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Of course it would never happen here...

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Troo eenuf!
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Adverbs are already extinct ...
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More bang for your buck
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What do you expect when ITN produces headlines such as this one: "Woman murdered by river"
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Yes, I agree. What they should have said was, ''Woman allegedly murdered by river''.
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No, you have to throw in (or omit) a few inappropriate apostrophes (s s').
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No, you have to throw in (or omit) a few inappropriate apostrophes (s s').
Greengrocers' are good at that. They sell apple's, pear's, orange's veggies' etc
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Now I've got to clean my screen as I've sprayed coffee all over it!

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Grammar were the skool wot I went to, sorta.
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I read in the paper that 67% of the population are illiterate. Well, when I say read, I mean I more or less got the gist of it from the pictures.
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Help from the Oatmeal
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dam their goes my secret
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My grammar wuz a sweet ol' lady who really luved me!

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dam their goes my secret
DAM 1 A barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, so as to form a reservoir or prevent flooding.

DAMN 1 An utterance of the word 'damn'; an oath, an imprecation.

THERE In or at that place or position.

THEIR Of them; of themselves; which belongs or pertains to them(selves).

Consider it a service
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Adverbs are already extinct ...
They certainly are on the snooker coverage on BBC. If I hear John Virgo say "He's played that perfect" again, my tv screen will suffer!

Another one that's currently driving me mad is "I was sat in my chair", instead of "I was sitting ..." etc.

Well done Sainstman, I hope this thread runs and runs

BTW Sisemen, also DAM - mother, especially of domestic livestock.
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I don't expect people to display perfect spelling and grammar at all times, but it does annoy me when people say (or even imply) that it's not important. The whole purpose of writing is the communication of ideas, and anything that interferes with clear communication is not good, I think.

I'm hardly perfect in this regard, but the BBC News Style Guide is a friendly book on the topic. I tend to use run-on sentences, and until a couple of years ago I didn't really understand what past participles are about. (For example, the difference between spelled and spelt. is equivalent to the difference between did and done.)
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I went to a Grammar School.
Waste of time that was.
Joined the Air Force after leaving.
That was marginally better.
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I was at a grammar school
I leaned my P's and Q's
I polished off my lunch each day
and now and then my shoes

(Pointless, but it's not a limerick so can't put it there)
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Since when can anything be ten times smaller than an object. BBC are always saying this type of comparison. One tenth the size is surely correct?
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John Virgo has never said "He's played that perfect" because he has never been taught to use the letter "h"!

He has also lost the letter "g" from the end of every word.

His level of verbal drivel is driving me around the bend. Whenever possible I prefer to watch the snooker coverage on Sky where they have Joe Johnson, who is far more tolerable.


I know some smart a$e will find fault with something I wrote but I am trying to learn 2 spk proppa.
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