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How to spot a Russian bomber

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How to spot a Russian bomber

Old 20th Feb 2015, 21:30
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UK-Sardinia via Germany in a Fat Albert. I was recommended to use the Deep Inebriation technique to survive it. Worked! As far as I remember, the aircrews used the same tactic.

Evac from Akrotiri to Gib in a Fat Albert full of Bloodhounds that were being taken out of Cyprus in case the Turks got them. We'd been camped on the football field at Akrotiri for a couple of weeks whilst all the families were evacced back to the UK. We'd run out of beer before the first week was out, because the Turks had shelled the Keo factory in Limmasol on day one of the invasion. Luckily my boss and I had saved a few bottles, which we consumed during the evac flight to Gib to make it bearable. Sadly we were not allowed out of the fold down seats to dump ballast, because were were going low level (and hence bumpy the whole way, plus the loadie was arsie because he'd spotted we had beer).

As soon as we stopped at Gib we were out like a shot for a pee, followed by that smile that comes from having dumped ballast AND having got out of a right bloody mess on Cyprus.
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Old 20th Feb 2015, 22:33
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With these Russian bombers in close proximity to UK airspace, is it a case of Bears hitting the 'hoods?
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Old 20th Feb 2015, 23:35
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This brings to mind the old story of the guy who was on noise complaints at a station with fast pointy things during a low level exercise.
Ring ring "Hello yes RAF XXXXXX, yes and you want to complain about aircraft flying low over your house, yes they are noisy aren't they. May I ask you if they had Red Stars painted on them,yes that's right red stars,well we have to make sure that they are ours not theirs before we can action a complaint".....click brrrrrrrr.
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Old 21st Feb 2015, 09:46
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You think a C-130 is noisy? One word. Caribou.
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Old 22nd Feb 2015, 21:21
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Tankertrashnav wrote

(Its in The Grauniad - it must be true )
Amazing what the media will publish. Silly woman! If you run Flight Radar 24 back you will see what aircraft she witnessed. Classic case of poor aircraft recognition. It was the Voyager tanker up in support of the Typhoons.

The playback should still be available for a few days on their database.

Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!

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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 03:32
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Have they flown any TU 160s close to any ADIZ yet ?
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 07:21
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Ecce Homo! Loquitur...
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Back in the 1980s when uneducated fans were the research fad at the big engine manufacturers, the QRA F4s were, presumably at the behest of RR, fitted with a mike hanging from the navs canopy and a tape recorder. When scrambled to intercept a Bear they had to close up and sit in the prop wash and record about 30mins worth of noise. Presumably analysis of the harmonics would then prove of benefit to the boffins.

By all reports it was both loud and caused some internal strange feelings......

p.s. My longest trips in the back of the C-130 were AKR-LM (I used the DI technique) and - in support of a set with the mobile UKCAOC, from LY-BRU, load with spare engines and GE, and then BRU-Goose Bay; followed by the reverse 2 weeks later. Unfortunately DI was not available prior on either....
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 09:39
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An ex-colleague flew the Aermacchi Impala in the SAAF and he was sent out with another Imp out investigate a suspicious radar target and they pulled up one on each wingtip of one of the big 4 engine prop-jobs for a "show of force"...
The Russians tolerated it for a while then simply buggered off into the distance.
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 09:52
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Would be interesting to see silhouettes scaled to size though.
Foxhound is far too big, as is Blackjack etc.
Or am I wrong?
Mig 25 was a helluva large jet.
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 21:39
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How to spot a Russian bomber???

First you call up #11Group and ask them to ring #8AEW Sqn at Lossie to bring 2 Shackleton AEWs up to 5 minutes readiness.

I actually heard the Wg Cdr i/c on the blower to some head down the "hole" in a Sector Ops centre somewhere trying to explain how the coolant would boil over etc etc............

Aaaaah, halcyon days, but the Shack Preservation Society are plannning to get one airborne so it's back to the Cold War, chaps?!
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