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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

Old 24th Aug 2012, 15:52
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I forecast blood in the streets during August....little did I know how right I would be. Add in the news the DHS has bought 750 Million Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition in anticipation of massive Civil Unrest should the Dollar collapse and it makes one wonder where all this is headed....especially if Obozo gets unelected in November and does not leave Office gracefully and with decorum (which are two traits that appear to be foreign to him).

Bloomberg Confirms: One Dead, Bystanders Accidentally Shot By Police In Workplace Shooting
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Old 24th Aug 2012, 17:32
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Which side most is most likely to do that? The side which is spending us into oblivion, or the side which wants to cut the size of Government and create a balanced budget?
The answer is neither side, watch to see why....

United States Budget Dilemma.wmv - YouTube
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Old 24th Aug 2012, 18:19
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What happened to the contest of ideas instead of another "X" factor?

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Old 24th Aug 2012, 20:48
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Question What's Wrong With Our Economy?

Deviating away from the usual Obama/Romney hamster wheel roast for a moment. Geez, neither one, in the next four years is going to fix economy problem. Neither is going to balance the Federal budget, that is impossible if you looked at my previous posting. The problem with the economy is a private sector problem, not a Government problem. Capitalism in the United States is now a much different flavor than what it was in our father, grandfather and great-grand father eras. In those days, corporations and businesses were in for the long haul, there were no time constraints to bring new affordable products to market for sale to the masses and businesses grew and thrived based on good management principles. Today, Capitalism is much different. It is time driven by Wall Street, it is what can be accomplished during a three month period called a quarter and if you fail in that quarter some Wall Street analyst assigned to follow your business punishes you for that failure. Even if you do well that same analyst will project failure ahead in the next quarter for some obscure reason. But in the meantime the CEOs devise ways to ensure quarterly result that meet the target to the penny. For that they are rewarded handsomely. Not only that, the Wall Street stock buyers and sellers that sit in the cubicles next to the analyst are busily buying and selling stocks as a reaction to analyst info, which we all pay for in brokerage fees, leading to enormous year end bonuses for everyone involved on Wall Street.

So whats wrong with the economy?
1. The health of any business or economy depends on the health of its customers (consumers) and most Americans are strapped or broke.
2. Most American consumers are strapped or broke because most income gains in the past 30 years have gone to the top 10% (and especially the top 1%). The chart below shows the growth of incomes over the past ~90 years. The pink section is the 1%.

3. This increasing inequality has many causes, including globalization (cheaper labor overseas), a decline in minimum wage, the decline of private-sector unions, changes in the tax codes (tax cuts for the highest earners), and other factors. But the bottom line is: Average hourly earnings in America (adjusted for inflation) have not increased in ~50 years.
4. At the same time, earnings for the highest-income Americans have gone through the roof. Since 1990, CEO pay +298%; Production worker pay +4.3%; Federal minimum pay -9.3% (adjusted for inflation); S&P 500 +141.4%; Corporate profits +106.7%

So how do you fix the economy?
Now, some people argue that the way to fix the economy is to give tax cuts to the highest-earning Americans--the "job creators"--so that they can invest in new companies and create jobs.(Romney)
Well, we'd all like to pay fewer taxes, but unfortunately, the "tax cuts for the rich" approach almost certainly won't work. Here are a few reasons why:
The richest Americans and companies already have plenty of cash
The reason these rich Americans and companies aren't investing and "creating jobs" is that most American consumers (customers) are broke
Rich Americans actually don't "create jobs"--the whole economy creates jobs
We've been trying the "tax cuts for the rich" approach for three decades, and it is making the inequality problem worse, not better
Now, some other people are arguing that the way to fix the economy is to increase taxes on the rich and companies and "redistribute" this wealth to American consumers. (Obama)
Well, we will probably need to raise taxes on everyone a bit to reduce the budget deficit (even if we reduce spending--the gap is that big), but this "wealth redistribution" approach also almost certainly won't work. Here are a few reasons why:
The key to creating a sustainable economic recovery is to get the private-sector cranking, not the public sector
Having the government collect taxes and write checks to more than half the country to make things "fairer" will understandably ruffle the feathers of those who are paying those taxes
Class warfare won't help anyone
This is America: We solve our own problems in this country--we don't wait for someone else to come along and give us a handout.
So, then, if the answer isn't 1) cutting taxes for rich Americans and companies, or 2) raising taxes on the rich and giving the money to the poor, what's the answer?
Corporate profits are at an all-time high, and American wages are at an all-time low.
This has created a situation in which American corporations and their owners are rich and American consumers are broke.
The solution is to:
We persuade American corporations (and their owners) to hire more employees and pay them more, thus giving these employees (American consumers) more spending money. In other words, we take some of those surplus corporate profits and invest them in Americans.
Tell the quarterly analyst to go to hell, stop posting quarterly information, period.

Although being an engineer, my other major was Economics, Conservative Economics. This is the only way out given the current situation and success depends on putting a lid on Government spending while depending on more tax paying consumers to make up the difference in funding mandatory programs and closing the ever growing deficit gap.

Any thoughts? Anyone? Does either Presidential candidate have a solution like this?
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 01:32
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I kind of doubt anyone knows Turbine.
When you look at consumer prices here in the USA and the markup on products you can see why.
It seems everyone wants to get rich quick.
I posted earlier about camping word selling 12 volt LED light bulbs for 23 USD each, made in China.
I know for a fact you can get 12 of these from the same company on ebay for 12 usd including shipping.
Now think about it, if you bought 100 of these and doubled the price you would double your money when you resold them, not a bad investment.
Big business wants thousands times more than this.
Today they said the usa will cross the 16 trillion usd threshold.
Before long we wont be able to even pay the interest on this debt.
We have judges in texas predicting civil war if welfare man is reelected.
Navy seals really knocking down the president of the usa now
CNN and Fox news saying war possible also.
We have really fallen a lot as a country in the last 4 years.
I never remember hearing this kind of talk before, except from whacked ones.
Now it seems to be daily news.
We need to vote Obama out, before we become some kind of banana 3rd world country.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 02:19
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I agree Earl....very bright and commonsense folks are talking about topics I care not mention....and not just a few and not just the crazies.

A little over a year ago I posed the following question to several Federal Law Enforcement Agent buddies of mine....a Two Star Army General....and a lot of other folks who are involved in politics at the local, county, and State level....their responses were interesting to say the least.

Question: At what point do the People resort to extra-legal methods to obtain a Government that is subservient to the Will of the People....after exhausting every legitimate option both Political and Legal (via the Courts) and what will the Law Enforcement Agencies and Military do if called upon to quell a popular...peaceful....non-violent resistance movement by hundreds of thousands of people?

A dear friend and I will be on opposite sides of the barricades....which tells you how complicated this will be. He could not separate his loyalty to the President while I suggested I could remain loyal to the Office but not the Individual holding the office if it ever got to a point I had to make that decision. He was willing to blindly submit to the President no matter what....and I said there was a point at which one could morally, ethically, and legally refuse to obey.

Oddly, enough the Two Star said in very vague terms the same thing....and said he could not envision what it would be that could bring that about but he did say it was not inconceivable. He allowed it would certainly be a very extreme situation when the Military would stand down and refuse to submit to civilian control by the President.

I am quite optimistic that Obozo is gone in January....after losing in November. The question is just how much damage is he going to do between now and then?
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 03:05
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The new nation, however, needs to reassert the Constitution in its original
form, including the Bill of Rights. Subsequent amendments should be

It would be one fantastic country.
Bring back slavery? and who gets all of the nukes?
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 03:07
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It would be one fantastic country.
I'd have to move away from the Beach, but it would be worth it. California pretty much sucks anymore, save for the weather.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 03:12
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and who gets all of the nukes?
Stay where they are. It'll suck to be blue.

Trouble is, here I am in a red section of a blue state. Can I still go?
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 03:48
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here I am in a red section of a blue state
Don't feel bad. I'm in Orange Country California.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 04:14
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What about women's suffrage, poll taxes--not that I necesarily think that the 'blue' ways are superior but you did mention eliminating all the ammendments after the Bill Of Rights...just curious how extreme the red side would be...although I'm sure the blue side would eliminate the first[if you're not in agreement with what they said] and second ammendments, of course

I'd think, either faction would be pretty horrible to live under, for different reasons---I'd hate to imagine a giant 'mayor Bloomberg administration' or a giant Cheney or Palin administration...I can picture the red side having their slaves,in one form or another, not necessarily Black slaves, but considering what corporations really want-people they can force to work endlessly for little pay whom they can fire at will on a whim-slavery would definitely return---but I guess it's that superior attitude again...
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 04:32
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Well ask that to all the Filipina asian nurses here in the USA.
We cannot fill nursing, therapist positions in the medical field in the USA.
They recruit from abroad, pay them a good salary, all legal also, they send the salary back home is its 100 times more that they could make there doing the same job.
Pay into our social security system and after 10 years 40 quarters they are eligible to draw benefits.
Is this wrong?
I don't think so as they are contributing to the system,
Now take the illegal ones that cross the border, no skills except manual labor They make babies here, dont pay taxes but they get earned income credit some 1,800 usd per child from the tax system and never paid a penny in taxes.
Obama makes the parents legal if they have been here for a while, even forgives identity theft for many with this new amnesty program.
Seems things are more than upside down now.
Dont see this as going anywhere good soon, it will get worse.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 06:01
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+ 3 sir and thank you for that post.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 07:41
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PA....don't play games....just who do you think would endorse slavery. You do recall that issue was settled in blood in the 1860's. Times have changed since then. Slavery was on its way out even before the War and in time would have certainly ended within not too many years even without the War.

I do believe what is being suggested is that we return to the old time core values that made this country great. Many in the UK feel exactly the same with with all the damage PC and Multi-culturalism has done there....especially when combined with the advent of the Welfare State you folks live in.

We are objecting to being forced to take up European style socialism as it plainly has failed in Europe.

We certainly need to seriously curb the power of the Federal Government and the Executive Branch....and get the Congress back to doing the People's Business instead of catering to the special interests and lobbyists.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 10:31
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I'm not playing games SAS removal of the rest of the constitution would permit that to occur-technically

And I was refering to modern slavery---i.e corporate slavery I knew someone who worked for a credit card company...as soon as they got too many pay raises, too much seniority---they were laid off and replaced with cheaper workers...the conservative love of unregulated capitalism is responsible for much of these job losses, it also allows for the growth of Enrons...and Madoffs then when these laid off folks need to rely on the government---the extreme stance is to let them starve , because they can't start a multibillion dollar corporation...ironically many corporations use their welfare handouts to get rid of more jobs

As far as issues like jobs and abortions, personal freedoms...both sides hold much responsibility, for the current situation

I'm sorry I don't see the conservative viewpoints as any more virtuous...both sides when taken to the extreme are equally destructive
I don't want a detector in my house telling the government if I'm smoking a cigarette, nor do i want to be in Federal prison for watching porn...I've come to my decisions regarding voting...vote for a President whose face I like more...vote the opposite for Senate...then put the best person for the job in the House...everything will then be mathematical...and even if my votes don't realize I can say I took my stand against the muppetry that equally and oppositely afflicts both sides---whom are equally steeped in unjustifiable self-righteousness...

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Old 25th Aug 2012, 11:06
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I've just read the most plausible explanation as to why Romney is so desperate to hide his tax returns:the voter fraud theory.

It's nothing to do with hiding his finances but eveything to do with hiding his address.

It seems he voted in January 2010 in the special election in Mass. to replace Ted Kennedy. The problem is that he didn't own a property in Mass. at that time and every indication is that he was a resident of Cali.
He claims he was living in the basement of his son's house (and this cannot be disproved) in Belmont, MA.

On the front of your tax return you must state your address. So what address was on his tax form? Maybe that's what he doesn't want us to know.

Voter fraud is a felony so any heat he takes for not revealing the tax returns is nothing compared to what would happen if the voter fraud theory is true.

Mitt Romney's tax returns: the 'voter fraud' theory | MS Bellows Jr | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

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Old 25th Aug 2012, 12:52
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The split can be done in an ordered, mutually respectful way, and
the resulting nations need not be enemies.
Maybe, maybe not.

VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, KY would make an awesome country that nobody could mess with. Beaches, mountains, nice weather, BBQ, cheap cigarettes, SEC football, ACC basketball, golf, NASCAR, land/air conventional forces up the wazoo, and between Norfolk and Kings Bay it would own the Atlantic/Med/Indian plus have the SLBM nuclear trump card to play if needed.

Everyone would want to be its ally, so they could get anything it lacked through trade. By trimming the fat of FL and the Northeast off if would be easy for them to sign a pact with the Breadbasket-and-Rancher nuke boys out in the Midwest/West, who I'm sure would drop CA immediately and try to absorb Kansas and Oklahoma for the extra wheat and oil, grabbing OU and KU to shore up their Bowl and Final Four chances.

The only wild card on the West end is securing WA/Kitsap with their CVNs and subs in order fully blockade CA, otherwise the sanctions will be ineffective even after the hooping potheads finally realize nobody really gives 2 shi!ts that they formerly grew the country's salads. If WA goes it alone with their nuke locker, fine, let them eat their salmon and apples, but at the first indication they've gone granola by cozying up to Presidente' Penn down in Hollywood it would be best to pick a time when the jetstream is north in Canada and light them up from Imperial Beach to Blaine.

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Old 25th Aug 2012, 12:56
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But, re-entry, if anyone actually had any "proof" of that then it would be easy for that to be forced into the public domain as surely police, etc, would have no option but to investigate?

Why isn't that happening, or is it just another attempted smear by those against Romney?
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 14:07
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Of course, if there was proof then it would be in the public domain.

But seriously, the claim that he and his wife were living in the basement of his son's house in MA simply doesn't even pass the giggle test.

His father released 12 years of tax returns. Why can't he?
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 14:33
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Why isn't that happening, or is it just another attempted smear by those against Romney?
Sort of like the "Birther Theory", eh?
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