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The Really Really Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread XXIV

Jet Blast Topics that don't fit the other forums. Rules of Engagement apply.

The Really Really Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread XXIV

Old 19th Oct 2014, 10:28
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Oh dear! one almost feels sorry for Sunderland,almost.
That is not permissible!

Laughing out loud is though
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 10:50
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Puppy-sized sp***r surprises scientist in rainforest


Piotr Naskrecki was taking a nighttime walk in a rainforest in Guyana, when he heard rustling as if something were
creeping underfoot.When he turned on his flashlight, he expected to see a small mammal, such as a possum or a
rat.A moment later,he realised he was looking not at a brown, furry mammal, but an enormous, puppy-size spider.
Known as the South American Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa blondi), the colossal arachnid is the world's largest spider,
according to Guinness World Records. Its leg span can reach up to 30 centimetres, or about the size of "a child's
forearm," with a body the size of "a large fist," Naskrecki told Live Science. And the spider can weigh more than 170 grams
about as much as a young puppy, the scientist wrote on his blog.



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Old 19th Oct 2014, 11:10
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Lon More, yes, I think you're right. There are other electric 'crumblie carriages' around now as well, but they are quite strict in allowing them. Doctor's certificates are needed and other hoops jumped through. I know they were trying to restrict the amount of tractor use and you now have to prove you need one for your business, people were importing tractors to circumvent the no car rule.

Sunday papers purchased, enjoying a cup of coffee before putting the roast on. All is well, sherry is in the fridge along with the wine.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 11:21
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Forecasting 28c in my part of Queensland tomorrow. Local paper warns snake season is upon us. A large brown was captured in the centre of the nearest bigger town 56 km away. I've only seen one so far in two pieces on the highway. One shall have to look where one steps from now on.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 11:41
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Mr Beaufort

Re sherry, one has been reliably informed that a couple of chilis sliced lengthways and shoved into a bottle of cheap sherry makes a fine condiment. Particularly good in tomato soup, apparently. One imagines there is plenty of scope for gustatory experimentation with this wheeze...
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 11:48
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Poor old Cutty Sark has caught fire again!

BBC News - Cutty Sark damaged in fire on deck
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 11:53
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SRT Ooh, that sounds good. Will try that. When I was younger we used to put very hot chillies along with black peppercorns in good quality vodka which was then stored in the freezer, a shot of that neat can give quite a kick.

I've just received a text from my brother, he's on his way back from Venezuela, I don't think the travelling gods are with him. First aircraft went tech. so a private aircraft was chartered, this dumped them 100 Km's from Caracas a taxi was sent for, but went to the wrong airport. They just made the long haul flight (I checked them in online) into Paris, he is currently sat at Heathrow, so he now has to get to Gatwick for the last leg back home to Guernsey. That'll learn him. I don't know why he didn't get a flight from Paris back home, even via Jersey it would have been less laborious.

Apologies for aviation content.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 12:14
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Another glorious autumnal morning here again.

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather BH. Hope it hasn't kept you from touring in Poppy

waving one of those BIG FINGERS
Checkers-I am waving one at you right now. Can you guess which one?
We won the game by the way, 3-2. Happy day
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 12:40
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Thread Starter
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Bloke who was at the Newcastle match said because there was delay in the kick off the crowd got the rest of the scores before the match was over,he said the Sunderland result produced bigger cheer that their goal did.
One trusts the person who posted that picture has got up walked across to the norty step and deposited their bum on same without being told.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 12:48
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Oooo, Nervous, now you've gone and done it. Unwritten rule on TRABB re. "certain" pictures. Links only, no actual piccies. As FSL has often warned us-the guilty will have their names writ large in his book. Their deaths will be slow and painful. Bin nice knowing you
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 13:27
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Chilli sherry was (probably still is) a popular condiment in Royal Artillery officers messes which I frequented as a civilian contractor many moons ago. As far as I remember, they had a lot more than just two in the bottle, possibly because they just kept adding new ones when the older ones lost their heat.

I must try that with some of the chillies I've been growing - a cheapo bottle of sherry from the supermarket should be OK.

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Old 19th Oct 2014, 14:59
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Oh dear, Nervous ... tch, tch, tch. Were you drunk when you posted that? You're lucky the Norty Step is all you got, the last person to post a picture of a s****r hasn't been since although someone did report chilling screams being heard coming from the bilges.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 15:30
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Warm and sunny day here, fifth delicious fig picked and devoured!

Lucky that Cutty Sark fire was reasonably quickly contained and dealt with. After the last fire I called her the Tatty Sark. The restoration work is absolutely superb and hope this damage is soon repaired.

I also hope they review their fire precautions!

Yesterday and today I have made major progress with a mechanism so when I put down my tools this evening I reckon I will take the weekend off. Being self-employed, my weekends rarely coincide with the calendar, and it has been at least 6 weeks since my last weekend.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 16:35
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Jolly warm here. We were away for just over 24 hrs and all my seedlings have wilted. I dare not water them until the sun goes down.

Will someone out there please send us some rain. It has been over 6 months now. Tiz not fair
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 16:49
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Whoever caused that fire should dance the hornpipe on the end of a rope on the end of a yard arm, they could leave him there as part of the exhibit, or indeed her, after all equality and all that jazz.

Didn't Take long.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 16:54
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joy ride

If you ever get 4 figs ripe at the same time, you might want to try this!

Fig and strawberry salad | Food24
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 17:00
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FX Guru
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Afternoon. Not bad here.

Saw six tenders at the Cutty Sark this morning as I drove through the one way system, there were fuzz and top brass cars there as well. Funnily enough, I nipped into Goddards, about 100 yards up the road, to get some pie and mash at lunchtime and they hadn't heard of the fire.

IIRC the first fire -- which was initially blamed on local yobs -- was actually caused by some feckwit leaving an electrical item switched on for too long and it burst into flames. The boat was being renovated at the time and a lot of it was down at Chatham, the masts, figurehead etc.

Spiders? How about the world's deadliest in your bananas? This psycho spider chewed it's own leg off to escape!

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Old 19th Oct 2014, 17:52
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Cheers Ian, I had 2 delicious figs today, six more ripening; I have never had more than 3 ripe in a day, but that recipe looks great, will buy some at our wonderful local Turkish shop.

A few years back Goddards closed down, was sorely missed for a couple years and has now re-opened 200 yards away, thank heavens! Cafe Sol does nice Mexican food, and TaiWon Mein Noodle house (near cutty Sark) does a bellyful of noodles for little more than loose change. Meantime Brewery in Greenwich too, it's what we call a Good Place!

Those banana spiders are genuinely worth being scared of!
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 18:21
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Cunning Artificer
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Spiders are ok in small doses. When there's more than half a dozen they get scary. You can't keep watch on them all.

Interesting day at the museum. Had a group looking at aerial photos taken during the Augsberg raid and I was explaining why "Bombs Away!" didn't mean "Job done, let's go home." One chap turned out to be German and he'd been on the receiving end at Augsberg. No bitterness: he was pleased their house was still standing and clearly visible on the post-raid reconnaissance photo on display at their own museum.
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Old 19th Oct 2014, 18:32
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Next door, the Finns,are here at the moment.
This morning he tapped on the door and asked if he could borrow his ladders.
He has just brought them back along with the weedkiller spray I asked if I could borrow too !
Nice man, I can borrow his ladders as long as he still owns his house it seems.

GSP in full sulk mode having had Dew Claw removed and bandaged.
Will be OK, nothing has happened, after we remove the bandage leaving the stump, tomorrow.
Sausage and Mash tonight served with Mr Heinz's most famous product.
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