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Bare feet and babies on board

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Bare feet and babies on board

Old 26th Jan 2014, 08:27
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Bare feet and babies on board

20. Abusing someone else's possessions in overhead bin
19. Taking ages to choose a movie
18. Compulsive leg-shaking
17. Boarding before group number is called
16. Babies crying
15. Getting huffy when a neighbor leaves their seat
14. Yapping on cell phone
13. Scarfing smelly food
12. Loud talking
11. Establishing armrest hegemony
10. Poaching the empty middle seat
9. Coughing, sneezing, germ sharing
8. Playing games without turning sound off
7. Rolling huge suitcases up aisle
6. People behind you trying to disembark first
5. Neglecting personal hygiene
4. Bare feet
3. Hogging the toilet
2. Reclining the seat
1. Kicking/bumping/shoving the seat back

20 most annoying things people do on planes - CNN.com
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 09:04
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And that is what just Probes gets up to, never mind the rest.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 09:17
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" 18. Compulsive leg-shaking"

The person doing this doesn't always know it is happening,
it can become second nature.

My right leg does it, not so much now as in the past courtesy
of a broken leg and ligament damage.

10. Poaching the empty middle seat"

Fair game if no one sits in it.

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Old 26th Jan 2014, 09:23
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Nothing wrong with #4...

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Old 26th Jan 2014, 09:28
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flynverted, is that from the mini-version of the Airbus that has a swimming-pool on board?
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 09:28
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"11. Establishing armrest hegemony"


And I sat next to someone one the way to Darwin that meant
the armrest wasn't even visible due to rolling layers of human

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Old 26th Jan 2014, 11:27
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I could relate to most of these, but it just depends on the situation and maybe even how I'm feeling as to how much it bothers me and how I'll react. What I have long thought is that airlines (yes ALL of them) should have in their booking information, written prominently what is expected of the traveller reasonably speaking and then during the initial boarding monologue a brief reminder of the tenets of a peaceful co-existance during the flight. This is more important for long haul flights and night flights.

It truly beggars belief how unaware of other people some of us are and whist one might think that that is only the fault of the chav/bogan/trailer trash, it is often apparent in both business and first class travel. When traveling in shared accommodation it should be natural and normal to 'operate' in a way that promotes a basic harmony. Flights with young children are always going to be challenging, but to my mind the long haul airlines do little to tackle the issue.

Anyway it's not my problem as I have a G650 at my personal private disposal.

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Old 26th Jan 2014, 11:35
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21. Incessant talking when 'talkee' is clearly not interested.
22. Reading my book/newspaper/magazine over my shoulder. Buy your own or ask if you can have mine when I'm finished.
23. Sniffing continuously. There are tissues in the toilets. Use them.
24. Breathing your foul garlic laden exhalations over me.
25. Being next to me. In 99.9% of cases I'd rather have an empty seat or two next to me.

The greatest measure of your wealth, a very wise friend of mine says, is the distance you can place between yourself and the closest person you do not wish to be close to.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 11:57
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Not air travel, but rail....years ago when my wife and I first started going out, we were sat on a bench at Basingstoke station when we were approached by an elderly woman who decided to sit next to us and engage us in 'conversation'. She told us all about her son, who'd emigrated to Canada, and showed us some photos. After what seemed like hours, our train arrived ( a twelve carriage service) and we said goodbye to the woman, with some relief and made our way right down to the back of the train, finding ourselves an empty compartment with a sliding door. Ten minutes after leaving Basingstoke, the woman suddenly appeared, slid open the door, said 'Ah! There you are....I've got some more photos to show you" and joined us for the rest of the journey. Great fun that was.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 12:45
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Should have just started snogging that would get a reaction...............
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 13:06
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@ # 11

If one "forgets" to use their underarm deodorant, the passengers on both sides will prefer that they keep their arms down, as on the armrests, for the duration on the flight. They may even suggest such a thing if you've "forgotten" for more than one day. Subvert and win.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 15:46
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Racedo- you're right. My girlfriend would have been furious......
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 16:31
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Nothing better than opening up a grinder/hoagie/sandwich with smelly meat on a no-frills flight while sitting in the middle seat. A belch or two after the meal seals the experience.

that generally takes their mind off the smelly arm pits.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 16:38
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Cape.....21. Incessant talking when 'talkee' is clearly not interested.
22. Reading my book/newspaper/magazine over my shoulder. Buy your own or ask if you can have mine when I'm finished.
23. Sniffing continuously. There are tissues in the toilets. Use them.
24. Breathing your foul garlic laden exhalations.

I take it your referring to the f/d?
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 18:05
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BA 747 flight LHR to Barbados ... I am staff travelling with my wife, seated in a middle row in economy. In the seats in front of us are two young children and their nanny. The children's parents are travelling in first class, and it soon becomes apparent that the nanny resents having to 'slum it' in economy class. She makes constant demands of the cabin crew, and talks to the children in a very loud and 'posh' English accent. During the movie the parents come down to see the nanny and they all stand around loudly talking and obscuring the movie screen. Half way through the meal service, when my wife and I were enjoying a glass of wine with cheese & biscuits, the nanny decides the children need to sleep. She thrusts the seat backs rearward spilling my wine, and tells us to stop eating to avoid disturbing the children. She then gets out of her seat reaches over to my wife and removes her plate and half finished wine glass. My wife, knowing my tendency to 'assertive' action, and aware that we were staffers and not full fare paying pax grabbed hold of my arm and restrained me! That might have worked if the nanny and kids then behaved reasonably. However the nanny decided to move to a vacant side row seat adjacent to her middle row. She sat in the new seat and violently reclined it into the face of a rather large Barbadian lady sitting behind her. The lady was quite distressed but was loudly dismissed as an idiot by the nanny. .... By this time I had had enough, so I got up and went over to the nanny in her seat. Feigning fatherly concern I gripped her on the shoulder with as strong a grip as I could possibly exert. Whispering my most favourite obscenities as back up, I told her that I would personally put her over my knee and spank her foul backside if she made any more trouble on the flight.
The nanny turned white, then pink, and then ran up the aisle out of economy class. A stewardess, who had seen this pantomime, asked me what I had said to the nanny, and gave me an understanding smile. Sure enough the parents and the nanny appeared from first class with the nanny accusing me of assault. However none of the pax had seen anything and the cabin crew likewise. The CSD arrived and requested the parents return to their correct seats and to stop this unseemly disturbance. The rest of the flight was quite peaceful.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 18:52
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Not aviation-related, but adverse behaviour on a transport system.

I live in a village and we have a bus service connecting us to the nearby town. The bus drives into the village through a housing estate into the centre then returns through the housing estate to the town. The driver has to change the destination board at the stop in the centre and it becomes a different route.

A very smartly-dressed couple had boarded on the way into the village (using their concessionary free passes) and then objected when asked to swipe their passes again for the return journey, expressing their disapproval of the driver's "attitude and unreasonable behaviour" (which I observed as being polite and in no way confrontational) and demanded his "name and number so that they could report him". Although obviously pensioners, both of the couple were hale and healthy and the bus is by no means large, being a short low-floor midibus and it would have only taken them a couple of steps. In the event they made a big fuss (as both passes were buried in the woman's handbag - what kind of man doesn't carry his own bus-pass?).

Little do the couple realise how finely-balanced this bus service is, and double swiping would give the bus operator two extra fares (at no cost to the passengers) whilst causing trouble is likely to cause the bus company to abandon the route rather than put up with the abuse.

I would judge that this couple were not from the social-housing section of the estate but from one of the large detached mansions within its own grounds of a few acres alongside the main road). The passengers from the social housing do not, in the main, have concessionary passes (apart from the elderly ladies) so they pay their fares in cash.

The couple were obviously distressed at having to mingle and interact with the lower classes of their society and their rave at the driver was the unreasonable behaviour.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 20:35
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Many years ago was on a Monarch flight from Man to AGP and about 20 lads in the back all around me. Not bothered but there was a very pretty BA trainer amoung them. They had already had a skinful before getting onboard.

However one bright spark decided that
1.) they on holidays but so were others.
2.) drunk and obnoxious ruins others flights

He moved all his contingent into same group of seats and politely asked anybody else if they minded moving to save them the hassle of his mates and him.

Sat next to BA trainer the whole flight and she regarded me as her saviour

Most of the guys had a beer of two and nodded off, bit loud but reasonably well behaved.

Collecting bags chatted to the leader and thanked him, he just said he knew his mates and none would be that bothered about it, which was true, but he figured messing up start of other peoples holidays just not worth the hassle.
Also said he would tell his mum what he did and she would be pleased.
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