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The really really boring and useless الخ и т.д. עטק 等 ฯลฯ thread XVI

Jet Blast Topics that don't fit the other forums. Rules of Engagement apply.

The really really boring and useless الخ и т.д. עטק 等 ฯลฯ thread XVI

Old 4th Nov 2010, 11:04
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Pleasant day off yesterday. Finished slapping POR-15 on gates/fence, just the Hammerite to go. Couple of lunchtime pints, then home to await cable guys with V+ box. And they turned up.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 11:10
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Stockie that is a really frightening view of the world!

Back to today in history interesting facts about the "Pacific's" cargo etc..

At 9:30 a.m., Thursday, November 4, 1875, the SS Pacific steamed out of Esquimalt, her deck crammed with passengers. The exact number of people aboard was unknown. Thirty-five passengers had come on board in Puget Sound and the agent in Victoria sold tickets for another 132. On board, the purser sold tickets to more than 20 passengers whose names were never recorded by the ticketing agent, and many others scrambled aboard moments before departure. With a crew of 52, it was evident the ship departed on her last voyage with between 250 and 275 people aboard, which included many prominent Victorians, wealthy businessmen, numerous gold miners with pokes full of Cassier gold, an equestrian troupe and 41 Chinese laborers. In addition, the Pacific's hold was laden with 2,000 sacks of oats, 300 bales of hops, 261 animal hides, 11 casks of furs, 31 barrels of cranberries, 10 cords of wood bolts, 280 tons of coal, 18 tons of general merchandise, 10 tons of sundries, six horses, two buggies, two cases of opium and a strongbox containing $79,200 in cash. The gold in private hands was estimated to be at least $100,000.

Seemed pretty overladen and apparently was listing heavily into the voyage.
Nothing like having a couple of cases of opium on board!
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 11:16
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More than just an ATCO
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sounds like an average Channel crossing with Townsend Thorenson back in the 1970s/80s without the added bonus of leaving the hatches open
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 11:20
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Yes, Him
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NOTHING would make Croydon on a Friday look preferable
Dunno, we still have any 1kT range left? Ya gonna TacEval the Camerons on Fri night John?

Yer should be OK with the safe Checkers, just make sure they don't think its a fridge.

V blustery S wind today, quite pleasent.

I read that as an equestrian toupee Nigel.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 11:22
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Here be a bonny Castle boat for Mr Blacksheep,they were always kept trim and well turned out ergo they had a rep for being heavy on the B.S.
Pendennis Castle Durban 1968.

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Old 4th Nov 2010, 11:46
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Sunny and windy here and continues to be incredibly mild.

Looking at the FTSE this morning I reckon Stockie must have had at least two champagne breakfasts.

I used to work with the ex Chief Engineer from the Leeds Castle when she was on the South Africa run.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 12:15
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FX Guru
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32 years I've been around the financial markets and I still don't understand them sometimes.

Were there really people out there who thought the Old Lady would serve up some more QE today? They must have been bonkers!

Short and caught.....
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 13:39
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Cunning Artificer
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...never seen the attraction of firework displays, they do nowt for me, once you have seen one you have seen em all.
That Richard Hammond chap presented an interesting programme the other day where they built a replica of the cellars of the House of Lords, fitted the place out with the pews and throne and sat a bunch of dummies in it (just like a real Parliament, eh?). Then they put one ton of barrels of gunpowder into the cellar and set it off - just to see what would have happened if Guido had managed to avoid detection.

Well it was the most impressive firework display I've seen. There were arms and legs all over the place - they found the top of the King's head about a 100 yards away but the rest of him was gone with the wind. The cellar was built with walls a few feet thick, just like the real cellars, but the back wall, above which the back of the throne stood, was blown clean away.

(For the record, Guido used 36 1cwt barrels, but he thought half of it wouldn't go off.)
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 15:15
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I've got this popping sound in my ears for some reason.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 15:18
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Norm: Cereal in mouth, cotton bud in ears, remember?
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 15:31
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I ALWAYS get it the wrong way round!!! Thanks!!!
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 15:35
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Just got a letter from N power admitting in a long winded convoluted manner that they are robbing bastards and have been stealing from me all last year and have been found out, and therefore very reluctantly are sending me a 18 quid rebate,
Well that's just not good enough,I want to see blood and hear shrieks of pain emanating from Npower head office.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 16:06
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I must be bloody crazy. I am flying DOH - AUH - ORD -MCO -JFK - LHR - DOH with Senora Lars and the sproglettes over the next 2 weeks'.

All prep done, visas that new entry thingy the cousines insist on the costs yer $14. First 2 flights check in completed.

Tried to go on line and get Big Airways seats so that we are sitting together. Thieving barstwerads want $30 ea for the priviledge. Right! Fine! Current seat allocation puts 3 yr old on her own away from Mum and Dad. Let the CC deal with that and the irate passenger next to her!

All this booked on Orbitz - together with hotac, car and Orlando attractions. Be interesting to see how it all works out.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 16:26
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Ambitious itinerary there Larss. Of course, let the CC sort out your problem. On a full flight, with nobody wanting to move. Sure.
Thats what we do; fix the impossible, sort the problems that managers cause by their clever money making schemes which pax refuse to fork out for.
We always sort it.
And get called brainless money grabbing lazy good-for-nothings by both management and some pax.

Speaking a few Northern European tongues makes understanding both Davaar and young Drapes a doddle. The Scots say "dicht" where the Dutch say "dicht" and the Newkies say "ganzy" for what Norksies call a "genser".

Hissing down in Cape Town when we landed last night, wx has turned to hot warm and sunny during the day. May be going to Hermanus to watch the wales tomorrow.

11 hour daylight flight, packed to the gills = crew busier than aptly named blue @rsed flies.
1 suspected heart attack turned out a vasovagal episode brought on by the pap watching a inflight movie with a bit of blood in it. One case of premature contractions in another lady => 1 Stranded Wale feet up blocking the aft galley, 1 FA entertaining her kids, 1 Purser feeding the FA's 50 pax a hot super and me doing the P's work while calming down the lady by clucking sympathetically at her rambling explanation of why the fck she was flying 35 weeks preggers with 2 young kids in tow from Texas to South Africa. 2 loo smokers, one caught in the act & scared for life by a smoke hood cladded FA wielding a halon extinguisher breaking into his unsafe haven.
One aggression incident from an Afrikaaner woman who thought that she could ignore the FSB sign and treat the crew with the disdain she uses for her maid at home. Disabused her of both notions. One Danish woman who completely lost the plot after suffering 10 hours of her seat being pulled back every time the woman behind her needed the loo. Turned out she was on her way to collect her white Seffrican husband whom the anti-immigrant Danish government after 2 years of beurocratic wrangling will still not let into the country and she was so nervous that it was pitiful.

Apart from that, great flight, very happy pax.

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Old 4th Nov 2010, 16:33
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Just nipped down to B&Q to buy a new bin for the kitchen (the last B&Q one having expired). Whilst in the car park, a small white van

sidled up next to me, and a Sid James look-a-like

peered out of the window, and said in an Irish brogue:

"How are you doin' big man?
"Fine" I replied, searching my addled mind to see if I have known him in the past. (I have known some fairly dodgy characters )
"Do ya wanna buy a new 3D TV?" was his response...

After I said "No", he moved on to some strapping young Asian lads - who seemed a LOT more interested than I was.

Never a copper around when you want one ...
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 17:05
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Pitch black already here already.(lots of Jewish folks in Gateshead,one tends to pick up the dialect)
The Scandyhooligans picked up a lot of our words when they took holidays round here in the 8th Century.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 17:11
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Thanks for the heads up on ganseys, guernseys and gensers, everyone. That's three useless facts for the price of one today.

I'm on a roll.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 17:25
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Walking past a Toon centre pub today, chalked on a board:-

"What's the time?"
"5 past Sunderland . . . "

BBC Sport - Football - Newcastle 5-1 Sunderland
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 17:28
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Pilot of the Airwaves
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BH checkers!

I thought for a minute you were going to say that you nipped down to B&Q for a new bin and came back with a new van!

Mind you, you could get a lot more garbage in the van.
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Old 4th Nov 2010, 17:31
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Ciabatta, soft, Vienna, bap ... More info, please.
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