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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

Old 6th Jan 2013, 00:13
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Hi con,
Normally I wouldn't do this, but being in the minority in one's family for the "big game" can't be much fun. So for an attempt to convert you to a ND supporter, read this:
Laura Hollis is:

Current: Associate Professional Specialist and Concurrent Associate Professor of Law at University of Notre Dame.

Past: Director at Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Associate Director and Clinical Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Education: University of Notre Dame Law School, University of Notre Dame.

Summary: She has 20+ years' experience in curriculum and other program development and delivery.

I am already reading so many pundits and other talking heads analyzing the disaster that was this year's elections. I am adding my own ten cents. Here goes:
1. We are outnumbered
We accurately foresaw the enthusiasm, the passion, the commitment, the determination, and the turnout. Married women, men, independents, Catholics,
evangelicals - they all went for Romney in percentages as high or higher than the groups which voted for McCain in 2008. It wasn't enough. What we saw in the election on Tuesday was a tipping point: we are now at a place where there are legitimately fewer Americans who desire a free republic with a free people than there are those who think the government should give them
stuff. There are fewer of us who believe in the value of free exchange and free enterprise. There are fewer of us who do not wish to demonize successful people in order to justify taking from them. We are outnumbered.
For the moment. It's just that simple.
2. It wasn't the candidate(s)
Some are already saying, "Romney was the wrong guy"; "He should have picked Marco Rubio to get Florida/Rob Portman to get Ohio/Chris Christie to get [someplace else]." With all due respect, these assessments are incorrect. Romney ran a strategic and well-organized campaign. Yes, he could have hit harder on Benghazi. But for those who would have loved that, there are those who would have found it distasteful. No matter what tactic you could point to that Romney could have done better, it would have been spun in a way that was detrimental to his chances. Romney would have been an excellent president, and Ryan was an inspired choice. No matter who we ran this year, they would have lost. See #1, above.
3. It's the stupid culture, stupid!
We have been trying to fight this battle every four years at the voting booth. It is long past time we admit that is not where the battle really is. We abdicated control of the culture - starting back in the 1960s. And now our largest primary social institutions - education, the media, Hollywood (entertainment) have become really nothing more than an assembly line for cranking out reliable little Leftists. Furthermore, we have allowed the government to undermine the institutions that instill good character -
marriage, the family, communities, schools, our churches. So, here we are, at least two full generations later - we are reaping what we have sown. It took nearly fifty years to get here; it will take another fifty years to get back. But it starts with the determination to reclaim education, the media, and the entertainment business. If we fail to do that, we can kiss every election goodbye from here on out. And much more.
4. America has become a nation of adolescents
The real loser in this election was adulthood: Maturity. Responsibility. The understanding that liberty must be accompanied by self-restraint. Obama is a spoiled child, and the behavior and language of his followers and their
advertisements throughout the campaign makes it clear how many of them are,
as well. Romney is a grown-up. Romney should have won. Those of us who expected him to win assumed that voters would act like grownups. Because if we were a nation of grownups, he would have won. But what did win? Sex. Drugs. Bad language. Bad manners. Vulgarity. Lies. Cheating. Name-calling. Finger-pointing. Blaming. And irresponsible spending. This does not bode well. People grow up one of two ways: either they choose to, or circumstances force them to. The warnings are all there, whether it is the looming economic disaster, or the inability of the government to respond to crises like Hurricane Sandy, or the growing strength and brazenness of our enemies. American voters stick their fingers in their ears and say, "Lalalalalala, I can't hear you." It is unpleasant to think about the circumstances it will take to force Americans to grow up. It is even more unpleasant to think about Obama at the helm when those circumstances arrive.
5. Yes, there is apparently a Vagina Vote
It's the subject matter of another column in its entirety to point out, one by one, all of the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of the Democrats this year. Suffice it to say that the only "war on women" was the one waged by the Obama campaign, which sexualized and objectified women, featuring them dressed up like vulvas at the Democrat National Convention, appealing to their "lady parts," comparing voting to losing your virginity with Obama, trumpeting the thrills of destroying our children in the womb (and using our daughters in commercials to do so), and making Catholics pay for their birth control. For a significant number of women, this was appealing. It might call into question the wisdom of the Nineteenth Amendment, but for the fact hat large numbers of women (largely married) used their "lady smarts" instead. Either way, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are rolling over in their graves.
6. It's not about giving up on "social issues"
No Republican candidate should participate in a debate or go out on the stump without thorough debate prep and a complete set of talking points that they stick to. This should start with a good grounding in biology and a reluctance to purport to know the will of God. (Thank you, Todd and Richard.)
That said, we do not hold the values we do because they garner votes. We hold the values we do because we believe that they are time-tested principles without which a civilized, free and prosperous society is not possible.
We defend the unborn because we understand that a society which views some lives as expendable is capable of viewing all lives as expendable.
We defend family - mothers, fathers, marriage, children - because history makes it quite clear that societies without intact families quickly descend into anarchy and barbarism, and we have plenty of proof of that in our inner cities where marriage is infrequent and unwed motherhood approaches 80 percent. When Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, many thought that the abortion cause was lost. Forty years later, ultrasound technology has demonstrated the inevitable connection between science and morality. More Americans than ever define themselves as "pro-life." What is tragic is that tens of millions of children have lost their lives while Americans figure out what should have been obvious before. There is no "giving up" on social issues. There is only the realization that we have to fight the battle on other fronts. The truth will win out in the end.
7. Obama does not have a mandate. And he does not need one.I have to laugh - bitterly - when I read conservative pundits trying to assure us that Obama "has to know" that he does not have a mandate, and so he will have to govern from the middle. I don't know what they're smoking. Obama does not care that he does not have a mandate. He does not view himself as being elected (much less re-elected) to represent individuals. He views himself as having been re-elected to complete the "fundamental transformation" of America, the basic structure of which he despises. Expect much more of the same - largely the complete disregard of the will of half the American public, his willingness to rule by executive order, and the utter inability of another divided Congress to rein him in. Stanley Kurtz has it all laid out here.
8. The Corrupt Media is the enemy
Too strong? I don't think so. I have been watching the media try to throw elections since at least the early 1990's. In 2008 and again this year, we saw the media cravenly cover up for the incompetence and deceit of this President, while demonizing a good, honorable and decent man with lies and smears. This is on top of the daily barrage of insults that conservatives (and by that I mean the electorate, not the politicians) must endure at the hands of this arrogant bunch of elitist snobs. Bias is one thing. What we observed with Benghazi was professional malpractice and fraud. They need to go. Republicans, Libertarians and other conservatives need to be prepared to play hardball with the Pravda press from here on out. And while we are at it, to defend those journalists of whatever political stripe (Jake Tapper,
Sharyl Atkisson, Eli Lake) who actually do their jobs. As well as Fox News and talk radio. Because you can fully expect a re-elected Obama to try to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine in term 2.
9. Small business and entrepreneurs will be hurt the worst
For all the blather about "Wall Street versus Main Street," Obama's statist agenda will unquestionably benefit the biggest corporations which - as with the public sector unions - are in the best position to make campaign donations, hire lobbyists, and get special exemptions carved out from Obama's health care laws, his environmental regulations, his labor laws. It will be the small business, the entrepreneur, and the first-time innovators who will be crushed by their inability to compete on a level playing field.

10. America is more polarized than ever; and this time it's personal
I've been following politics for a long time, and it feels different this time. Not just for me. I've received messages from other conservatives who are saying the same thing: there is little to no tolerance left out there for those who are bringing this country to its knees - even when they have been our friends. It isn't just about "my guy" versus "your guy." It is my view of America versus your view of America - a crippled, hemorrhaging,
debt-laden, weakened and dependent America that I want no part of and resent being foisted on me. I no longer have any patience for stupidity, blindness, or vulgarity, so with each dumb "tweet" or FB post by one of my happily lefty comrades, another one bites the dust, for me. Delete. What does this portend for a divided Congress? I expect that Republicans will be demoralized and chastened for a short time. But I see them in a bad position. Americans in general want Congress to work together. But many do not want Obama's policies, and so Republicans who support them will be toast. Good luck, guys.

11. It's possible that America just has to hit rock bottom
I truly believe that most Americans who voted for Obama have no idea what they are in for. Most simply believe him when he says that all he really wants is for the rich to pay "a little bit more." So reasonable! Who could argue with that except a greedy racist? America is on a horrific bender. Has been for some time now. The warning signs of our fiscal profligacy and culture of lack of personal responsibility are everywhere - too many to mention. We need only look at other countries which have gone the route we are walking now to see what is in store.
For the past four years - but certainly within the past campaign season - we have tried to warn Americans. Too many refuse to listen, even when all of the events that have transpired during Obama's presidency - unemployment, economic stagnation, skyrocketing prices, the depression of the dollar, the collapse of foreign policy, Benghazi, hopelessly inept responses to natural disasters - can be tied directly to Obama's statist philosophies, and his decisions.
What that means, I fear, is that they will not see what is coming until the whole thing collapses. That is what makes me so sad today. I see the country I love headed toward its own "rock bottom," and I cannot seem to reach those who are taking it there.
Sounds to me your type of Lady! Haven't seen anything like this from the home of the "Red Tide"...

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Old 6th Jan 2013, 00:27
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A very well written piece.

Change a few names, and the country, and it would be equally as accurate a statement of the state of affairs in a number of Western societies.
Old 6th Jan 2013, 00:43
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Originally Posted by BenThere View Post
I'd go for that.

Another incentive would be to eliminate payroll tax witholding. Just send everyone a monthly bill like we get from the electric company. Then people might get a clue as to what they are getting from their share of what government is spending.
I'd go one step further. You get paid in cash, and on the way out of the office, on payday, you stop by the IRS counter and hand over the tax amount. In cash.
Old 6th Jan 2013, 00:59
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the chances that Republicans will little note nor long remember these astute words? 100percent..

"I've not seen any President better than this one at elevating an irrelevancy to avoid responsibility.." Newt Gingrich

Game over. Conservative politics will need a new name, a bigger boat, and some balls, or America goes Greece/ California. Example? That mountain of treason, Christie.

Fitst, stop ignoring the Press. Get angry or keep hiding, and losing...

You got Nuthin'.
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 01:27
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That's not totally true. Abject failure and general demoralization was what got Ronald Reagan, the best president of the century IMHO, elected.

Conservatives have been telling the truth. At some point even the beneficiaries of the welfare state will see the truth, hopefully before all is lost.
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 01:28
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I say eliminate the Federal Income Tax deduction for State Sales Tax and State Income Tax.

Why should States like Texas and Florida subsidize New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California and their hgh income tax rates?
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 02:01
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While your point is true, it is also true that "Blue" states typically send more tax money to Washngton than get back to their states in Federal spending. So, the blue states are turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

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Old 6th Jan 2013, 02:03
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Hi Ben

The problem is that the Republicans value compromise. The truth cannot be compromised, and adhering to the truth is not winning elections.

There is a deadly Inertia in our land. It is selfish, greedy, and wanton.

Reagan did win so much as Carter repelled. When Boehner and Obama hid in secret while selling us out, and the Congress merely yay or nayed, that was the death of representative government.

The best Congress will do is whatever they can do the least of, especially if duty and integrity are involved.

Roaches live in the dark, sunlight makes them scatter.

SAS, will you run?
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 02:08
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SAS would get my vote.
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 03:18
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If I did....would I become what I hate so much.....a two faced lying politician?
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 04:07
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The problem is that the Republicans value compromise
After two years of damaging this nation with unprecidented Partisan Intransigence, who the hell is going to believe this absolute BS?

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Old 6th Jan 2013, 09:02
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In the absence of good ideas, compromise is worse than intransigence.

You would make a poor physicist, you see only one spin...

Thinking is occasionally better than posting....
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:20
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Absolutely not. I don't think anyone who serves or has served thinks that. I do find it ironic that you besmirch the character of a decorated Vietnam war veteran while supporting the vietnam avoiding Texas Air National Guard member. Or do politics.........
ah but you will besmirch and play politics yourself..

George W. Bush joined the 147th Fighter Interceptor Group of the Texas Air National Guard on May 27, 1968, during the Vietnam War. He committed to serve until May 26, 1974, with two years on active duty while training to fly and four years on part-time duty. In his 1968 Statement of Intent (undated), he wrote, "I have applied for pilot training with the goal of making flying a lifetime pursuit and I believe I can best accomplish this to my own satisfaction by serving as a member of the Air National Guard as long as possible."

Following his six weeks of basic training, Bush began 53 weeks of flight training at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. In December 1969, Bush began 21 weeks of fighter interceptor training on the F-102 in Houston at the 147th's Combat Crew Training School, soloing in March 1970 and graduating in June 1970. When he graduated, he had fulfilled his two-year active-duty commitment.

In November 1970, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, commander of the 111th Fighter Squadron, recommended that Bush be promoted to First Lieutenant, calling him "a dynamic outstanding young officer" who stood out as "a top notch fighter interceptor pilot." He said that "Lt. Bush's skills far exceed his contemporaries," and that "he is a natural leader whom his contemporaries look to for leadership. Lt. Bush is also a good follower with outstanding disciplinary traits and an impeccable military bearing." Bush was promoted.

Air National Guard members could volunteer for active duty service with the Air Force in a program called Palace Alert, which deployed F-102 pilots to Europe and Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand. According to three pilots from Bush's squadron, Bush inquired about this program but was advised by the base commander that he did not have the necessary flying experience (500 hours) at the time and that the F-102 would soon be retired.

Bush's four-year part-time obligation to serve required him to maintain his immediate readiness to be recalled to active duty in the event of a national emergency. Bush performed part-time Guard duty as an F-102 pilot through April 1972, logging a total of 336 flight hours.

After April 1972, Bush may have failed to meet the attendance requirements established for members of the Air National Guard. In mid-1972, he failed to meet the Air Force requirement for an annual physical examination for pilots, and lost his authorization to be a pilot.

It has been said, during the 19681974 period, Presidents Johnson and Nixon decided against calling up National Guard units for service in Vietnam. However, military documents show during the Vietnam War, almost 23,000 Army and Air Guardsmen were called up for a year of active duty; some 8,700 were deployed to Vietnam.

Last edited by stuckgear; 6th Jan 2013 at 13:20.
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:23
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Temp Spike

You clearly don't remember the George Mitchell days as Sentae majority leader.

BTW, it's unprecedented, no i

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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:25
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We are currently "Unpresidented". Perhaps that is Spike's point?
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:27
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Big Fail guys....
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:30
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Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge - The New York Sun

The lingering question has always been the nature of Kerry's Discharge Papers....and why it took a special intervention by the Carter Administration.

There are more discrepancies in Kerry's records than spots on a Hound Dawg! As a former NCIS Investigator with experience in doing Back Ground Checks for Security Clearances and other reasons.....I would have some very hard questions for Kerry.

The first would be his Discharge Documents, followed by his DD-214's which are an accounting of an individual's time in the military which also includes a code to indicate whether that person is eligible for re-enlistment, type of discharge, and all Medals, Awards, and Citations. Examination of the DD-214 by itself would be an eye opener.

Then we could move to Foreign Travel, contact with Foreign Persons (including the North Vietnamese in Paris), continued contacts with Foreign Persons (including government officials), and memberships in groups, clubs, associations, and other social/political groups.

The FBI will have to conduct such a Background Check if he is to be confirmed for the office of SecState. I bet it is not very thorough under this administration.
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:31
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Brought to you by the same off the chart hairballs who spent years trying and failing to prove the prez is a foreigner. Can we have some real Americans here please?

You know, the open, welcoming kind & not the whackjobs that presumably can't get a login anywhere else on the undernet.
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:39
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I don't see many real differences in previous conflicts in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia with the USA's current policy of drone-attacks. Much less TNT, agent orange etc. involved for sure back then, yet no worries from the usual UN institutions or whatever...

By the time we (ever) catch-up with those responsible, they'll have all lived into their ripe old-ages with generous pensions. With lots of cheap medals on their chests.
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Old 6th Jan 2013, 13:42
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Republican intransigence? Never let facts get in the way of a good rant, eh?

Do you know that not one Democrat voted for Obama's budget? Defeated 414-0 and 99-0! With party leadership like that, who needs an opposition!
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