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The Really Really Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread XXIV

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The Really Really Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread XXIV

Old 6th Nov 2014, 16:18
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One has a similar pottering about jumper. Holes everywhere but it's so comfy. The elbow holes were getting that big that they were starting to catch on things. Mrs HF took pity on me yesterday and the holes are now covered with elbow patches.
I wonder if they do armpit patches as well.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 16:24
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Phoned the boss and told her I quit
It amazes me that you haven't done that before, Nigel.

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Old 6th Nov 2014, 16:45
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Well done, time to put some reality in the earholes of your Managment people.
Hang in there!.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 17:04
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4MA what awful doggie news, so young.

Now have TV from most of Europe in my apartment which should widen it's appeal and keep the Dutch happy.

Decorator is threatening to start next Monday after his self harming exercise.

Another cold night, there seems to be a drift of air from the frozen North getting us at present.

Beautiful sky over Ibbie's way tonight.

Just retire Nigel, I can sell you a nice retirement flat not far away
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 18:37
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Pilot of the Airwaves
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Just retire Nigel, I can sell you a nice retirement flat not far away
He'd have to get used to supporting THE best team that play in blue and white then at La Rosaleda, though Wodrick. He could even bring back some of the players the Berties stole from there with him. It's a bit like the Elgin Marbles with football players

New tenants across the road, checked in at 02.15 this morning, waking all the neighbourhood up in the process.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 19:38
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No Ibbie not ere there, I got half a flat in Salfordia too
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 19:47
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Condolences about that very sad doggie news 4MA

Well done Nigel

It's the grandsons 18th and so we bought him a special present. We posted it ages ago and it arrived at his local sorting
office on the 29th October.His mother moaned that it was going to cost more money to pay for customs so we sent it to her.
It was supposed to have been delivered on Monday 3rd but she "made a mistake" so it was going to be Thursday 6th.
She has now told us that she won't be able to take delivery until the 13th !!! a week after his birthday. She says he doesn't
mind waiting but went very quiet when SWMBO asked her why she or one of the other 2 drivers in the family didn't just drive
the mile or so to the sorting office and pick it up herself.
We are totally disgusted that she can't be bothered to collect her sons 18th birthday parcel but that is the last parcel we will
ever send them and when they beg for money again, as they will, I will have great happiness telling them to get stuffed.
I am now also very tempted to send them photos of our now 5 month old new car and use my Note4 to do it, neither of which
they are aware we have. SWMBO is in tears and I am extremely livid.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 20:53
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The " I have put up with you enough brigade " are more often than not at odds with themselves.
Grand to read that two of ours: have thrown in the ACE card and pulled back the winnings.

Nigel and Nervous spoil yerselves.

I watched programme which featured traditional spade making.
We all know someone; who has worn down a hole for themselves: now needing an appropriate spade to cut foot and hand holds with which to climb out.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 21:32
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Unfortunately even if I don't quit will probably get fired now. I have no plan B in place, and despite having paid taxes all my life, will be at the back of the queue for any accommodation because I am the wrong ethnic group and not a scrounger.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 22:06
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Nigel - go and talk to a lawyer, and ask him/her about constructive dismissal.

Hint #2 - if it's a female lawyer, don't ask her to marry you until at least the third date.

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Old 6th Nov 2014, 22:09
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Nigel - well done! Its years overdue!

We have told you time and again that these guys are takling the proverbial.

What price a new Nigel eh? Where are they going to find one?

If they come back pleading tell them the price and hours and accommodation arrangements you want - and if they won't pay - Sod Em!

With your health conditions I don't think for a minute that you will get short changed from any DWP or ESA inspector - believe me mate - I have seen real scroungers - and you aren't one!
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 22:30
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For goodness sake, Nigel, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE
Do you really think they'd have you traipsing halfway round the world, if they had someone capable and willing ,nearer?
Do you really think they would have you writing Technical Manuals if they had someone more competent?

You seem to be blind to the realities of the commercial world.
I'd vouch yhat if you went independent tomorrow, you could charge at least 4 times your current wage (plus travel) and cherry-pick which you wanted to do. Been there with an American Company,nearly 50 years ago I made them so much money on the service side, I had a Company car, open-ended expense -account,telephone....and they took on 2 more service-engineers and the three of us made them more than 5 salesmen selling new equipment.
You have a unique skillset about time you capitalised on it.....If they had been able to hire someone else,they would have.
Good to see you are finally growing a backbone. If you lay down and actlike a doormat, that's how you'll get treated....be assertive and you'll get respect as well as finding a new confidence and self-respect....taking the first step is the hard bit....you seem to have done that. GOOD!
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 23:32
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Nigel-what the guys said. You may not realize it at the moment as you are in "Oh shit what have I done mode" but you have the whip hand They have put upon you for a long time and you have played along like a good sport. If they do get bolshie, then f*ck em. You live in a welfare state and as you have said you have paid taxes in all you life. You are one of the few who are entitled. Take the money and run towards retirement. You are in a win win situation here kiddo. Hang tough
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 23:41
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Let them fire you, THEN take them through the wringer.
You have worked your arse off for them.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 01:18
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Er ... hang on. [email protected] ... how can you tell them you quit and then go on to say "even if I don't quit"? Surely you have done it and can't go back on your decision? Have they said they will not accept your resignation? What the heck is going on?

What cockney steve said makes brilliant good sense and you should give that some very serious consideration; go independent and cherry pick the jobs you like. Alternatively, if your former employer wishes to re-hire you then you will be able to negotiate for your preferred conditions as TBF says. In case that happens, and it almost certainly will, start making notes of all the things you need in order to do the job in a way that is comfortable (and profitable) for you. You could also investigate the pros and cons of being employed by them versus contracting with them.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 03:45
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Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Posts: 354
Some further thoughts, [email protected] ... taking a friend's privilege here to set down my thoughts in a direct manner.

If you tell the people that you quit your job and do not follow through on that you are leaving yourself open to their perception of you as someone who makes idle threats and does not mean what they say. The words "I quit" should only be used immediately prior to tendering your resignation in writing and preferably the two should happen simultaneously.

To my mind, saying you quit and then not suiting action to words is a bit like an arguing couple who are always threatening to leave each other but never do. It means nothing and you lose credibility. You run the risk of becoming known as a person who threatens to leave when the going gets sticky "but hey, he always says that so we'll just sweeten things up for him for a while until the next time." They will play you like a fish.

I feel it is essential that you get full control of this situation and if you have not really tendered your resignation you should tell them ... meaning it ... that unless certain critical aspects of your employment undergo a radical review, your preferred option will be to quit. This opens up two possibilities for you; either they will sit down and fully discuss your needs or they will let you go. Either way, you lose nothing. If they let you go, you are out of a job that caused you great stress and many medical problems and are free to seek employment elsewhere, and if they sit down to serious and frank negotiations with you then you will end up with a job you enjoy which will not threaten your health and sanity.

As a last resort I suggest you fly me over to do the negotiations. Me and my chainsaw, that is.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 06:08
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Friday has arrived with an accompanying deluge.
It has warmed up a fair bit though. 12C compared to yesterday's 1C.

laser, there's no way of proving it but your quitting the job has quite possibly put several years on your life. I wish you well for the future and hope you find an employer soon that doesn't treat you with the contempt that your recent one did.

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Brassey in 1805, an English civil engineering contractor who was responsible for building much of the world's railways in the 19th century. By 1847, he had built one-third of the railways in Britain, and by time of his death in 1870 he had built an incredible one in every twenty miles of railway in the world. He also built the structures associated with those railways, including docks, bridges, viaducts, stations, tunnels and drainage works.

Thomas Brassey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A man of considerable achievement and I'm ashamed to say I can't remember ever hearing of him.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 06:34
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FX Guru
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Morning. Been raining overnight.

laser - look at what others have said. The fact you have said "I quit" makes not a jot of difference. Go to that company law specialist and ask about constructive dismissal.

When a tribunal looks at your case, as long as you've been up front with us -- and I think you have -- then the company will get hammered, and indeed probably won't even contest the case. EG - Feeling forced to fly when told not to by a doctor, being sent to highly polluted Hong Kong, blah blah.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 06:44
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Cold and windy but clear and sunny.

Nigel I am not sure about Constructive Dismissal, but an expert will be, however I do concur with Steve and TBF.

Don't know what the day will bring here.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 06:55
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Nigel, a lawyer once told me "If it's not in writing then it's not been said"
However as others have said you must be in a very strong position so all the best.

Daughter has had an attack of conscience at long last and will be collecting the parcel tomorrow.
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