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Obama wins Nobel peace prize (merged!)

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Obama wins Nobel peace prize (merged!)

Old 9th Oct 2009, 17:56
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Speaking at the White House hours after the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee named him as a surprise winner, he said the award should be a "call to action".

Hang on. Shouldn't it be awarded after some sort of activity? Christ, any activity would be useful.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 19:28
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This iteration of the trophy has two (two!!) clusters of 'BWB' hanging from the cup's edge.

(Baffles with 'B---sh-t')
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 19:43
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Wonder who bought it for him???
Old 9th Oct 2009, 19:46
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Alfred Nobel must be spinning in his grave right now.

For the first time ever, the entire Nobel Committee has been comprised of wimmin (except the Chairman). Those menopausal and post-menopausal biddies have today made a complete mockery of the word "peace", never mind the once respected Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama is the titular head the the military force which is occupying no less than two sovereign countries and he's making bellicose statements against a third. He is closely accompanied, day and night, by a flunky bagman who holds the nuclear attack codes. He, Obama, is in charge of the biggest and baddest nuclear arsenal in the world.

Giving that man so much as a boy scout badge for Peace is as absurd as giving the same award to Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Henry Kissinger, Idi Amin or Tony BLiar.

I was one of the people who lobbied for years for Wangari Maathai to be given the Prize. They saw sense in those days. Recently I've been making a few hopeless attempts to have Willie Smits considered for the prize. Talking to those biddies in Oslo is like trying to reason with Margaret Thatcher or Hillary Rodham Wossername.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 19:47
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If I announce I'm planning to write a really good book next year, will they award me the NP for Literature?.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 20:04
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They didn't for me.

But I never claimed "Yes, I can," so that may have skewed the results.

edited to add: I've just heard where the Obama Administration has named Kanye West to be ambassador to Sri Lanka or somewhere to ensure West couldn't make the Acceptance Award ceremony.*

* not my original joke. But then neither is the Nobel Peace Prize.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 20:13
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Eight Gun Fighter
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Merged? with what, his wife?

not deserved, totally.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 20:43
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When do the Academy Award nominations for Best Actor in a Situational Comedy come out?
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 21:40
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I think it should have gone to this group. Seriously.

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Old 9th Oct 2009, 21:42
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Irony. And some people don't think we possess it.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 21:45
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Everybody I know is dying to ask??

So how come Obama gets the Noble Peace prize and Gordon Brown doesn’t.

After all Gordon has been in power so much longer. He has been trying to achieve peace since he started.....

Obama has not recently changed any strategy (or any real strategy at all with respect to World Politics) at all. Yet he seems to have got all the credit.

Wonder if David Cameron can win an award when he gets into power?

This award to Obama could have a significant impact on Afghan and its people!!
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 21:49
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Gordon already has his place in Heaven. After all he has saved the world (his own words I think)
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 21:50
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It's mass hypnotism.

Albert Nobel is spinning in his grave. His Peace Prize is now being given to people who are proponents of bad science, (Al Gore), and people who talk a good game for a couple of weeks, (the Anointed One).
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 22:25
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I like that idea, Matari. I spent over three years of my life living out at the alert facility on SAC alert (Those are solid years, over 1100 days eating chow hall canned vegetables and mystery meatloaf, ready at any moment to get the B-52s on their way over the oceans and poles to hammer the Russkies with big ole nukies.)

I'd even buy a carbon-neutral fireplace if I could have a little Nobel sitting on the mantle.

The particular Peace Prize under discussion, though, is nothing more than a joke...A joke at the expense of the Nobel Committee, President Obama himself, and those who might consider it to be a wise choice out of some contorted reasoning process.

There is no prima facie excuse for the committee to have made this laughingstock type of mistake. I don't hold Him responsible, as I have seen no evidence He or His minions campaigned for it, unlike Al Gore. With his political acumen, which I readily acknowledge, he would probably rather not have been designated, all things considered.

It just goes to show to what lengths the True Believers will go to do nothing more than make fools of themselves. Keep 'em coming!
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 22:51
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Lots of fools made with who ever awarded him this honor, which makes the credibility of the whole affair null and void.
He has done nothing but speak lies and deceit, nothing he has promised has been delivered.
He should turn this award back an it should be awarded to a more deserving individual that actually worked for it.
For obama to accept this is an embarrassment for all that truly deserved this award, past and present!
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 22:55
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Who's Gordon Brown?
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 22:58
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What we should really be agonising over is how that crook Kofi Annan ever managed to get one, whilst assiduously fobbing the entire world off over both Iran and Iraq's Nuc active programmes. On his head be it if the 3rd WW starts in the mid-east over nuclear matters, as seems increaingly possible.

A shockingly disgraced and utterly discredited award under such circumstances.

Any decent man would die of shame at even being associated with this travesty.

Poor Nobel; thank God he is no longer here to see this farce.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 23:00
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I'm led to believe that the hat didn't contain many applicants when they were drawing the name.

What's interesting is the overall united reaction that he just didn't deserve it. Talk about global thinking.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 23:03
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I am sure our European cousins across the pond have comments.
Are you are as baffled about this as we are?
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 23:06
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Well, maybe it wasn't awarded for Peace Peace.
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