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The autumn equinox approacheth...

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The autumn equinox approacheth...

Old 14th Sep 2014, 23:27
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The autumn equinox approacheth...

So lets have a trivia quiz.

Evening (morning) all. Three months went by awful darn fast.


1...The quiz will be posted on Sunday evening, my time.

2...Answers are worth a point apiece, except some questions may ask for additional info, worth extra points.

2a...There are musical clues scattered throughout the quiz (in groups of 5 or 10). Identify the song and artist from the clue supplied.

3...Until the first set of answers have been posted players are restricted to one post apiece, containing as many answers as they like. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified. After the first answers have been posted, all restrictions are cancelled (free for all).

4...The judge's decision is final.

Now. This is a pub type quiz, no Googling. And answering all the questions the first go does not prove you are smart, only an ass.

1...During the battle to capture it in the Viet Nam war in May of 1969, Hill 937 was better known as what?
Hamburger Hill - GoF

2...A popped kernel of popcorn is called a flake. What is a kernel that has failed to pop called?
An old maid - Richo

3...Name the Red Dirt Girl's best friend.
Lillian - Wonderworld (Emmylou Harris Red Dirt Girl)

4...Name the oldest continuously published English language newspaper in North America.
Quebec Chronicle Telegram - Richo
Established in 1764.

5...Name a joint inflammation caused by playing too much Ninetendo.
Ninetendinitis - mikedreamer787

6...All along it was a fever...
Stay/Rihanna - Richo

7...I let you see the parts of me that weren't all that pretty...
Just Give Me A Reason/Pink - Richo

8...Feeling my way through the darkness guided by a beating heart...
Wake Me Up/AVICII - Critter592

9...Tracing one warm line through a land so wild and savage...
Northwest Passage - MadsDad
Stan Rogers - GoF
Stan wrote two of the best drinking songs around, that one and Barretts Privateers.

10..In this proud land we grew up strong we were wanted all along...
Don't Give Up/Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Richo
Malcolm380 have a point for Kate Bush.

11..Name the missing cartoon character:
Spike, Belle, Marbles, Olaf, Andy, Molly, Rover...

12..In which comic strip was there a master of insult who lived in a hollow log?
Broom Hilda - pp
Bonus point, name the master of insult.
Grelber - pp

13.. Who is cartoon character Chalkie White's best friend?
Andy Capp - GoF

14..In what comic strip is/was the husband a dentist?
For Better Or For Worse - Romeo Delta

15..Which comic strip came to an end on December 31st, 1995?
Calvin And Hobbes - Romeo Delta
Bonus point, name the cartoonist.
Bill Watterson - Romeo Delta
Bonus bonus point, what words were in the last caption balloon?
Let's go exploring.

16..What is widdershins?
Counterclockwise - Reynolds

17..For 30 years it was thought that the only guitarist capable of playing the guitar riff on this hit was Jimmy Page, and not 17-year old Ray Davies who actually played it. Point each, name the song and the group.
You Really Got Me/Kinks - pp

18..For the movie The Graduate, what S&G album was the song Mrs. Robinson taken?
Bookends - Reynolds

19.."Put aw tae the sword these words underlined..."
Who signed the order?
William of Orange (King William) - Lon More

20..Soy Capitan is not a trendy new drink, but part of the lyrics of what song?
La Bamba/Richie Valens - pseudonym
Have a point for Los Lobos, AA. I've got both versions, LL is better.

21..What firearm was designed by David Marshall Williams?
The M1 carbine - Critter592

22..How does the first Union soldier die in the movie Gone With The Wind?
He was shot by Scarlett O'Hara.

23..Whose business card reads Have Gun Will Travel?
Paladin - Ascend Charlie
Have a point for Richard Boone, AC.
Bonus point, what else does it say on the card?
Wire Paladin San Francisco.

24..Only one song with lyrics taken from a Biblical Gospel ever hit # 1 on the American Billboard Top 100. Point each, name the song, the artist and the songwriter.
Turn! Turn! Turn!/The Byrds - pp
Pete Seger - GoF

25..What novel contains a description of a Catskill eagle?
Moby Dick - Rusty
Have a point for the Robert Parker novel Rusty.

26..She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy...
America/S&G - Reynolds

27..Eddie waited 'till he finished high school...
Into The Great Wide Open/Tom Petty - Fox3

28..I could lift you up I could show you what you wanna see...
Safe And Sound/Capital Cities

29..Once in a lifetime the suffering of fools...
Shot At The Night/The Killers - Richo

30..See don't ever set me free I always wanna be by your side...
You Really Got Me/The Kinks - Richo

31..Who is/was Gennady Osipovich?
The Russian pilot who shot down KAL007 - Jetsy :-)
Bonus point, what famous words did he transmit?
"The target is destroyed" - Atom Kraft

32..What song did Mike Wilson write as a response to Be My Baby?
Don't Worry Baby

33..Who painted the album cover for The Band's album Music From Big Pink?
Bob Dylan - pp

34..Who is Louise Eugena Harris?
The mother of Zipper Harris (Doonesbury)

35..What is a lava lava?
A South Pacific sarong - Reynolds
I'll accept that , but have a point for a Polynesian kilt RD.

36..I'm strong to the finnich 'cause I eats my spinach...
Who am I?
Popeye the Sailor Man - Fox3

37..Name the wife of The Wizard of Id.
Blanche - GoF

38..Name the two female characters in the comic strip BC.
The fat broad, the cute chick - mikedreamer787

39..Name the vocal group of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.
The Pied Pipers

40..In question 37, what is the name of the prisoner?
The Spook - Ascend Charlie
Bonus point, why has he been thrown in jail?
For calling the king a fink - Ascend Charlie

41..When the day is long and the night the night is yours alone...
Everybody Hurts/REM - pp

42..If I made you feel second best girl I'm sorry I was blind...
You Were Always On My Mind - Critter592
Willy Nelson - GoF

43..So so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell blue skies from pain...
Wish You Were Here/Pink Floyd - Fox3
Have a point for Sid Barrett Fox3, I'd forgotten that.

44..It's the end of the perfect day for all the surfer boys and girls...
Our Shangri-La - Lon More

45..I was caught in the middle of a railroad track...
Thunderstruck/AC/DC - Lon More
I like this version better:

46..The song in question 42 was the signature song for one artist, but his version was a cover. Point each, for whom was it a signature song and who was the original artist?
Critter592 I'll give ya a point for Elvis, but I was looking for someone else. Point anyone?
Willy Nelson - Malcolm380
Brenda Lee

47..Everyone knows Arab Spring. What is Siding Spring?
An observatory in Oz - Gupta
It's also the name of something else, point anyone?
A comet - Richo

48..What is Mark Knopfler's middle name?

49..Name Jehan's erection for Mumtaz.
The Taj Mahal - GoF
What came first, the erection or the resto?

50..Who was William Claude Dukenfield better known as?
W. C. Fields - GoF

51..Who was Josef Teddor Konrad Korzeniowski better known as?
Joseph Conrad - GoF

52..Who was Nellie Mitchell better known as?
Nellie Melba - GoF

53..What is a cremasteric reflex?
A contracting of the male cremaster muscle that draws the testicles up closer to the body.
Next thing you know the femorrhoids will call it sexist will want a cremaster muscle too.

54..Who was Betty Joan Perske better known as?
Lauren Bacall - Espada III
Have a point for that info Espada.

55..Who is Lawrence Tureaud better known as?
Mr. T - Critter592
Bonus point, what is his famous saying?
"I pity the fool" - Critter592

56..To be insane beyond belief is sometimes the best relief...
Stay Loose/Gordon Lightfoot

57..You ask me if I've met your baby I have to say...
He Was Mine/Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris

58..All the places I've left in my wake...
All The Roads/Bob Seger
Everybody gets a point, this song is on an album that will only be out on October 14th.
Ain't many old rockers left, and Bob's talking of retiring.

59..How can happiness feel so wrong how can misery feel so sweet...
Closest Thing To Crazy - Malcolm380
Katy Melua - Capetonian

60..I followed you across the stars I looked for you in seedy bars...
Love Is Strong/Stones - Richo

61..On what date was the American Declaration of Independence signed?
It was considered to have been signed by all the parties on August 2nd, 1776 - Jetsy

62..What does the Japanese word sushi mean?
Sour rice - mikedreamer787
Close enough mike, sour was the operative word.

63..Because the music of the Stones Anybody Seen My Baby so resembled the music of the song Constant Craving, what artist was listed as co-author of the Stones song.
k. d. lang - Ascend Charlie

64..Point each, the song Somewhere My Love was also known by what title from what movie?
Lara's Theme/Dr. Zhivago - GoF

65..Who was Tadeusz Komorowski, the leader of the Polish Underground Army better known as?
General Bor - Jetsy

66..When you Montreal a steak, what are you doing with it?
Adding steak spice - LW50

67..Shakespeare did not call his play Montague and Capulet, but what?
Romeo And Juliet - Fox3

68..Who was George Lawrence Price?
The last British Commonwealth soldier killed in WW1 - Jetsy
He was a Canadian national. Killed at 10:58 on November 11th by sniper fire. An American was killed one minute later.

69..How many Nazis were tried for genocide at Nuremberg?
None - Critter592
Genocide wasn't declared a crime until after the trial.

70..Who is Alecia Moore better known as?
Pink - pseudonym
Is that Corey Hart? I can't stand Corey Hart. (And not because he's shagging Pink.)

71..The following artists are one hit wonders. Point each, name their hit:
a...Mungo Jerry...In The Summertime - GoF
b...Kyu Sakamoto...Sukiyaki - GoF
c...Napoleon XIV...They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha - Reynolds
Reynolds we had a pilot at Wheeler Airlines who was of Lebanese extraction. In their infinite wisdom the company posted him to Iqaluit, near of the Arctic Circle where it's dark 2 months of the year. Joe used to walk around, hunched over, dragging his knuckles in the snow, singing that song.
d...Buffalo Springfield...For What It's Worth - Fox3
e...Blue Suede...Hooked On A Feeling - GoF
No soup for you, I had Suede and transposed the word wrong.

72..On what Neil Young hit did James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt sing back up vocals?
Heart Of Gold - pp

73..Lori Lieberman wrote this Roberta Flack hit about Don McLean.
Killing Me Softly - Fox3

74..What S&G hit did Paul Simon write, but Art Garfunkel sing?
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Ascend Charlie
Shortly before they broke up, I presume.

75..What Bruce Springsteen hit was about a ride at Ashbury Park Amusement Park?
Tunnel Of Love - Romeo Delta

76..What Dido song appeared on the Eminem album Stan?
Thank You - pseudonym

77..Which Buck Owens hit was covered by the Beatles, and which Beatle sang it?
Act Naturally/Ringo Starr - pp

78..What artist was Joan Baez singing about in the revenge song Diamonds And Rust?
Bob Dylan - LW50

79..What song plays during the opening sequence of the movie Kill Bill Vol 1? (That shows a bloody Uma Thurman on the floor of the wedding chapel.)
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - pseudonym
Point for the artist, anyone?
Nancy Sinatra - Richo

80..What song is on the soundtrack during the slo-mo opening sequence of the movie Reservoir Dogs? (Point each for title and artist.)
Little Green Bag - pseudonym
George Baker Collection
Anybody remember La Paloma Blanca by the same group? Ptoo! Ptoo!

Bonus question:
What has recently been discover off King William Island, Nunavut?
One of Sir John Franklin's ships - Fox3
MadsDad it's a pity they never attempted the route down the east side of King William Island, that's how Amundsen went. He also wintered over at Gjoa Haven in 1903, it's only about 80 miles east of where they found the wreck.

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27. "He went to Hollywood and got a tattoo" Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Into the Great Wide Open.

36. Popeye?

43. Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail
A smile from a veil...

...Did you exchange
A walk on part in a war,
For a lead role in a cage?

Wish You were Here, Pink Floyd. (the title refers to Sid Barrett)

67. Romeo and Juliet

71. Buffalo Springfield For what it's Worth...Man!

73. Killing Me Softly with his Song

Bonus: A Franklin Expedition ship, Either Erebus or Terror.
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What's the prize again ?
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1 - Hamburger Hill

2 - A toothbreaker

5 - Carpal Tunnel syndrome

9 - Stan Rogers - Barrett's Privateers

13 - Andy Capp

16 - Clockwise

36 - Popeye the Sailorman

37 - Blanche

49 - Taj Mahal

50 - W C Fields

51 - Joseph Conrad

64 - Lara's Theme - Dr Zhivago

67 - Romeo and Juliet

71 - a - In the Summertime
b - Sukiyaki
c -
d - For What It's Worth
e - Hooked On A Feeling

Bonus - Franklin's Erebus. Or Terror.

Thanks, piggles. Sorry - I got carried away... but not a Google to be seen.
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Let me start off with a


Now, down to quiz business

1. Hamburger Hill

3. Scrap Boy!

5. Carpal Tunnel syndrome

14. Blondie

15. Roger Hragreaves' Staria??

20. La Bamba - Richie Valens (or Los Lobos, if you must)

36. Popeye the Sailor Man

43. Wish you were here - Pink Floyd

49. The Taj Mahal

67. Romeo and Juliet

70. P!NK

76. Thank you

79. Bang Bang

80. Little Green Bag

Thanks for the quiz Piggy
(and I confess Mr Psuedo helped with the last two, he's the Tarantino aficionado in this house!
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Memphis Belle
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1. Hamburger Hill
5. carpal tunnel syndrome?
13. Andy Capp
17. you really got me/kinks
18. the graduate?
19. George W. Bush....hehe
24. turn, turn, turn/ the byrds
27. into the great wide open/ tom petty
33. bob dylan
36. popeye
41. everybody hurts/ REM
43. wish you were here/pink floyd
61. july 4, 1776
71d for what it's worth
71 e hooked on a feeling
72 heart of gold
77. act naturally/ ringo starr
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Blimey, pigboat, these are tough 'uns...

1. Hamburger Hill.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

8. "Wake Me Up" by Avicii (Can't recall the original artist).

13. Andy Capp?

21. The M1 Carbine.

36. Popeye The Sailorman.

41. "Everybody Hurts" by REM. (Great track.)

42. "Always on my Mind".

a. Elvis Presley
b. Gwen McRae?

49. Oo-er missus... It's the Taj Mahal.

50. W C Fields.

51. Joseph Conrad.

a. Mr T. (One can see why he changed his name...)
b. "I pity the fool!"

61. July 4th, 1776.

67. Romeo & Juliet.

69. None.

70. P!NK

76. "Thank You".

A shipwreck, possibly linked to the Franklin expedition.
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16..What is widdershins? Anticlockwise
18..For the movie The Graduate, what S&G album was the song Mrs. Robinson taken? Bookends
21..What firearm was designed by David Marshall Williams? carbine
26..She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy... America S&G
35..What is a lava lava? South Pacific sarong
51..Who was Josef Teddor Konrad Korzeniowski better known as? Joseph Conrad
71c...Napoleon XIV.. They're Coming to Take Me Away HaHa
74..What S&G hit did Paul Simon write, but Art Garfunkel sing? All of them
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Wherefore Art I?
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Here we go!

12. Pogo

14. For Better or Worse

15. Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson

31. Shot down Korean 007 (give that one to Jetsy)

35. Call it a "Polynesian Kilt." A wrap-around the waist leg covering thingy. (I have one)

61. Started on July 2nd, finished on July 3rd (of those who were there; final signer signed it in August, I believe)

75. Tunnel of Love

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47 Siding Spring is an observatory in Aus
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any motivation reward for someone feeling the stupidest?
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4 Toronto Globe and Mail
5 Repetitive Strain Injury
20 Santa Esmeralda
26 Simon and Garfunkel
36 Popeye the Sailor Man
49 Taj Mahal
50 W C Grace
51 Joseph Conrad
59 Katie Melua
67 Romeo and Juliet
71 The Wombles of Wimbedon Common

I've only just woken up, no doubt some will come to later, as will the full answers to those above.
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It's the Spring equinox approaching here! We're out enjoying the warmth!!
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2. A kernel?
15. Peanuts, Sparky Schultz, "Good Grief!"
23 Paladin, played by Richard Boone, one ugly cuss.
40. Spook, because he called out "The king is a FINK!"
63 K.D. LANG, I refuse to put it in lower case
71 a. the bicycle song
c. don't forget the flip side, "aah aah yawa em ekat ot gnimoc er'yeht"
e. I'm your pen1s .... err I'm your Venus
73 the first time ever...blah blah
74 Bridge over troubled water
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Old 15th Sep 2014, 11:05
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3. Lillian
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Old 15th Sep 2014, 12:12
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01. Hamburger Hill
05. Nintendoitis
20. La Bamba
36. Popeye.
37. Blanche
38. Fat Broad, Cute Chick
47. An astronomical observatory in Oz somewhere
49. Since Mumtaz was a boner I'd say he named it Hard On
51. Joseph Conrad
62. Sour tasting
70. Pink. Currently shags a bloke called Carey Hart (an additional point? )

PS -

14. Nah don't think the answer is Blondie, but
it does remind me she was invented & drawn
in that wonderful - yet bygone - golden era
when women proudly possessed attractively
large and beautiful tits.

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As most of the ones I know are answered, filling in a few bits:

2. A dead kernel. (Or a dead colonel!)

22. Surgery, removal of a limb. (a guess)

32. Barbara Ann (Guess)

34. Jean Simmons? (Guess) (Actress in Spartacus)

48. I don't think he has one.

54. Betty Paige (pin up girl)

66. You rub it with a mix of spices before putting it on the grill.

71.c "They're Coming to Take Me Away!"

78. Bob Dylan

80. Little Green Bag
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any motivation reward for someone feeling the stupidest?
A big hug from me and an invitation to join my thicky club?

By the way, "What is a lava lava" is one of the questions in the Times Two quick quiz today - did you set that one too, pigboat?
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20. Guantanamera
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(a bear of little brain)
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By one of those small, but amazing, coincidences of life, Question No 9:-

"....Tracing one warm line through a land so wild and savage...."

And the news today that the Canadians have found the remains of what they believe is one of Franklins ships* off Victoria Island. Stranded looking for the "Northwest Passage".

* Whether Erebus or Terror they don't know yet apparently.
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