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classic sports commentaries

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classic sports commentaries

Old 14th Nov 2012, 07:21
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Lupus Domesticus
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Not a commentary, but a classic sledge;

Eddo Brandes batting for Zimbabwe, facing up against Australia's Glen McGrath. Brandes is a wee bit on the tubby side.

McGrath: "Why are you so fat?"

Brandes (without hesitation): "because every time I fcuk your wife, she gives me a biscuit."
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 08:39
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My favourite 'Murray Walkerism' was when Alan Jones had a good lead and Murray was droning on about what a great driver he was and unlikely to make a mistake.

During this, the camera was following Alan as he drifted off the track, across the grass and into the armco!
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 08:58
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Thought the sound byte the OP referred to went "...the batsman's Holding, the bowler's Willie..."
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 10:39
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or even Willey, that being Peter's surname! (/PEDANT MODE OFF)
Curious Pax is online now  
Old 14th Nov 2012, 11:01
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"The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey" is correct.

I remember hearing it live on TMS. Confirmation from a fellow commentator here.
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 11:08
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A Runyonesque Character
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I recall a BBC horse race commentary when one of the nags was 'going through the ground like a torpedo'.
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 12:29
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Yells of "Danny, stay on your bike!" accompanying Danny Hart's World Downhill Championship run at Champery in 2011. It's hard to say which was more astonishing, the ride or the commentary. Terrifying to watch but such talent and skill.

(It's on yootube but I can't link to it from work)
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 12:40
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A beautifully politically incorrect comment by Tony Greg whilst commentating a test match at the SCG. The camera man was filming a wedding nearbye between an Anglo-Saxon looking gentleman and a lady from a country a thousand or so miles to the north of Australia:

"I wonder how long she's been off the boat?"

Channel nine goes straight to an add break with Tony Greg apologising shorty there after!
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 13:09
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FX Guru
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Another Murray Walkerism was during a rallycross event on a rainy day.

He was blathering on the revolutionary new windscreen wiper system the leader had. Of course, at the very moment he was saying it, the guy goes straight on at a corner and thuds into a grass bank at a rate of knots.

The memory of the driver looking stunned at his de-celeration from over a ton to zero in milli-seconds along with Walker's cries of "What am I saying?! What am I saying?!" will remain with me even when I am sitting in a wheelchair in the old people's home weeing myself (a couple of weeks at present rate).
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 13:36
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Warning aviation content!
Well sort of, one of my favorite Coleman balls was from a Radio One road show (I think).
Tony Blackburn "Ooh look parachutists, I wonder if their going to land!
then " Look they're streaming vapour, (pause) at least I think its vapour"!

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