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Would You Eat Whale Meat?

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Would You Eat Whale Meat?

Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:20
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Would You Eat Whale Meat?

There seems to be some sort of general consensus that whale meat is bad.

I used to think so as well but lately I have started to wonder why I held that view. I am not squeamish about eating Poultry, Beef, Lamb (PBL) or any other form of protein that bleeds when wounded so why did I hold such strong feelings about Whales?

I understand the argument that they suffer unduly when harpooned and therefore the killing process is cruel and should not be allowed. But is that the only reason we have for not wanting to eat them. If they developed a method of "humane" death as we have for PBL would we be more accepting of whale meat in the deli's and supermarkets? I really don't think we would.

Is the argument down to the fact that they are large, "cute", apparently intelligent beings and therefore deserve better treatment than ending their existence at the end of a fork? If that is the case should we revisit the use of poultry (not as dumb as previously thought), Kangaroos (cute as a button), dogs (cute and smart and eaten in many societies that we don't condemn) and other protein?

So I guess what I am trying to ascertain is, if they developed a humane method of dealing death upon whales, would you support a commercial hunting operation by purchasing whale meat for your consumption?

My answer is that yes, I more than likely would.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:32
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If the population wasn't threatened (which it is), why not?


(Dogs, cats rats, humans...depend how hungry I was.)

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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:36
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I'd probably try it once to see what it was like,
if I liked it and price was OK, would probably
add it to the menu but as per Mac, if the
population was OK and sustainable.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:37
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... a humane method...
take a look at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) videos. Or don't, if you want to sleep tonight. Some were used in presentations by the vet students a couple of years ago, and...
Also the slaughterhouses. Do you really think these are any more human than harpooning? Or the life of chicken in chicken farms?

People are hypocritical.

And yes, I love pork and chiken (and see no reason why traditional whale-hunting cultures shouldn't feed on them).
As long as I don't see how it gets on my plate.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:39
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I do it all the time and the population of the species hunted here is not threatened.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:40
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No wouldn't eat whale meat, it taste too much like dolphin meat to me
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:42
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Muctuc is, to my taste, disgusting. It's worse than Polar Bear liver, which you have to be careful about eating in any quantity because of the high vitamin D content as a consequence of said bear feeding on seals.
Don't you think that so much of the human love for whales is traceable to a Freudian concept which can best be described, although perhaps a little bluntly, as fat people by association adore whales. They also relish penguins both chocolate and flippered and large gold papered Easter bunnies especially when made by Lindt?

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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:44
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Australia's Climate Commissioner does have an occasional sensible thought...

ENVIRONMENTALIST and 2007 Australian of the Year Tim Flannery has declared his support for the hugely unpopular Japanese whaling program.
As Australia prepares to monitor the whaling fleet in Antarctica amid rising diplomatic tensions with Japan, Professor Flannery says there is nothing unsustainable about its annual cull of up to 1000 whales - particularly the common minke whale.

"In terms of sustainability, you can't be sure that the Japanese whaling is entirely unsustainable," Professor Flannery told The Daily Telegraph. "It's hard to imagine that the whaling would lead to a new decline in population."

Flannery says whaling is OK | thetelegraph.com.au

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Old 4th Mar 2013, 05:46
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Originally Posted by probes View Post
take a look at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
I prefer the alternative, People Eat Tasty Animals.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 06:36
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I've eaten whale meat once. It tasted sour and I didn't go back for seconds, even though it was being served by a Swedish royal.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 06:50
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If the whale meat tasted sour it was. Never trust a Swede with food, or otherwise.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 06:53
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"I turned around and saw him about one hundred rods (550 yards) directly ahead of us, coming down with twice his ordinary speed (around 24 knots or 44kph), and it appeared with tenfold fury and vengeance in his aspect. The surf flew in all directions about him with the continual violent thrashing of his tail. His head about half out of the water, and in that way he came upon us, and again struck the ship." —Owen Chase.

The whale crushed the bow like an eggshell, driving the 238-ton vessel backwards. The whale finally disengaged its head from the shattered timbers and swam off, never to be seen again, leaving the Essex quickly going down by the bow. Chase and the remaining sailors frantically tried to add rigging to the only remaining whaleboat, while the steward ran below to gather up whatever navigational aids he could find.

"The captain's boat was the first that reached us. He stopped about a boat's length off, but had no power to utter a single syllable; he was so completely overpowered with the spectacle before him. He was in a short time, however, enabled to address the inquiry to me, "My God, Mr. Chase, what is the matter?" I answered, "We have been stove by a whale." —Owen Chase.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 06:59
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Yeh I have the odd whalemeat - tasty if the chef prepares it properly. Its pretty bloody
ordinary if you go to a street stall instead of an upmarket seafood restaurant.

...Strangely enough the bestest meat I've had is in China within the shore corridor from
S of Shangers to that place E of Honkers - and not Japan.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 07:12
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I may have done in the late 40's early 50's, when we still had rationing, but I was too young then to remember today
Quote from Wiki:

For a period of time during the post-World War II period in the UnitedKingdom, corned whale meat was available as an unrationed alternative toother meats. Sold under the name "whacon", the meat was described as"corned whalemeat with its fishy flavour removed", and as almostidentical to corned beef, except "brownish instead ofred" The Food Ministryemphasised its "high food value".

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Old 4th Mar 2013, 07:21
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Whale meat? Again?

Don't know where, don't know when.

But I know whale meat again, some sunny day.

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Old 4th Mar 2013, 07:27
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I suppose it would be OK. But I don't think I could eat a whole one thank you.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 07:38
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It's just fuel. In the greater scheme of things there are probably easier ways to get hold of a chunk of protein, so I see it as more of an elitist/gourmet thing than a protein need.
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 07:42
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In one of the Star Trek movie they had to carry a Whale in a stolen space shuttle (time machine and invisible at times too..) to save the earth in the future.

Any one remember that movie? Carrying a whale in a stolen space shuttle, only Star Trek could do it!
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Old 4th Mar 2013, 07:47
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Whales evolved for four legged critters about the size of a large dog that scuttled about on the land,not many prooners know that.

On the other theory is that Jesus made em.

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Old 4th Mar 2013, 07:51
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No, but I remember the south park episode when they sent a whale to the moon.
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