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War in Australia (any Oz Politics): the Original

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War in Australia (any Oz Politics): the Original

Old 5th Oct 2015, 09:20
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short flights long nights
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I like that idea Chuboy. Although I don't think your serious.

As far as me having a different view of reality, I was using a recently released government report regarding refugees and welfare.

Syrian refugees in Australia will struggle to get off welfare, find jobs

Latest study of refugees settled in Australia - 90% on welfare, 50% never held a job here or home country - Michael Smith News
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 09:24
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They're not big flights (737s into Brisbane and Melbourne) and I'd guess that anyone one board who isn't Nauruan, Australian government or an Australian contractor would stand out like the proverbial. It's not exactly a tourist destination.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 09:29
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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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Worrals, back in the days when it was a thriving phospahte producer it wasn't a holiday destination either, never has been and never will be, (I think!). We did have a very happy community spirit though, the locals, Kiwis, Oz and the (very odd!) Pom! (1978).
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 10:34
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Dark Knight

It is the duty of every Muslim to convert non-believers i.e. we the Infidels, to the Islamic faith; if we cannot be converted then we are to be eliminated.
No.There are more flavours of Islam than Tim Tams.

They don't all have the same fervour.I've met plenty of Muslims,none of them were of Arab or Persian extraction and they were pretty normal.Some of them drank alcohol and ate bacon and egg muffins from Maccas.

The problem is extremism and radicalism.

Generalisations and stereotyping don't help.

To use that old saying:

"All barracuda are fish.But not all fish are barracuda"
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnn

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Old 5th Oct 2015, 11:11
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Originally Posted by TWT View Post
Generalisations and stereotyping don't help.
Hang on! Don't you understand that ALL Muslims want to kill you in your sleep because you are an infidel?? As we've heard from all the erudite and knowledgeable posters here, Islam demands either your acquiescence to the Muslim faith or death! They're all out to either convert you or kill you, you make your choice!

Oh, and they're all on government welfare as well. Scum sucking arseholes.

Of course, the other option is to arm the 'true Aussies' (white, anglo-saxon Christians) to the hilt with semi-automatic assault rifles so that we can defend ourselves against the marauding Islamist hoard. They're coming to get you, hide under your bed, or fight them on the beaches!

Be afraid Australia. They are coming to get you.

p.s. The author acknowledges the input of Fox News, the USA, and especially the hit TV show 'The Fear Factor' in deciding his views. He is about to apply for a handgun permit

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Old 5th Oct 2015, 11:48
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He is about to apply for a handgun permit
Hope you like paperwork and gun clubs.

In fairness, very little information has been released about the offender or his family. Presumably that's deliberate, because otherwise the media would have been all over it like a rash, complete with links to his FB page, a list of his sporting achievements and video of his performance in the 2010 school play. All that's been reported is his name and some references to his ethnic heritage on news.com which may or may not be true, i.e. Iranian-Kurdish Sunni.

IMO the news reports display a lack of clarity/continuity and a strong smell of whitewash, but if that is the case, then I guess there's a reason.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 12:47
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short flights long nights
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I agree Worralls. Looks like a white wash to me. There are fears of reprisals from both sides, so trying to keep it low key might be a good idea.

We have had the chocolate shoppe idiot ( on welfare all his life in Australia), the kid that stabbed police in Melbourne and the 15 year old who killed an innocent man. Plus a few foiled attempts.

Sometime soon, one of these events will trigger an enormous backlash. And that's why this one is been kept low key, to try and keep the backlash factor low.

One example of why it might be a god idea to keep it low profile...

I think the person that started this post on face book, may have missed the fact that he killed an innocent man, and was shouting religious slogans while shooting at police.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 13:00
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One example of why it might be a good idea to keep it low profile...
Maybe that person is currently having an official conversation.
That said, if mocking Malcom Turnbull is an offence then we're collectively screwed. See y'all in Goulburn .

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Old 5th Oct 2015, 23:01
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TWT: suggest you read the Koran and then spend a little time in Saudia Arabia observing how they are sending their evenagalists and preachers throughout the world.

Please get back to me following your studies.

No other religious group in Australia produces these sorts of tragedies and yet we are all asked to be inclusive towards Muslims.

That's fine and good, provided that Islamic leaders explicitly denounce this sort of extremism as being contrary to their faith and what is culturally and politically unacceptable in this country.

Muslims in Australia must see themselves as part of the Australian community and not exclude themselves on the basis of their faith.

The feelings of exclusion and marginalisation that some Muslims feel in Australia are, really, only in their own heads.

No one is telling them how to follow their religion or, indeed to renounce their religion, just to respect that Australia is a multi-faith and free nation.

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Old 6th Oct 2015, 01:58
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You missed the bit where I said I didn't know any Arab or Persian Muslims.Your statement was a blanket "All Muslims".I just corrected you on that,since it was in error.
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 02:04
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Re the lack of information on the teenage killer's family being made public on the MSM: my guess would be that, after examining the family and what they've done since moving here, there wasn't much, that fitted the MSM's (and in particular, the ABC's) preferred positive 'narrative' for how incredibly successful multiculturalism has been since that sorry individual Al Grasby inflicted it upon us.

I sometimes wonder what it will take to shake our always overly quick to be apologist politicians - of all political persuasions - and the talking heads in our mainstream media out of their state of apparent ennui.

If an attack by (yet another) 'lone wolf'/'lone wolves' / 'misunderstood youth'/'misunderstood youths' was to prove to be massively successful, resulting in the deaths of many hundreds, perhaps thousands, or in the destruction of or massive damage to some Australian public icon, (like a packed MCG, the Opera House, Parliament House or the AWM for instance), would someone - anyone - in government come out and say, "OK, enough with Political Correctness. It's time to adopt a realistic response to this current madness, firstly by accepting that ALL these problems are coming from one specific group within our society."?
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 02:40
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If you are correcting me be sure you are correct.

What I said was `It is the duty of every Muslim to convert non-believers' which most would understand to mean `all who follow the Islamic teachings' or perhaps I should correct it to say thus.

The statement reference the duty of all who follow the Islamic faith is as in the Koran.

I too have known some of the Islamic persuaion who have indulged in alcohol, bacon sandwhiches and the pleasures of boys as have many Christians however, the Christians have generally moved on from the 7th century and do not indulge in Terrorism.

Not that Christians or Christianity has an unblemished record

However, you indulge in the usual diversionary tactics failing to debate, resolve or offer any meaningful solutions to resolve the problems or ensure we are free from terrorism.
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 02:41
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There are small "m" muslims, and there is Islam, the religio-political movement They are poles apart.

For well over thirty years I had a muslim landlord...and a fairer-minded, harder-working man you would not find. His wife was also muslim, as were his children. And they all integrated perfectly into the Australian way-of-life. Why - because they were Turkish muslims, and Turkey is a secular country.

I respected his religion, and he respected mine. We never even spoke of religious beliefs. His family dressed in typical Australian clothes, spoke English perfectly (and were still pretty fluent in Turkish) his grand-children would be indistinguishable from any other second generation migrant kids. As with so many Turkish immigrants, they had all set up successful businesses, and they had become as Australian as any one of us who were born here. They had a great sense of family, but they were also very proudly Australian and grateful for the opportunities the country had given them.

Occasionally, aged, wizened men wearing loose-flowing white robes and walking with with bare feet would come to visit my landlord - and he would be nowhere to be found. These were the emissaries of the Islam he didn't wish to associate with, and he knew well what they wanted. One day - long after they had left after yet another fruitless visit - I asked him why he didn't want to see them.

"I am not a fanatic," was his very quiet reply. I understood immediately, and if ever I met them in my to-ings and fro-ings from the residence, I would say "I'm not sure where he is, but he's been gone for some time now", and they would leave. I respected his desire not to see these people. They only stopped visiting after I had returned from a competition at the rifle-range and was taking my M14 (this was pre-1996) out of my car to take it inside and clean it. They saw the rifle and decided not to visit after all. I never saw them again.

Our latter Islamic immigrants from Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Syria (etc) have been a more mixed bunch, and since most of these nations are far from secular, their attitudes and expectations are far different and more narrow than those of our Turkish immigants. We didn't choose many of them - the Syrian army did when they decided to let a bunch of criminals out of their gaols and evict them from the country. The Lebanese did much the same. More fool Australia. How they must be laughing at us still as we struggle with Middle East Organised Crime and terorrism. The gifts that keep on giving, for all the wrong reasons.

A great many single, fit men of military age flooded in - and we simply had no way of sorting the good from the bad. A Labor government took the line of least resistance and allowed them in by the thousands, hoping to garner electoral support via the welfare-state. The working-man's party became the "Islamic-man's welfare-state party" - a political betrayal- of-principle of breath-taking magnitude for which history - and many true-believers - will never forgive it. It is not the Labor party now - it is the Islamo-Labor Party, the rising political wing of Islam.

A subsequent Liberal government staunched the flow and took a pillorying from the Left because the Left wanted to recruit the immigrants to its own political philosophy. In fact, the Left was deluding itself (as usual). Islam and left-wing politics are not happy neighbours, and in most Islamic countries the Communist party is banned or in serious decline. Remember the demise of the Indonesian communist party (PKI) back in the 60s when Suharto replaced Sukarno. A lot of them are buried on beaches in Bali if you care to dig deep enough. The communist party of Iran is banned and only exists outside Iran. How many active, progressive Communist parties presiding over peaceful nations are there in the Middle East today? You could count them on the fingers of plague-bacillus.

These fit, well-muscled young men of unknown political loyalty are now throughly embedded within Australian society. A Fifth Column in our midst, thanks to the greed and cynicism of political parties intent on putting their own interests ahead of the welfare of the nation. Some of them may decide that the Australian way-of-life has value, but for the ideologically-committed, they just wait, sleepers in our society, until the time for an uprising is right. Their culture of Islamo-fascist brutality is equally as valid as our culture of peace and harmony? Their hatred must be accepted, embraced and even given priority over our need to protect ourselves from them? It's not tecnhically "treason", but that offence is in need of a radical overhaul.

Our under-resourced intelligence authorities do the best they can, but refusing to give them the resources they require is yet another aspect of political interference over-riding the security of the nation as a whole. Each side sits transfixed, like a mouse crouching motionless with fear before a snake, worshipping the false-god of multiculturalism, waiting for the strike. We are expected to blindly accept every attack, every insult, every act of civil disobedience (riot, demonstration, threat, taunt, rape, racial slur etc) and just get on with it because this "enriches our lives and builds a stronger, more diverse, nation"?

Is there anyone with a functioning brain who actually believes any of this rubbish? I said functioning brain, so that excludes the extreme Left, almost all of the Greens and a host of other activists, well-intentioned ideologues, left-wing lawyers and social-engineers and like-minded oxygen-thieves whose brains and other organs would be perfect for organ-donation or medical experiments because they have had so little use.

The repeated, willing, obtuse stupidity and refusal to face reality on both sides of politics will inevitably bring about extreme parties on both sides to break the deadlock. "One Nation" was just a symptom of a greater ill.

As any medical man will tell you, "in order to lance the boil, it must first be allowed to fester."

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Old 6th Oct 2015, 03:36
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short flights long nights
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Another great post, Critical.

AnD MTOW, I think you are spot on the money. If they highlighted the family, I think you would find (my opinion only), they have done nothing to assimilate into Australia, but lived in a parallel society. And there in lies the problem.

Another boy, 17, has been arrested at the same school the shooter attended, for threatening police. It just keeps getting better.
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 03:54
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However, you indulge in the usual diversionary tactics failing to debate, resolve or offer any meaningful solutions to resolve the problems or ensure we are free from terrorism.
You have your opinion,to which you are entitled.As do I.No diversionary tactics used,your reading comprehension appears to be suffering though.I told you of my experiences which are true,that's all.

That's it from me on this
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 04:04
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Call me ignorant but I would think the whole point of moving to another country was because it isn't like the one your leaving. Also, im fairly sure the things we are into in Australia are fairly well telegraphed. i.e. we like to drink alcohol and are perfectly fine with women wearing whatever they want in public. We are also a very secular society becoming less religious as time goes on. So if you are appalled by those things why on earth would you want to move to a place that celebrates those freedoms?
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 04:31
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Agree, Jeps. I've never been able to figure that out either. I think there's been a too much pandering to people's differences in the name of being PC, and it's led some people to get a big sense of entitlement.

FWIW today's Murdoch press (once you wade through all the footy ) is reporting that the family are 'said to be naturalised Australians' (though I'm not sure how they define that) and that the father and brother work. I see they've also given up pretending that it was a lone wolf thing.

Interesting story, criticalmass, that shows that fundo recruiting is not a new thing in Australia. Not everyone would have been as uninterested as your landlord was.
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 08:29
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Are there any figures available to show what percentage of our humanitarian migrants/refugees/family reunionists etc etc are currently welfare dependent?

I don't mean the ones that are 'fresh off the boat', so to speak, but ones that have been here for, say, greater than twelve months.
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 08:55
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Others have previously posted links to government studies reporting long term unemployment levels of up to 90% in some groups.

Hempy won't accept heresay, so I won't bother detailing the many stories of welfare abuse by members of those same groups, relayed to me by a brother who is a Centrelink Fraud Investigator.
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Old 6th Oct 2015, 10:46
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That's enough of the personal stuff, any more and there will be bans.
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