of tradition
Despite the fuzzy nature of fascism, it does have features that distinguish it from other political ideologies. Eco described them in his essay. Trumpism lines up with all 14 of Eco’s features of eternal fascism.
The first is a cult of tradition, a hearkening back to an earlier time when everything was better. Republicans have long leaned on this trope, often touting the administration of Pres. Dwight Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961 as particularly wonderful and ignoring the racism, class struggles and systemic sexism of the era.
It was a great time … but only for some Americans. When Trump says he wants to make America great again, he’s saying he wants to pull the country back to a time when everything was great. A time that never really existed.

When Trump holds up his Bible, he’s using Christian morality as a prop. He’s telling his supports he’ll bring America back to a simpler time where the world made sense. Notice how he tells the crowd that, in the old days, people would return lost items. That’s a direct appeal to the cult of tradition.

Feature two — rejection of modernism
Next comes a rejection of modernism. Trump loves new technology. He tweets through the night. But a rejection of modernism is not necessarily a rejection of modern technology. The Nazis loved new technology, but eschewed modernism in all its other forms — including art and well, people.
This is where Trump’s fear of the modern comes into play. Equal treatment of women, globalism, free trade deals, the free movement of peoples — these are all thoroughly modern ideas that Trump and his supports reject. When Trump calls globalism a false ideology and insists it’s okay to grab women by their genitals, he’s rejecting the modern world.

Feature three — action for action’s sake
This rejection of the modern leads to the irrational desire to act for action’s sake. “Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, any previous reflection,” Eco wrote. “Thinking is a form of emasculation.”
Hundreds of people have asked Trump to elaborate on his plans for defeating Islamic State and dozens of other issues. His answer is always some refrain on “I’ll handle it and it’ll be great, you’ll see.”
Lately, he’s hidden behind secrecy, saying he doesn’t want America’s enemies to know what his plans are. The truth is, when the time comes to act, Trump will do so without forethought. He’s proven this by unthinkingly tweeting about sex tapes at three o’clock in the morning.
This is a man who believes taking counsel is a weakness and listening to advice is a crutch. Sources close to his campaign constantly leak stories to reporters about his inability to focus, his hatred of debate preparation and his determination to, well, just wing it.
Fascists take action without considering the ramifications. So does Trump.

Feature four — resistance to criticism
Fascists cannot stand analytical criticism and refuse to ever accept that they’re wrong. Trump says crime is on the rise. It isn’t. Trump says the inner cities are war zones. They aren’t. Trump claimed global warming was a Chinese hoax, then denied he’d said it. It’s not … and he did.
When caught in a lie or an untruth, Trump doubles down on his assertions and closes his mind to new information. “For Ur-Fascism, disagreement is treason,” Eco explained. Trump has repeatedly taken advantage of the legal system to bully his critics. NBC sat on the Access Hollywood recordings containing Trump’s lewd and predatory comments about women because it feared a lawsuit.
During the second presidential debate, Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue criminal charges against his rival Hillary Clinton for a crime the FBI has already reprimanded her for. He wants to jail his political opponent. That’s fascism.

Feature five — fear of difference
Fascists exploit people’s fear of The Other. They seek to separate people based on cultural and racial differences. This has been a hallmark of the Trump campaign.
He’s labeled Mexicans as rapists, promised the build a wall along the border with Mexico, called for a ban on Muslim immigrants to the United States and questioned a federal judge’s fitness to serve because of his ethnicity.
Trump claims he will unite the American people, but his actions indicate otherwise. This is a real-estate mogul the U.S. Justice Department sued twice for discriminatory practices. Racism, bigotry and xenophobia are the weapons he deploys to energize his base.
That’s why prominent white nationalist David Duke and thousands of other racists say Trump speaks for them.

Feature six — appeal to a frustrated middle class
“One of the most typical features of the historical fascism was the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups,” Eco wrote. “In our time, when the old ‘proletarians’ are becoming petty bourgeois … the fascism of tomorrow will find its audience in this new majority.”
Trump operates as Eco predicted. He has rallied that new majority around him.
Trump appeals to voters from America’s frustrated middle class — the highly-skilled and poorly-educated men and women left behind by globalism who feel ignored by political elites. These people deserve better than the lot they’ve drawn — and they deserve better than Trump.

Feature seven — obsession with plots
Fascists obsess over international plots against their party and country. Sure enough, Trump tells his supports the U.S. political system is rigged against them and that China and Mexico are beating American on trade deals.
“The easiest way to solve the plot is the appeal to xenophobia,” Eco explained. “But the plot must also come from the inside: Jews are usually the best target because they have the advantage of being at the same time inside and outside.”
Trump’s form of this feature is different. He doesn’t just obsess over bankers, but also political elites, who he insists have failed the American people and rigged the system in their own favor. This is, in my mind, one of the most dangerous features of Trumpism, because it promises to live on if he loses the election in November.
Trump is, in advance, blaming a conspiracy for his likely, eventually loss. Some of his followers have already pledged to take to the streets after election day. There could be violence.

Feature eight — ‘everyone is better off than us, but I can fix it’
“The followers must feel humiliated by the ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies,” Eco wrote. “However, the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”
When talking globalization and trade, Trump tells his supporters that other countries are laughing at America. “China’s taking the minerals on the other side,” he told the National Press Club in 2014. “How is it possible that we can be so stupid?”
In Trump’s view, the United States is suffering humiliation at the hands of an ascendant China. Once he’s in power, he promises to fix the problem by renegotiating all the deals. We’re told America will win so hard that we’ll get tired of it.
How will we he do this? See feature three.

Feature nine — life is permanent warfare
Trump has promised to commit war crimes if he’s elected. He’s said he won’t risk war with Russia over Syria, but he’s promised to murder the families of suspected terrorists, fill up Guantanamo Bay with prisoners and double down on torture. Ex-president George W. Bush’s global war on terror is one with no end, and Trump is eager to escalate it.
“For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle,” Eco wrote. “Thus pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. It is bad because life is permanent warfare.”
It is important to note that, after 15 years of war, this portion of fascist ideology has become ingrained in the American public. The long years of warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq have changed us — and not for the better. This is a fascist virtue Clinton also extols.

Feature 10 — contempt for the weak
Trump calls his opponents losers, haters and failures. He despises weakness in all its forms. That’s fascist. He routinely says his supporters are the best in the world, the best of all Americans. He makes them feel special, promises he’ll take care of them and make them strong again, while at the same time spitting on his rivals.
“Ur-Fascism can only advocate a popular elitism,” Eco explained. “Every citizen belongs to the best people of the world, the members of the party are the best among the citizens, every citizen can (or ought to) become a member of the party.”
When a fellow Republican fails to support Trump or even withdraws support, Trump turns on them. Even his running mate Mike Pence isn’t safe from his wrath. During the second debate, Trump said he hadn’t spoken with Pence and did not agree with him about Russian aggression in Syria.
In Trump’s eyes, his closest Republican ally is one step away from being a total loser.
Volunteer to be a Trump Election Observer

Feature 11 — everybody is educated to become a hero
Trump supporters feel special. They’re not just voting in an election, but participating in a movement. Trump makes them feel like heroes. He’s empowering them to take back their country.
The clearest example of this comes from Trump’s campaign website, where he entreats his supporters to sign up to be poll-watchers. This is a terrible idea with a gross historical legacy. Poll-watchers often intimidate voters and corrupt the electoral process.
That doesn’t matter to Trump. He wants everyone to be a hero, and being a poll-watcher is an easy way to fight against the allegedly rigged system he so despises.
“Everybody is educated to become a hero,” Eco explained. “In every mythology the hero is an exceptional being, but in Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”

Feature 12 — machismo
“Since both permanent war and heroism are difficult games to play, the Ur-Fascist transfers his will to power to sexual matters,” Eco continued.
“This is the origin of machismo (which implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality). Since even sex is a difficult game to play, the Ur-Fascist hero tends to play with weapons — doing so becomes an ersatz phallic exercise.”
Trump doesn’t need weapons to subsidize his virility, he’s got huge towers instead. He has said he would sleep with his daughter were she not related to him, assured the American people of the hefty size of his penis and bragged on tape about sexually assaulting women.
For Trump, sexuality is nothing but another means of dominating others and exercise his will to power. He makes a beautiful thing — sex — ugly.

Feature 13 — selective populism
Trump claims he is the voice of the American people and that only he can fix the corrupt system that, in fact, he has benefited from his entire life. During his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination, he vowed to work on behalf of the American people to destroy the country’s political elites.
“Wherever a politician casts doubt on the legitimacy of a parliament because it no longer represents the Voice of the People, we can smell Ur-Fascism,” Eco wrote.
This dangerous orange creature has undermined a large portion of the American public’s faith in democracy. He wants to control a system he does not believe in. He wants to use the system to destroy itself.

Feature 14 — Newspeak
Eco’s final feature of fascism is Newspeak. “All the Nazi or Fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished vocabulary, and an elementary syntax, in order to limit the instruments for complex and critical reasoning. But we must be ready to identify other kinds of Newspeak, even if they take the apparently innocent form of a popular talk show.”
Trump is the American T.V. fascist Eco warned us about in 1995. He uses a childish and confusing speech pattern to entertain his followers and confuse his enemies. Like some Orwellian villain, he also deploys softball terms to blunt the edge of his wilder plans. A Muslim ban becomes “extreme vetting.” Internment camps are “safe zones.” Authoritarian domination of trade partners is “winning.”

He’s a fascist. Plain and simple. When I sat down to write this article, go through the checklist and find supporting documentation, I didn’t realize it would be so easy — nor did I think Trump would meet all 14 criteria. He does.
Pulling up clips depicting Trump saying horrible things, expressing racist sentiments, shit-talking America and explaining how much better its enemies are didn’t take much digging.
Also note that many of the videos of Trump doing and saying horrible things come from pro-Trump YouTube channels. His fans love that he’s a fascist. It’s what they want — a strong man who will take care of them, scare off the bad people and tell them what to do.
To do any less would show weakness.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 07:28
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In fact, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes
He wasn't trying to win the popular vote. Unlike you silly liberals who keep banging on about it, his eye was on the prize, winning the Presidency which is a function of the electoral college and not a popularity contest. I encourage you to keep focusing on the popular vote in the coming elections however.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 07:55
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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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He’s a fascist. Plain and simple.
According to Matthew Gault - who has a rather unique way of marshalling 'information', (rather than facts), to suit his own questionable beliefs. Thank you Matthew.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 08:04
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I get the sense that as Trump gets his head around the military power more - he's really going to like that.
A lot.
It'll appeal to him.
He'll seek to use it more often - capriciously.
What's more I think his supporters didn't really vote for change.
I get the feeling they actually just voted to destroy what currently exists.
No thought for what might follow - or how they might establish a `great America.'
I suspect many know in their heart of hearts that their jobs aren't coming back.
They just wanted revenge on liberal lefties - to hurt the liberal establishment as much as they'd been hurt.
Both of these things are... somewhat worrying.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 10:44
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If polls were meaningless, nobody in Washington would ever look at them and they would stop putting them in the field - that's not going to happen anytime soon.

Numbers are not mere numbers, they represent people, people to whom this democracy belongs.
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Old 31st Jan 2017, 10:56
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If polls were meaningless, nobody in Washington would ever look at them and they would stop putting them in the field - that's not going to happen anytime soon.
Meaningless in validity this election cycle. You and I both bought off on them now didn't we.
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