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War in Australia (any Oz Politics): the Original

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War in Australia (any Oz Politics): the Original

Old 9th Jan 2015, 07:46
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Well, RJM
I don't think that's going to happen while they think they are winning.
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 07:53
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I reckon you're right.

If only a martyr could come back from being dead and say it's all bullsh*t, there's nothing, or even better, you and your family go to hell.
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 08:33
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In the meantime RJM, there is an old saying which may or may not be suitable to some;

"Keep your powder dry!"

Read into that whatever you will.

I know what I will do.
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 09:06
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I hope Two Dads is watching what is going on in Paris. One of these whack jobs had been in Yemen, previously. From there he could have easily hoped on a boat, and arrived at Christmas Island as a poor, repressed refugee.

God knows how many like them, are already living amonst us.
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 10:50
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I think I have to agree with her this time.

Jacqui Lambie questions why treason charges havent been laid against Junaid Thorne | Daily Mail Online
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 11:23
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via RJM:
Having armed everyone, how do we control what they do?...
...and will a gun actually stop the terrorist act ? Reading a few of the Inspire magazines will have yer realise that a gun, an armed 'citizen', will not stop many of the terrorist plots.

Inspire (magazine) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

...and i havn't fergotten chuboy.

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Old 9th Jan 2015, 11:37
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More to Come

Hello All,

After the Sydney hostage deaths I posted an observation about Australia that I had after seeing an Islamic March in Melbourne on Melbourne Cup day Tuesday 5 November.

There were 10,000 angry young Musilim men marching the streets with not one sign or word in English.

Each and every government has to stop this overt lack of integration of immigants. These people have to be forced to integrate or return to their homelands. The only hope is positive and proactive integration of immigrants, otherwise the continued fester of their gangrenous intent will continue until it kills the whole.

France started it with a strong stand on women wearing Burkhas/Nikhabs/Veils and I hope that the latest events make them act with strength not a pandering weakness.

Each country has to act now to protect its own identity or it will be lost to these 5th columnists.

The strength and backbone will have to eventually come from within our own societies and governments or we are lost and will all be consumed.

Its not about religion, its about fanatacism.

As I said before in early December - there is more and worse of this to come. Be prepared.

Last edited by ramble on; 10th Jan 2015 at 06:00.
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 20:20
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ramble on, I think if you were able to check the place of birth of the 10,000 young men you saw marching in Melbourne, you'd find that a significant number of them were born in Australia.

That is quite possibly our ('our' being non-Muslim Australians) biggest problem. Unlike earlier waves of immigrants, who have all followed the 'three generation rule', where the third generation end up as much Australian as of their grandparents' culture, too many of the second generation of Muslim immigrants have become more alienated from mainstream, secular Australian society than their parents, many of whom were content to live the quiet life here, knowing how lucky they were to escape the troubles plaguing the countries they came from.

The mistake many of that first generation made was to idealise and embellish how wonderful life had been in their home countries to their children in a perhaps misguided attempt to stop their children straying too far into Australian secular life. Whereas the earlier waves of immigrants eventually melded into mainstream Australian society (to be fair and honest, sometimes not without difficulty), too many of the Muslims who have come here are going out of their way to prevent this melding taking place - unless the 'meld' involves mainstream Australia accepting - and adopting - the way of life of the Muslim immigrants.

What's utterly amazing is that there are some 'mainstream, secular Australians', almost entirely on the Left side of Australian politics (and even more incredibly, within the inner core of the feminist movement), who are advocating that mainstream Australia should accept and even welcome this. Almost every 'talking head' on our national broadcaster, (who seem to see their mission in life to be to enlighten the redneck bogans - us - who make up mainstream Australia), could be included in this group.
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 19:19
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Here we go, they are well and truely amongst us now.


I'm getting a little bit worried. If I thought Tony would take some strong action, I would not be, but based upon recent events, and his last PC nonsense letter to me, I fear that these whackos will be allowed to run free and create death and destruction.
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 00:18
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ABC announcing that a permanent memorial will be erected in Martin Place to commemorate the Lindt attack. This shows a total lack of understanding of the mindset of the people who are attacking us. THEY will turn the memorial into a place of celebration where they can remember and praise a 'martyr' to their cause.

We really have to get the message across to Tony Abbott that we are at war with an enemy who is very much within our gates - and that that enemy is fighting his war using a very different set of rules to the ridiculously restrictive self-imposed rules we are (not!) fighting by. To borrow a phrase from Mao Tze Deng (sp?), the guerrilla army survives only when it can swim like fish in the sea - i.e., when it has a support base that will protect it and in which it can remain undetected. Far too many of the so-called moderate muslims within our society are providing that 'sea' in which the radical 'fish' can survive and prosper.

But first, we have to convince Tony Abbott that we are in a state of war. Something he doesn't seem to have accepted yet.
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 08:07
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They be trying to denigrate her...

....and I can undertstand why...never taking the time to understand or appreciate someone who is less well off than themselves, or apprantly from a lower social standing than themselves...and given, she has portrayed herself very poorly in the past, a true Bogan in fact (To be expected of Oz Army I suppose ) I personally think the Senator is correct!

Jacqui Lambie questions why treason charges havent been laid against Junaid Thorne | Daily Mail Online

I really do...why not lay treason charges?

I don't know what Tony Abbott has been hiding in those budgie smugglers....clearly not balls.....

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Old 11th Jan 2015, 08:14
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Perhaps the ALP sympathisers would block any attempt do do so.
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 08:15
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'These savages hate our democratic way of life, which attempts to accommodate difference of political opinion, thought, freedom of speech and religion, while trying to respect basic human rights,' she said.

'So the time has come for ordinary Australians to wake up. The time has come for the Abbott Government to act swiftly and deal decisively with these traitorous individuals.'

So come on Tony!!!, stand up Son, be counted, make a difference, call him on it, make International News not for being bumbling idiot who'd 'shirt front' a leader of a super power, only to embarrass yourself and a nation....stand up....make a difference.....

Oh sorry forgot....it's all about you doing what you can for you.......I suppose yout take tea with krudd and dullard huh? There sure ain't much between you!!!
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 08:17
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Perhaps the ALP sympathisers would block any attempt do do so.

Maybe they would....maybe they would not.....maybe allow them the chance to do so Takan!
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 08:25
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I have to say, I agree with her on this one. So, come on Tony, how about it?
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 08:35
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I'm not so caught up in this being PC to turn a blind eye to this sort of BS, he's a traitor, not just to us here in Oz, but to all our western brethern.....

Ball well and truly in your court Tony.....stand up for us, or forever hold your peace.....oh hang on.....freedom of speach is not something you care to defend anyway is it??

Crikey: Je ne suis pas Charlie | Plane Talking

I kinda like Ben, he calls out people like Joyce and Clifford on their failures, whereas the likes of Abbott like to receive money from Joyce and Clifford....

Disgraceful Mr Budgie Smuggler!!!....your chance of some redemption has been handed you upon a platter by someone who you would ordinarily scorn....let us see what you are made of.....
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 09:31
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Oh my, a lot of armchair lawyers here!. If there is anything realistic they could do to him they would.

Even if they could it would be a practical waste of time, laws in theory work for a reason. For this type of thing unless you can get draconian it achieves nothing. These people don't respect our laws, and people they care about don't respect our laws.

The only thing that would make a difference to extremists is if they started mysteriously ending up in ditches at the hands of our local moderate Muslims.
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 09:44
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Originally Posted by rh200
Even if they could it would be a practical waste of time
I'm not so sure?

Let's hope his name is never included in an official statement along with the words 'the perpetrator was know to the authorities'.

There are far too many of such statements for my liking.
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 10:19
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Thorne is aboriginal so would scream racism. Blimey, even Saudi Arabia didn't want him!

I understand that elections are won or lost in Western Sydney. That would of course be far more important than silly little things like national security. Mustn't upset these people must we.
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Old 11th Jan 2015, 10:42
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short flights long nights
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And that's the point Clare. A small group, some members of which, would like to see us all dead, holds an enormous amount of electoral power. So much so, that none of our political leaders have the balls to call a spade a spade.

So we have the PM, sending me PC rubbish emails, while we have killers that have come back from Syria wandering happily around Sydney.

Something is very very wrong.
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