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Olympics 2012.....( cont'd )

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Olympics 2012.....( cont'd )

Old 9th Mar 2010, 05:55
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Olympics 2012.....( cont'd )

Clearly thinking along the W J McBride philosophy here it would seem as in "Get your excuses in first"....albeit a shade premature.......but no doubt more of the same to come....

BBC News - No guarantee on on lottery money for 2012 Olympics
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 08:49
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Is it too late to outsource it to the French?

I'm already beginning to sweat about how excruciatingly embarrassing it will be. I mean, if our taster at Beijing was anything to go by (imagine a billion Chinese watching their tellies and thinking to themselves "what the ruck is all that about?")
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 08:51
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our taster at Beijing
WTF was Jimmy Page thinking about?
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 09:20
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Amateur sport?

I went cold on the whole thing when Lord Coe signed-off almost half a million pounds for the ad-agency who cobbled together that ludicrous logo. Jeez
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 14:08
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the whole thing has been a folly and a farce from the start..

The initial estimate for staging the Games was 2.35bn
The cost of the Olympic project has trebled from original estimates, to 9.3bn.
Never mind though, Tony Blair has got a consultancy job out of it.
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 17:00
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I agree I haven't lived in the UK for years but I am completely embarassed by that stupid logo. I pretend to be Ozzie when it's brought up.
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 17:26
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I have not really looked at the logo until now and I have to say, it really does look like Lisa Simpson giving Bart a BJ.

12 months and 500K. I am in the wrong job.

Gentleman Jim
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 17:31
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Sorry, Confuzzled of Croydon here.

The money from the Lottery is available. The link only talks about paying back that money ... which I was not aware was a requirement for any amounts allocated from the Lottery.

Wot du I kno?
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 17:49
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Oh, come on people.

Surely, what matters is whether anyone (other than the gold medal-winning athletes) gets any enjoyment out of the proceedings. Never mind the money, feel the residual value..... West Ham FC perhaps? Basic, cheap accommodation for "essential" public sector workers, maybe?

Just too bad that, as a resident of a suburb adjoining National Express's rail line into Stratford, I discover that EU rules will ensure that it is extremely unlikely that UK citizens who live anywhere near the Olympic 2012 site will be able to secure tickets to any of the major events. Competition from "preferred" concessionaires and freeloaders in European countries and friends of the IOC will put paid to the interests of those actually paying for the show.


I used to be a keen follower of the five rings.

Nowadays, cynicism seems a safer and less disappointing route.
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 18:09
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I have not really looked at the logo until now and I have to say, it really does look like Lisa Simpson giving Bart a BJ.
This one took Second Place.

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Old 9th Mar 2010, 18:17
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That was three quid plus a packet of Wotsits to pay the boss's 3 year old boy to come up with a design, fifty grand to pay a media consultant to dream up some mumbo-jumbo pyschobabble about how warm and fuzzy the logo makes us all feel, leaving a nad under 450K to pay for a champers and caviar-fuelled back-slapping junket to the Caribbean.

Cynical, moi?
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Old 9th Mar 2010, 18:27
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Oh its just wrong with a big W

The Oh'lympics will turn out to be a success of sorts for the competitors no doubt, but I fear the whole thing will be met with an icy of not hostle indifference by the populace of GB.

Remember all those voulenteers manning the seats during the rowing in Athens. Its the wrong event in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not really wanted, very expensive ! in a declining, past colonial power. Give the "Event" as a gift to the French for 2014. Everyone will that little bit happier - Sad, but has the whole thing become out of place and out of time. A bit like a circus clown act without the pathos or bathos.

How about an Egg and Spoon demonstration sport or World Marbles, Beer can throwing or Tossing the Dwarf to relieve the Oh so positive brittle and false enthusiasim of the games.

PS I like the 2nd place Logo featured. CAT III

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Old 10th Mar 2010, 22:13
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Eight Gun Fighter
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Pull'ezzz, still trying to get over 2010.
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