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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

Old 31st Oct 2012, 23:08
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Only Americans with heart realise that it is the Wilsons that drown...

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Old 31st Oct 2012, 23:14
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Chris Matthews (I know, I know) says how "presidential" Obama looked speaking to the crowd on how he was going to cut red tape (good luck with that one btw). He continues how he wishes that Obama did this earlier in the campaign.

Yeah, right Chris, the lineup is there, right behind, Obama, Biden, Axelrod, the entire staff of NBC, CNN, and 200,000 screaming Germans.
Old 31st Oct 2012, 23:23
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O B A M A . And for all the fools that voted for GWB TWICE , please stay home. The world awaits....
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Old 31st Oct 2012, 23:32
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Your silly topic will have no influence whatsoever on the coming election, Sandy or no Sandy.
\Exactly right. So let's talk about 47% of scumsucking deadbeats and legitimate rape or the definition of rape as a diversion from how Romney avoids paying tax and wants more tax cuts for his rich friends(he is #1 on that list) making sure everyone else pays for them.
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Old 31st Oct 2012, 23:41
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Re-entry, I wouldn't be too quick to point fingers from the camp of those who advocate "wealth distribution". The ones you condemn are for "wealth creation" a completely different concept.
Old 31st Oct 2012, 23:52
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The world awaits....
Man, that having to ride in the back/play second string/be dependent upon/not have control of your own destiny thing just has to suck.

We'll let you know what we decide.

But I understand that the Obama campaign website is not too particular about where the money comes from if you want to give it a go.
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Old 31st Oct 2012, 23:58
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In the mean while....Fox News is reporting on Secret State Department E-Mails that went direct to SecState from the Regional Security Officer in Libya that said the the Embassy and Consulate could not be defended against an attack by .....and you guessed it....the very two Terrorist Groups that carried out the attack.

Someone is leaking some very damning messages......God Bless'em!
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 00:22
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Originally Posted by SASless View Post

Someone is leaking some very damning messages......God Bless'em!
But is anyone soaking it up, other than Fox viewers, which are the converts. When is MSM going to pick it up and run with it? Wednesday? This better be on the mainstream tomorrow or it will be too late.
Old 1st Nov 2012, 00:56
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Yesterday, we reported that the White House and FEMA had encouraged people impacted by Hurricane Sandy to go to the internet
for more information. Of course, one of the biggest problems caused by Hurricane Sandy was power outages, which would have made such efforts moot. Today, the Administrator of FEMA, William Craig Fugate, acknowledged that the effort had been misdirected
FEMA Administrator on Directing People to Internet: Oops

Not quite the "Heckuva job, Brownie" moment, but it's close.

Funny how the press doesn't seem to be harping on this gaffe.
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 00:56
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Welcome Re-entry and 6000PIC to the Republican love in. Nice to see others out there who don't buy into this Romney flip flopper who cares only about the rich and dismisses almost half the US population as irrelevant.

Welcome to the world of 4 years of sniping. And they wonder why dissenters couldn't be bothered posting in that period.

Welcome to the wolf pack mentality that prevades itself here and the complete lack of introspection.

Whatever happens next week, and I personally hope Obama wins, the usual suspects will be on hand to serve up their unique brand of biased bile against those who disagree.

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Old 1st Nov 2012, 00:58
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Romney is a long ways from number 1 on anyone's wealthy list. Second, his tax cut is also my tax cut and loads of other middle-class taxpayers.


You do understand that the world can wait all it wants--it ain't their election, it ain't their President and those of us voting Americans don't care that the world is awaiting? It ain't their country, we'll vote in who we please.

LAJ. That would be the Romney flip-flopper, as opposed to the BHO flip-flopper?


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Old 1st Nov 2012, 01:01
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Something tells me that come next week, there will a large "wolf pack" of those who spent 8 years making fun of and deriding GWB, back and in full attack mode.

Either that or four more years of crickets as Gitmo is being closed.
Old 1st Nov 2012, 01:06
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And they wonder why dissenters couldn't be bothered posting in that period.
Actually, "they" understand that all the rabid Obama supporters from 2008 have been soundly and repeatedly disappointed by his buffoonery for the past four years.

And they don't want to come on here and admit their error. Most don't anyway.

Finally, if those same supporters are scared away by some opposition, that is even more telling, IMHO.

But my money is on them being embarrassed to admit they fell under the spell of The One.

Following the Romney win, I will very happy to point out his failures if/when he has them. He is far from my ideal candidate, but the incumbent is demonstratebly in over his head. I want better for my country than that.
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 01:09
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It won't be the same fun Dushan. Nobody could ever rival GWB for idiocy. I've no doubt Romney is an intelligent man and 4 years of him would not provide the same fun as GW

That's your take Brick. Not mine. 4 years of bitterness from you guys that started before he even took the helm. 2 wars and an economy in smithereens. One of GWBS last interviews was an admission that he started his 8 years and finished them in recession. Helluva job GOP

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Old 1st Nov 2012, 01:43
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The DNC Media....defined generally as the Non-Fox, non-New Media, and the odd blogger.....shall never run anything negative about Obama. They built that house of cards....and unless he does something to piss them off....they will go right down the tubes with him as they simply have too much to lose if they don't stand by him.

The sad story for them is when he does lose....despite their most loyal support....then the Election outcome shall be a complete indictment of their failure to fulfill the role the Founding Father's gave to them.

How we get the Media back to being the honest purveyors of truth is beyond my imagination.....as the old fashioned way of just standing them up against a wall and shooting big holes in them just isn't the done thing anymore.

I suppose when they all go broke when the public turns completely away from them....and their employers go out of business due to lack of revenue from advertisements and air time fees.....then perhaps a new generation of media will pop up much as the Internet Media has done over the years.

The most important change this country needs is the Media/Press returning to traditional journalistic ethics. It has never been perfect but we have got to have a change for the good of the country.
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 02:43
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Well Lima, economy is still in smithereens and worse 4 years later.
Our national debt has gone from 10 trillion to over 16 trillion since welfare man started his handouts, he stated that over 9 trillion was not acceptable during his campaign in 2008.
Unemployment higher now than when he took office with all the false promises.
Shovel ready jobs never happened.
Gitmo still open.
Taxes going up dramatically,
Many big business say they will lay off many workers because they cant afford Obummer welfare care.
So actually what has he done, please tell us all.
We see the first job he has done correctly as President with sandy, but why?
His Libya failure and smoking gun pointing to himself and the state department is hoping Sandy will draw attention away.
Any welfare man supporters on here, tell us all exactly what he has accomplished.
His change you can believe in was all lies and deceit
Same as a bumper sticker I have seen all around.
If you voted for Obama to prove you are not a racist then you better vote for another to prove you are not an idiot this time!
Vote for him if you are expecting more free handouts paid for by the taxpayer.
That wont last for long.
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 02:57
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If Obama taxes the rich, ones that own the big businesses, watch more of them go abroad, even Boeing is considering this now.
Uncle sams arm is long , but not that long, wont reach that far, never has never will.
A vote for Obama is a vote to really ruin the USA.
The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Boeing parts, work go overseas
So there you go, unless you want to pick migrant fruit in Florida what will be left here?
4 more years of Obama we will be finished and third world.

Last edited by Earl; 1st Nov 2012 at 03:02.
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 03:02
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Its easy to blame bush isn't it...no thought, nothing but a laugh.

did anyone try to stop him from going to war? and good old colin powell sitting in the UN showing an artists conception of a mobile weapons lab...yeah...he could have stopped the idea of war by resigning.

And Obama...sure he knew nothing of what was going on in the preceeding 8 years. Sitting with slime, talking about redistribution of wealth to give people a fare shot...talking about folks like michelle and him just paying off they college debts.

but he and michelle could have joined the army, and earned college with the GI Bill, like I did and not have any debt. YOU earn the GI bill, its not a gift. but of course Obama probably had enough illegal drugs in his system that he couldn't have passed the drug test .

if ''sandy'' hadn't come along, the topic of libya would come up...and his recent promise not to leave anyone behind would be the ultimate irony.

and imagine, if all those billions of stimulus had built a few water barriers around lower manhattan...hmmmmm
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 03:09
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susan floke

oh yeah and the war on women...if it was so successful why wouldn't we see susan floke everywhere demanding free contraception?

its the economy and if it is tilting up in the next week its because everything done for APPEARANCES has made a jiggle. QEThree...hire all you can at the Fed level and delay those defense layoffs.


strangers I talk to are saying stuff like: obama is full of it.

and people actually do like romney!
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 06:09
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Majority of Americans think Obama will win

Polling Center- 2012 Election Center - Elections & Politics from CNN.com

Good thing that not just the views of JB right wing posters count in America.

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