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Chris Kelly - aka - Binoculars

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Chris Kelly - aka - Binoculars

Old 22nd Aug 2010, 16:12
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Chris Kelly - aka - Binoculars


Thought I'd post this link to D&G. Bino's (Binoculars) was a regular contributor on Jet Blast and I am sure that there are many on here who wouldn't necessarily visit D&G and pick up the news.

Hope he gets better.
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 16:16
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I hope things improve.
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 18:07
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Plastic PPRuNer
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A great character! Binos, hope you get well and get back.

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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 18:10
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Very sad news. I hope he has a full recovery and is back PPRuNeing quickly
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 19:30
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Very sorry to hear.

I enjoyed his contributions - he's a good debater - and had noticed he hadn't been around for some time.

Hope he pulls through.
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 19:32
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We had the great pleasure of having Chris coming to our home and staying with my wife and me for a week.

We are very sadden by this latest turn of events and hope for a rapid recovery. If Chris still has the the mental capability, by God he is capable of walking out of that hospital.

God Bless Chris, please get well soon.

Alec and Suzi.
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 21:19
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I vehemently disagree with him at all times but am always terrified of a reply from him - he's an extremely good debater. His absence was sorely missed in the lead up to the general election, especially as he bloodied my nose before the last one.

Hopefully, having made a full recovery, he'll read this thread and come back for round two.

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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 21:28
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I thought it was just me that he disagreed with.

He's a youngster and deserves a much longer existence - get well (and soon) Binos - you have much unfinished business here on PPRuNe it seems . . .
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 21:43
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One of the best DA's on here, get better soon Binos
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 22:00
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Thats really bad news - a colourful stalwart from the earlier days of PPRuNe and I seem to recall I may have banned him from my own forum once... I do believe he considered that yet another badge of honour and didnt take it personally.

Really hoping for a positive outcome from this.
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 22:50
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As a relative newbie, especially in JB, his debating skills persuaded me that this was a forum to lurk on the edges of, and learn things.
Get better mate..
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 23:37
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''Just Binos''. I hope to see that byline again asap
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 00:35
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Hope to see you again, debating, Binos.
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 01:57
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Chris, my prayers are with you and your family. We butted heads but found fantastic common ground through music, both on and off PPRuNe.

May God grant you a miracle.
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 07:58
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I'm another who sometimes agreed and sometimes locked horns with Bino's.. always fair and good bloke. Hope you recover fella.
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 08:30
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My prayers with you and your Family 'Just Binos', you've been a real legend upon these threads mate, from d fellow Queenslander, all the very best for a full recovery mate!!
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 14:49
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Chieftan o'the Pudden Race
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Chris is one of the early members of PPRuNe who has made it what it is today. He isn't always popular with some of his observations and comments but always defends his ground and admits if he is wrong.

Here is hoping he will be back to assault and insult us.
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 19:35
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Alba Gu Brath
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Can only re-iterate what has already been said. Surely there are few better accolades in life than to be held in high esteem by fellow Ppruners, and to be labelled as a 'character'. A man of wise words and strongly held beliefs, but one who can back them up with intelligent and well thought responses (most of the time )

Get well soon Binos.
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 23:17
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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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Any one able to update us on Chris's condition?

Get well soon Chris, always enjoyed your humour.
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Old 25th Aug 2010, 05:53
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Yesterday, 21:32
YBMK Tower

Join Date: Jul 2007
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Vale: Chris Kelly

Chris passed away early this morning. Service 1430 Friday at Mount Bassett.

Be in peace
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