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Picture Size

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Picture Size

Old 5th May 2009, 20:05
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Eight Gun Fighter
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Picture Size

I'll admit. I post a few piccies.

If anyone has a problem with size of said piccies. please contact me. Don't go bothering a mod.

I have a 15.4 inch widescreen laptop and don't post anything larger than 800x600.

Is 800x600 a problem for anyone?

puzzled in the rain.
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Old 5th May 2009, 20:38
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Has someone actually complained about something so trivial?

I have one of those teeny-tiny laptops, so I usually have to scroll across to see full pictures but it doesn't bother me at all.

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Old 5th May 2009, 20:43
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Inn'it some'at to do with people who don't have broadband?

And the people who don't, are likely to recieve the winter fuel allowance. So post whatever size ya'want. They'd be better wearing wooly hats.

8 thousand by 6thousand, we don't care.
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Old 5th May 2009, 20:47
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Hovering AND talking
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And the people who don't, are likely to recieve the winter fuel allowance.
a) My mother receives the winter fuel allowance yet has broadband for all her surfing needs.
b) There are still some areas of the UK that don't have (and likely never will except via satellite) broadband. Some of these areas are not that rural and quite affluent.


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Old 5th May 2009, 20:52
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Oh Okay, I apologise
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Old 5th May 2009, 20:57
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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
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As far as I can see in the advice in the Nostalgia Forum 800x600 is the preferred size.

I have my photobucket account set to resize to this as I upload from my PC
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Old 5th May 2009, 21:09
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My broadband is now so fast I can download coal, therefore do not need winter fuel allowance.

Fiber optic,one understands some poor people are still surfing on copper.
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Old 5th May 2009, 21:25
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A fair amount of people still use 1024x768 monitors (800x600 ones now have virtually disappeared, I would say).

I do, can't afford one of them fancy 21" £400 flat screen, and for an ancient like me, 1024x768 is about the 'readability' limit on a 17".

So IMHO 800x600 for forum pictures is fine, taking the left-right margings and sidebars into account. On some forums even 960x720 is just about OK.

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Old 5th May 2009, 21:34
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Eight Gun Fighter
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You reading this Flaps?
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Old 5th May 2009, 22:16
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Picture size affects, download time to display, screen size and adjustments including word wrap in the text that you wish to read. Having a giant screen like mine (2560x1600 pixels) does nothing to help in reading forums. I still get PO when my text disapears off the text box size that I have chosen for my speed reads of the forum. I do however appreciate access to higher resolution pictures of a technical nature that I can pick out details of interest. Links help this as long as a lower resolution picture is displayed in the thread.

I recognize that the 800X600 size is a compromise that keeps most of us happy so I try and obey it when I post pics.

many forum boards software are set up to limit the pic size in order to keep most happy
lomapaseo is online now  
Old 6th May 2009, 00:16
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Be aware that image size is not the only factor that makes an image file big. There's also a JPEG Quality that makes a huge difference. A picture straight out of a camera might have that set to 95%, but you can drop that to about 80% if you're creating a copy for the web.
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Old 6th May 2009, 00:22
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Stealth Moderator - Rarely seen on radar
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It's a worldwide site ... so accept that not everyone has the same privilege.

Some people post pictures which don't suit everyone and are way too big for screens all over the world.

If you want to display your wares or promote your pics, then accept the fact that we don't want huuuuuuge resolutions. Take a few moments to put them in an acceptable resolution of 800x600.

Whoever you are
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Old 6th May 2009, 00:32
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Oh for ****'s sake has it come to accommodating the 3rd world again? I surf the forum on my iPod Touch or a tiny NetBook and the picture size is not a problem. Yes I know speed, but there is an option on your browser to NOT download pictures and go to them selectively.
Old 6th May 2009, 04:46
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I use a small screeny thing too! 800x600 is just fine. I have no idea why that size would be a problem for anyone, even said IPOD users.

Come on, be realistic, we're all on broadband, even Drapes has dropped copper. Stop complaining, enojy the piccies and I'm always up for more!
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Old 6th May 2009, 05:25
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Psychophysiological entity
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see what you mean now RT get fastStone photo resizer it's free and very good. aim for about 125k file size. That fits okay.
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Old 6th May 2009, 05:28
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Eight Gun Fighter
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The jury seems to be split.

Is 800x600 max.......good enough or not?

Answers, yes or no on a postcard please.
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Old 6th May 2009, 05:55
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Eight Gun Fighter
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Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Western Approaches
Posts: 1,127
I do believe I have asked you before, but in case I haven't... Would you please please pretty please make sure that the myriad pictures you post are small enough to fit the page? So that people are not forced to read a page by continually scrolling back and forth?
We get a lot of complaints about picture size.
Some people, out of inexperience, don't know any better, so we fix their pics.

You do know better, so I honestly don´t think copying, storing, uploading and resizing your pictures almost every day should be part of my unpaid job.
You can and should do that yourself, wouldn't you agree?

Please don't take offense, none is intended, but I admit I am getting a tad irritated with this.

best regards,

Irritated and no offence, but not private anymore
nothing over 800x600 and you complain.
tell me appropriate sizing, please
Never mind, no more pics.
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Old 6th May 2009, 06:29
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Toys from RT's pram.

Last seen being hurled at high speed in an easterly direction.

If found, please return to.........
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Old 6th May 2009, 07:21
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Cunning Artificer
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And the people who don't, are likely to recieve the winter fuel allowance.
I just got mine. In May. When I applied for it last September. I think the Department of Pensions & Social Security haven't got broadband yet.

Silver Surfer
On-line since 1990 (when a bulletin board was exactly that)
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Old 6th May 2009, 09:29
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SoundBarrier: As Whirlygig has pointed out, not everyone is on broadband, and that does not just apply to the UK.
There can be valid reasons why some people are still on copper.

Perhaps you have always been on BB or have forgotten what it is like, so let me remind you.
It is slooooooooooooooooooooooow, particularly with photos, even if they are are at the recommended resolution.
If I post pics I will try resize them down to 30kb or under so they will load quickly; the reduction in definition is small.

If there is a page containing a lot of photos my dialup doesn't load each one in turn, it tries to load the whole damn lot together, which results in a few pixels of each being downloaded at a time.
There might be a post of text lower down the page that I want to read but it is no use scrolling down to that because as soon as I read part of it the screen jumps back further up the page to where a another line or two of the photos has appeared.

The result is that I will skip those pages containing a lot of pics becauseI cannot be bothered waiting for 15 - 20 minutes just to view photos of dogs.

Having said all that, I accept that those of us unfortunate enough to still be on dialup are probably very much in the minority so we just have to grin and bear it.
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