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The Cold Hard Facts of Freezing to Death | Outdoor Adventure | OutsideOnline.com

Not directly related, but an interesting and well-written article about the extremes of cold that the body can, and cannot, survive.
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Here ya go AO, British and Best!

Mountain Jacket - Buffalo

The Buffalo range is intended for the professional and committed outdoor person for use in a variety of activities and conditions, including the very worst winter weather. Now used for many activities other than the originally intended walking and climbing applications due to its unique performance in the wet.
The stand up collar on jackets and shirts allow attachment of hood if required and cuffs are adjustable.
MOUNTAIN JACKET is ideal for standing about in howling gales, winter walking or mountaineering. A very warm jacket on its own but worn over the Special 6 Shirt will keep you insulated when stationary in freezing conditions.

Features: Pertex 6 outer, AquaTherm pile inner, two front zips (one creating a storm baffle over the other, four zipped pockets (2 outer and 2 inner) and waist and hem shock-cord adjusters.

Lightweight Parka - Buffalo
This lighter weight version has all the features of the Buffalo 'Parka', but uses Aquatherm pile, with an outer shell of Pertex Equilibrium. Equilibrium has a more textured handle than Pertex 6, whilst being highly windproof, and with the ability to transmit moisture rapidly. This unique combination makes the Lightweight Parka a technical jacket for the active user in the worst winter conditions.

Parka - Buffalo

The warmest garment we make.
This jacket is at home on ice covered spray lashed decks in the South Atlantic with round-the-world yachtsmen, or in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey staff for whom it was developed.
The full length of the jacket and its attached snorkel hood means that it can keep you warm and dry in the severest conditions. The high insulation provided by the PolarTherm lining make it ideal for users who are inactive for long periods.

  • Classic Pertex® shell
  • PolarTherm pile lining
  • Windproof to 60mph

Sorely tempted by a Black Parka myself...

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Since AO said at the beginning "reasonably priced ", I doubt he's in the market for a £ 124 shirt !
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This might not suit the urban rake, but it's hard to beat a pair of Dickies waterproof thermal coveralls. Top to toe. I can thoroughly recommend them, and as usual, Amazon is your friend.

Amazon Amazon

Oh, and they are sized for Friesian potato farmers, so get a medium even if you think you are large! Unless of course you are a properly big bugger.

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Psychophysiological entity
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Windproof to 60mph

WTF happens at 61mph?
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Re hats, why are British TV reporters (male and female) mortally afraid of them? I have seen them doing bareheaded pieces to camera in Red Square in December whilst Russians in cosy fur hats hurry by wondering who the idiot without the hat is. Similarly in the recent wet weather they have been appearing with hair plastered over their faces rather than wear something waterproof. But never mind, they may be freezing to death or saturated but they have avoided the dreadful fate (in their own minds) of looking silly!
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Carhartt bibs and an arctic jacket.

Worked in northern Manitoba on the winter road in minus 60 weather. It took 3 days to warm up the D8 sufficiently to start, but between the Carhartts and the mickey mouse boots, I really stayed warm.
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