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I've been asked by 'Foxy Loxy' (Gemma) to pass the very sad news on that 'Foss' (Graeme Foster) passed away earlier today. The exact circumstances are as yet unconfirmed but Graeme was found earlier today by Gemma at the home they shared in Cornwall.

Hopefully, despite some members having issues with Graeme previously, we can maybe use this thread to pass on our condolences to Gemma and Graeme's family.

My own condolences go to Gemma at this sad and difficult time.

Hugs chick.
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This is utterly sad news!


Edited to say I never knew Foss but, strangely, felt I did. He clearly was a good man in need of some help.

Go well fellah!
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Calm seas and a safe harbour.
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Timm, agreed

Knowing the effect it has had, my thoughts go to all those involved
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Oh shit. We had our differences but IŽd never wish that on anyone. RIP

Gem, wishing you and his family all the strength in the world
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Sincerest condolences for Gemma and Graeme's family.

Rest in peace, Fos.
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Thinking of you Foxy, such devastating news xx
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Hugs Gems..... Thoughts and prayers are with you.

May the G be forever healthy and demon free now. I enjoyed the time I spent with him in Zoom.

Poor bugger's going to get a right earful from Snappybits though!
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Chin up Foxy girl.

I hope Graeme's passing was peaceful.

Too shocked for further comment . . .

Edited to add:-
He had a prodigious talent.
He will be missed.
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Very sad news indeed, hopefully he is back with his dog he loved so much.
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How very sad. I will always remember his fabulous stories of Daisy... he had such a marvellous knack with words!

RIP Foss.

{{{{{{{{GIANT HUG FOR FoxyLoxy}}}}}}}}}

luv brockie
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Sad sad news.
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My sincerest sympathy to Foxy Loxy and Foss's family.

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Oh dear, very sad. I communicated with him amicably on a few occasions. Felt I almost knew him.

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Sorry to hear that news.
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Yep, me too. He passed a valuable comment or two on a chapter of mine I sent for him to read. That was a long time ago.

I bet there's a tail wagging furiously up there somewhere.
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Didn't know he was Cornish too.

As G-CPTN said, he had talent. Sad.
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That's terrible news, I'm so sorry to hear about this. (((Hugs))) to Foxy but I'm sure Daisy was waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for him.
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